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Memories of Mouna ragam

Happened to see Mouna Ragam Movie in Adithya channel today :) There are movies and there is Mouna Ragam. Each time i see the movie it leaves a sweet taste in mind. I can see the whole movie even without the video portion. Just the rerecording and songs are enough for me. Not that i've anything to fault against Rahman-Rathnam combo..but Raja-Rathnam had cast such a wonderful spell on movie goers that their movies rock even after 25 years!!

This movie and Agni Natchathiram are two of THE BEST tamil movies, of modern era atleast. MounaRagam was released during my school days. Would've been in 1st or 2nd standard i guess. I never understood why my elder cousins and friends sisters were gushing about the movie. In fact except for the spiral staircase and the colorful diwans i didnt like anything in the movie when i saw it the first time. The house were Revathi and Mohan shifts too in Delhi, it immediately became my dream palace. The back ground music reminded of Sarangi vadan in DD.

Guess my preference for bubbly chirpy heroines began from this movie :) Loved Revathi's character. More so because my cousin sister was crazy about her and used to imitate all her dresses. Especially that Banjaari(??)or whatever dress. She was too fond of Nathia and Revathi and always used to pester my paati to get her dresses like them. And as a kid she was someone i looked upto. She was a rebel and was in total contrast to my otherwise conservative and dull relatives.

Coming back to the movie, i had forgotten about the movie for a long time and infact had purposedly skipped many a chance to watch it, all credit to my first impression of it. One fine day, unable to bear the adulating crowd and all those praises which i get to hear about it each time some one see the movie, i decided to watch it, just to avoid being left behind. Simbu says in Vinnai Thaandi HIT me. I was finally able to understand the sensitivities and the content. I fell in love with the music and thus began the love affair with the movie. I always made it a point never to miss the movie whenever it was played. To say that i like Mouna Ragam and marking it as favourite in the list of movies watched has become a fashion statment i should say :)

Like scores of other people, my favourite portions of the movie are the scenes showcasing Karthik. Though he hardly comes for ten fifteen minutes in the movie, he makes an indelible impression. The coffee shop scene would have inspired many a love story both in reel and real life. Not a day passes without me listening to the "Mandram Vantha Thendral" song from the movie. Its the fav song of every FM worth its salt i guess and they seem to have an unwritten pledge to play it atleast thrice per day per channel :)

In the age of IN YOUR FACE attitudes, to see subtlety scoring on its own, makes mind feel light and happy.

P.S: Just noticed that this also happens to be the 450th post in Supershanki :) and is into its 6th year :) So if you had found my maturity level to be that of a six year old :D you are not much wrong :D So long folks. Catch you later.


Priya said…
6th yr birthday huh. Cool.. Thaz a fantastic movie indeed.
Anonymous said…
wowiee.. happy 6th blog budday gils.. may its varied flavour never change..

Ramesh said…
Wow gils - six years as a blogger. Fantastic achievement - I am not sure there are many out there who can claim this longevity.

Btw, let me needle you !! Mouna Ragam and Agni Natchatram are not the two best movies ever. Try watching Thiruneelakantar, Sakunthalai, Sivakavi in the days before playback singing, obviously black and white and having such stars as Thyagaraja Bhagavathar, NS Krishnan, MS Subbulakshmi....... the very thought of Gils watching any of this is sending me into uncontrollable laughter.
RS said…
Ohooo..6yrs and 450 posts!! Kalakreenga, gilse!!

Naanum antha mouna raagam movie-a pala thadava paarthutaen, Gils. Still don't know what is so special about it??Per me, Thalapathi and Nayagan are The two best movies of Maniratnam/Ilayaraja combo....

Nevertheless, I do agree 'manram vandha...' and 'nilave vaa' are such melodies....
Asha said…
450posts and 6 years of blogging- an achievement in blogsville! congrats!!

BTW mouna raagam is a well made movie no doubt but most of the scenes are copied from maniratnam's debut movie Pallavi anupallavi'(kannada which is also incidentally anil kapoor's first movie)
RamMmm said…
Gilsananda 6. 450 thiruvailayaadalgal. :-D :-D Congratulations!!!

Incidentally I was watching the Karthik scenes yesterday, as it was playing on Adithya TV, same time as you. :-) Mouna Ragam is one of my faves. The music that runs in the background during those scenes is amazingly mindblowing, tickles your senses in a very different way. (pullarippu is the a close word, but not exact)
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Story Teller said…
thanks for rewinding Good memories... was looking for something else and got here thru google search.. keep it up.. happy blogging
Marutham said…
The best movie i tell u :)

Love it ...Revathy was awesome in every frame :)

And yes agni natchathiram is one of Karthiks best :)

Miss adithya ... vijay tv and every reality show :(
Marutham said…
And 6 years !! wohoooooooo way to go gils :)
Just noticed ig i post anything at all this year its officially my 7th year in blog

So we have known eachothr for 6 years or may b 5 ? :O WE ARE GROWING OLD..LOLZ :P
R-ambam said…
well said ! absolutulely indelible movies , I say .. I have these akkas to look up to for the gitanjali dress and bracelet from "Idhayathai thirudathey " as well. It s fun always!! :)
R-ambam said…
happy 6 th year and keep up the good work !! :))
gils said…
thanks :)

heeyyy..vaanga vaangaa..rommmmbbaaa naalaachu :) danku

ungalukonnu teriyuma :D tiruneelakandar naan DD la epovachalum paapen. I like the songs in that movie :) Sivakavi la sila songs pudikum. NS krishnan comedieslaam dload panni vachirukenga :) he was THE original. Ultimate Star.
gils said…

:) danku danku :)


yeah..anil kapoor athula paaka adayalamay teriathu :) avlo chinna paiyanaa to him..he camouflages his age really well
gils said…

:) raja is really the king of rerecording :)


neenga yarrunga saami...
gils said…

thanku :)


ada..aamala...shd be arnd 5 years :) time flies :)


:) nannni
Anonymous said…
the best movie without which one day in my life would not pass
as i my friend told the story i was very much impressed and started to surf the net to watch it first i got the tamil version of the movie i was a little bit disappointed but after a wide search i found the telugu version happy to see it without buffering friends i suggest u to see the movie in megavideo

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