Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vedham puthithu

There are twin kiddos in the apartment opposite to mine. Recently one of our relatives had been to Benares and had brought with them ganga water in small sombu. The kiddos had watched the copper sombu with all curiosity and the moment those relatives left they pounced on it. Since the mouth of the sombu was sealed they werent able to open it. They tried shaking it to check if it really had any water in it. After a while they got disinterested and went to their house.

A few days later one of them came to me with an icecream cup full of water. I asked them what was that water. One of those kids told me it was water from the river Nile. Two things struck me - one was the conviction with which they made that claim and second was the wonderment about their knowledge on the river. I laughingly asked them who told them that the cup had water from River Nile. They told me it was their cousin brother who had traveled abroad had brought it for them. I teasingly asked them that how can they be so sure that the water was from Nile, when it could've been the aquaguard in his house. Pat came the response. They told me that if i can believe the water in a sealed sombu to be ganga water why can't Nile water be in an ice cream cup.

Titlea padinga. Entha scene mean panni intha title vachennu ungalukkay teriyum.


RS said...

:D :D Got nothing to say, really :D

Anonymous said...

We can learn more from our children than in any other books :)
(based on my real life experience as teacher)

BSK said...

super. :)

Ramesh said...

Neenga movie industrykku poidunga thalaivare

gils said...


:D emi? :D


:)) on neenga teachera..sooper




enga ungaluku intha kola veri :) neenga padra thunbgam ooray padanumna :D

Asha said...

:) the kids these days, way too ahead of my times.

Me said...

Kids say the darndest smartest things! :-)

RamMmm said...

Ha Ha Ha. Logicae logic. (aanalum yaedho unga sombai aani kuththi odaikkaama irundhaangalae, unga punniyam) Unga Marital Statusai seekiram maaththunga, illainna ungala appuram prachchanaiyaana kaelviyellaam kaeppaanga, Gilsu thalaivarae (VPla Balu thevarai kaekkara maadhiri). :-D :-D

gils said...


yeaah..naangalaam romba thelivaakum :D hehehe


:D :D

enga en...nalla thaaana poitruku..

gils said...

aana raaammmm...neenga solrathennamo sari thaan...erkanavay edakudaaama kelvi kekuranga pasanga!!!

gils said...

aana raaammmm...neenga solrathennamo sari thaan...erkanavay edakudaaama kelvi kekuranga pasanga!!!

zocy said...

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