Kelviyin nayagan is back

Once in a while certain questions..intriguing no doubt..causes a stir in mind so much that, it refuses to drown in the sea of forget. Here is one such question. It took me a while to think of a mokkai answer for this. But i am curious to know your responses for the same. Read this question on a tamil weekly magazine and here are both the tamil and english versions of it. A nice paradoxical one.

"Ellaam valla iraivanaal..thannal thookka mudiaatha kallai padaikka mudiyuma?"

"Can the almighty god create a stone which he cannot lift?"

If the answer is yes or no for that matter, it would raise a question on the ALMIGHTY aspect of God. Let me not put any further deviations on your mind :) Happy hunting for the answer :)


Ramesh said…
Have you stopped beating your wife ?
gils said…
lol :) kostin keta anjer solanum..badiluku kostin kekkapdaathu. and for r kostin..u know d anjer :D
Asha said…
ennadu idhu puriyada pudhira irukkay? englishleyum did'nt understand, thamizhlum puriyalaiye?

Kodumaiya irukkay.
RS said…
More than the post, I am wondering why Ramesh had to ask that qn to you? Of all??? (I AM interested like that)...

PS: Neenga 'think' pannina mokka reply-ya thayavu senju share panni, enlighten us!!
Aarti said…
I am damn curious as to why Ramesh asked you that question!! :))

ok,to answer your post... NOPE, i dont think God will create a stone he cant carry.. wanna know why?- cos i think God too has ego and am dead sure he is a HE [guy] and so wont do anything that he cant do..ergo, going by Dr Freud and the way our mind works, i am yet to find a man who is ready to accept defeat or be told "you cant do this", which i believe applies to the BIG MAN up there as well... :D

poduma explanation, illa innum venuma?
Ramesh said…
@RS ,Aarti - Just out of mischief. Nothing else. Can't write a straightforward comment on Gils' blog, can I ?
Venkat.. said…
@ Gills: Room pottu yosipinkaloo??

@Ramesh: sir ur question should have been on other way like this "did your wife stopped beating you?". now gills will answer for this. howz it!
gils said…

hahahaha..badil atha vida kodumaiya irukum


hehehee...vidhi..yaara vituthu :D thani posta podren
gils said…

first interesting anjer :) wait for my reply :D


hahaha..u diverted the mokkai with ur comment :D
gils said…

:D :D :D ellam oru kolaverioda thaan irukeenga pola :D
Ravi said…
Why u labeled it as Kodumais?
Aarti said…
@Ramesh- cha, i thot there was some big mysterious kathai behind your kostin and we can put Gils on the stand and ask him a ton of other questions... ippadi soliteengale!! :D

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