Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yudham Sei

Romba lateaana review :) Still wanted to share with you folks. I dont remember the last movie i posted a review on. Avlo naalachu nalla padam paathu. Inbetween gapla dozen kanakka movies paathaalum..nothing worthwhile to share or post about. But this one..took me by the scruff of my neck and the ending was such a punch that i felt like vomiting. No doubt its a sick sick sicko movie and at the best qualify as offbeat. But the treatment to the story and the awesome awesome screenplay is what carries the movie. If realistic films are not ur cuppa tea better skip this one.

Story is not brand new nor or the situations. But the way the characters are shaped is what makes the movie tick. Cheran, the supposedly hero of the movie, comes as a CBCID officer. To be honest i've never seen a dochu aapicer like that character before. Even the thugs dont get hit when he shoots and marunthukuku kooda no style. Ada Oru Tee shirto coolerso kooda ilapa!!! Still..he looks every bit a police officer. Ditto for his sidekicks. Perusa onnum role ila and infact that guy who comes as his deputy..avan moonji kooda saria therila padathula. Aanalum it makes sense from a role perspective. But to me, the real hero of the movie is the mortuary doctor with a fundoo name Judas. I think another highlight of the movie is that what would've been physically visible yet invisible normal characters in any other movie, those roles have been given ample screen space and important roles and the people who took up the challenge have more than lived up to the expectations. I dont like YG Mahendran. Period. That guys is way too haughty for me to digest and way too stupid when it comes to movie acting atleast. But if there is one role he can take pride in..this is the one. The lady who dons the role of his wife in the movie..WOW!! There is scene in the climax..which is the only cinematic part of the otherwise realistic movie..i almost had a tear drop forming in my eyes. It was so moving and the scene was so sensitively handled that it felt wonderful and all the actions of those vigilantes justified. There is this other scene..the one where their daughter commits suicide. Without showing the hanging body, just with the looks of the parents, especially the mom, mysskin reflects the horror of that moment. AWESOME acting. The punishment meted out to the wrong doers..the crimes committed are all new to tamil cinema atleast i guess. But i get irritated with Mysskin's love for peoples legs. Wonder why the camera is always focused on the legs and nowhere near the face!!! Maybe reaction saria varalaintu irukumo?

I've never been a big fan of Mysskin. Felt his Chithiram Pesuthadi was So-So and Anjaathay kooda avlo impressive illa. Nandalaala inum paakala. But this one. WOW. It took me a long while to get out of the feel of the movie. Semma dark in theme. Not even grey. Its pitch black in theme and the director leaves no pity for the wrong doers. Etho hollywood horror movie paatha mathiri irunthichi. Punishment scenes tad inspirted by SAW movie series i guess. Crime gets punishedngaratha semmaaa stronga azhutham thiruthama solra movie. I would love to say go watch it.. aana theaterla vaanthi edutheenganna me no responsible :) DVDla paakrapovay lighta nauseating.


Alter ion said...

dude, gr8 review... like ur way of writing..

Asha said...

Isn't this a latest movie(late review..)

naanum romba naal acchu oru nalla movie parthu, but i liked pasanga on TV.

rs said...

have to watch this one,gils.payanam was also good :)

Anonymous said...

I have never watched Mouna raagam so far.And there is something for you in my blog.

zocy said...

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