Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kill Gil - 1

Damager in serious discussion with saga damager.

The topic of that NEEYA NAANA discussion was - which is a better buy Petrol car or Diesel.

Damager was quoting the merits of Petrol arguing that, though per litre cost is high..if he uses his car judiciously he can still save money against diesel version, which needs constant usage and lot of maintenance.

The saga damager was arguing that why buy a car if you cant use it as freely as you can. His point was the very purpose to buy a car was to commute and he wouldnt want the cost of fuel to decide how frequently he can use it.

Gobinath Neeya Naana la theerpu solra mathiri..they both turned to me. One guy decides how much i get at end of this year and other decides whether i've an year's stay to look forward too.

" tell. What will you have? Petrol or Diesel"

"Water" and Gils escapeeeee..

Nalla kekkuraangayya kelvi..


Venkat.. said...

:))))) Ungla mathiri naduvar than naatukku thevai.

Asha said...

sollaradhu dan soneenga, ice creamnnu solliriklam illaye.

Irundalum pozhaikka therinja aal pa neenga. poonga rendu perum serthu ungalukku double promotion kodakka poranga.
ungalukku irukku pursukku vettu.(engalukku double treatnnu solla vandhen)

Amam nablopomo sign panirrukeengala. daily post? good:)

Ramesh said...

Gilsu - you should have said "aviation fuel" since you only fly in corporate jets :)

RS said...

Haiyo, haiyo, little did you know that in the future, water is going to be much costlier than petrol and diesel :D :D

Aarti said...

Marunal officela ulla vittangala???? :D

RamMmm said...

2 damagerukkum dimikki kuduththa Gilsai avanga neram varumbohdhu gavanichchukkuvaanga. :-)

gils said...


:D naduvar illa..oduvar :D


samalificationla phd vaangirukomla :D
ileenga..oray naalula moonu postum ezhuthi schedule panni vachiten :D

gils said...


avvvvvvvvvvvv...ithellam unvalukay overala..naangalaam kadai nilai oozhiyars. Bus ticket kedaichalay peria matter :)


ithunaala thaan neenga phd passu....naan prekg arrears :D

gils said...


yes yes :) officela vidranga..veetuku thaan vida matnegaraanga :D