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Kungfu Panda - 2

Well this was the mood right from act one - scene one - frame one. Another wonderfully crafted story with excellent comic timing and awesome dubbing makes it a true master piece of the more to come franchise. Its so endearing to watch Po (Panda) every time it pops on the screen. Well..such a rolly polly figure is hard to miss..but with a belly ,full of fun, which shakes like jelly..this bear sure knows how to tickle your funny bone. You can be an action movie freak..yet you wouldnt be able to hold yourself to say "Cute" looking at baby panda. Animation scores an EXCELLENT. Any story, if it can make you relate to some incident which had an evergreen impact in your life..or has any character which you can implicitly or explicitly relate to..will be a sure shot winner. The Panda franchise has this wonderful knack of churning out such stories. They reaped in success with a wonderfully creative first installment and the second dose doesnt falter either. If the first part was all about the "Secret ingredient" the second part is about "Knowing oneself". I am stunned to think that such complex and possibly dry story lines can be so simply and refreshingly told. Ithellaam cartoon padamnu people shouldnt bracket for children. Its a story mainly for adults. It has action sequences ala the Pirates franchise..emotions..and tonnes and tonnes of fun. The fight sequences reminded me of good old MGR movies :) almost felt like whistling for each punch thrown by the Panda.

Its a simple story. Panda, not being the brightest of super heroes, realises suddenly that the duck couldnt have been its original parent. At the same time a villain Peacock begins its quest for China and world domination. Needless to say, the same peacock had killed Panda's parents and made it an orphan. In the final battle between Panda and Peacock Panda wins. Avlovay. The way it has been told..the way each character has been shaped..the seriousness of the content and the comic ease with which its been presented..makes the movie a must watch. Conspiratory mind wants to wonder the logic behind "Peacock" as the villain. If Panda represents Chinese national know what peacock represents. Just an inkling on that line of thought makes the movie more interesting with each situation taking even more credence than they actually might have appeared otherwise :)

Above all..this movie watch marks the return of G3 to India from her onsite assignment and also to the movie watching gumbal :) Had a nice movie watching time with rt (the other partner in crime) and G3. Rat, since having already seen the movie twice before, skipped the meet this time. Hope to catch up again with the same gumbal on "Delhi Belly". Till then..sayanora folks :)


Ramesh said…
Yipppeee Yay - at last a review of a movie that I have seen thanks to the naggings of a certain young lady. I can now make an informed comment to a Gils post.

Not sure why the Amercians have a such a fascination for "mom" and "dad" (visualise words said in a full American drawl). The panda wants to finds its mom and dad I believe - any self respecting Chinese will fall over himself in laughter !! And American pronunciations of Chinese - simply awful. Even Kung Fu is pronounced wrongly. Sheefu I believe . Ugh !

Now that I have seen a movie before the venerable Gils, can I apply for admission into the "gumbal" ??? Only problem is that in the middle of a " tense and emotional scene" I will get up and laugh loudly :)
Asha said…
Enakku oru sandegam.....Neenga officela work panreengla...alladu review panra news reportera...(enakku porumaiya irukku pa)....vaara vaaram aaravarama oru review panreenglay!

BTW even i love animation movies like these(but not the DExter kind). we go enga pasanga pera sollindu, not for the message but for the creativeness.If you get a chance do watch tinker bell might love the animation.
Aarti said…
Duck illa, Po's daddy is a GOOSE :D
RamMmm said…
Ohh!!!! I am reminded of the 'kungumappoo bonda' (குங்குமப்பூ போண்டா) joke. adhu ennannu ennai kaekkaadheenga. :-D
gils said…
pillyar kovil kadasi veedu nu oru mega hit movieku ungala front row seat book panni kootitu pogalaamnu plan :) eppo sikrareenga sollunga :)
gils said…
enga..en..weekendla padam paathu kathai solrathu oru kuthama :D :D bye the saw "Yes man" and "SATC"...second one..being forced at gun point to poda maaten :D
gils said…
po-tay-to..po-taa-to :) hehehee


kumkuma poo bonda.. :d i the that joke saw :)
Ravi said…
If panda is chinese, then peacock should be from India,,,
Dalton Wordlaw said…
Po and the Furious 5 are some of the most lovable characters Dreamworks Production has ever made. They can relate to people of all ages, and the movie has a lot of lessons and values that everyone would find true.

Dalton Wordlaw

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