Monday, March 21, 2011

Thalai's tag

Konja naal minna thaan was thinking ennada ipolaam blog makkal tag podratha vitutangalonu Ramesh thalai tag pannitaru :) So here goes


1.The tag has three parts..Movies,Music, Books/ Authors.

2.Write a movie, book and author with each alphabet of your first name. The book, movie or song should be one that you really liked. If you say why it matters to you, it would be great! We will all discover new songs, movies and books this way.

3.Tag as many people as there are letters in your name. (if your name has 4 letters, you have to tag 4 people and so on)

4.Mention that the tag originated here and link back to this post :-)

5.Copy paste these rules :)

Nallavela..en peru GILS a poachu :D Ambulimaama madam maatneengala :D irunga ungala tag panren :D


G - Guns of Navarone. Alistair Mcalaine novelum seri..movieyum seri. AWESOME. It was my long time dream to have a dvd of the movie which i managed a year back :) Book hardcopy softcopy rendum iruku :) Intha movie appavoda favourite too :)

I - Indiana Jones series. The kind of sets which they had for these movies..attagaasam.

L - Love Actually :) Ithula vara antha baasha theriatha pairoda story romba pudikum. She learning English and him learning Portugese to propose..chaancela. Semma cute.

S - Spiderman series :) I love Spiderman as a character. Its alter ego in real life is supposed to be the most vulnerable of all the comic superheroes. Always wanted to swing around and be in my own web world at the same time :)


G - Gumnaam hai koiyeee :D Agatha christieyoda "And then there were none" base panna GUMNAAM movieyoda title track. I saw the movie first and then read the book. Liked the movie better than the book. And Mehmood's character..haiioo..chaancela. Mein Kaala hai tho kyaa hai dilwaaala haii.... :D :D LOL :D :D

I - Ishq Bina kya jeena yaara ..first time keta udanaye fell in love with it. ARR weaved magic in TAAL and to top it all Aishu was at her beautiful best. Enaku terinju antha yearoda most downloaded wallpaperna athu Taal Aishu stillsa thaan irukum.

L - Loveria hua..Loveria hua..."Raju Ban gaya gentleman" padam paakrapovay lighta thonithu that Sharukh thalai is all set to rock Bollywoodnu. Athey polavay aadicihi :) Juhi is always right on top of my alltime fav heroine list :)

S - Saamne yeh kaun aaya dil mein hui hulchul..remix song. Entha movie therila. Guess its some Ranbir kapoor movie. But lovely song.

shabba..ithukkey kanna katuthay.


G - GodFather by Mario Puzo. Book reading world is divided in two. Those who have read Godfather and those who are yet to read. Intha bookla oru oru variyum quotesa use pannalam. Avlo takkaraana book. Movie athuku mela sooper.

I - Issac Assimov. Me a big fan of the "Foundation" series by this author. Semma imagination and semma realistic creative mind.

L - Love story by Eric segal :) Love means never have to say you are sorry :))))

S - Sidney Sheldon. K Balachander mathiri ella kathailayum Heroine oriented or strong central character ladya vachu thriller come romantic novels ezhuthina author. Etho cinema padam paakara mathiriye storya nagarathittu povaru. Have read all his books and along with Jefffrey Archer he is right on top of my favorite author list :)

Appadaaa...naalu naalu podrathukullaye nora thalliidichi. Micha perlaam enna panreenga paapom :) Naan yaarlam korthu udrenna...

RT, Ambulimaama, Chennai girl ('C' lenthu 'L' varaikum :D :D woohooo :D) and Uncanny (ungala korthu uda nalla chaance) :D


Ramesh said...

Wow gils. I would have never guessed those would have been your choices. Can relate to your books and music completely. Even the films - I've actually seen Guns of Navarone !!!

Avada Kedavra said...

Nice list Gils, but you disappointed me :( No mention of Harry Potter or Rowling anywhere :( Waaaa.. not even in a corner, in small font you mentioned her.. why?
Psst.. Even I love Asimov :)

Anonymous said...

ambulimaama dhane tag panni irukkeenga? naan illa pa.Thappichen.romba kashtam.Movies.kkum enakkum romba thooram.

Asha said...

Interesting tag!Got to know many things, though I don't follow english movies. I too like sheldon and archer's books.

Aarti said...

nice...*rub hand in glee*.. Been so long since i did a tag...

Enjoyed ur choice of books.. :-))

zocy said...

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RamMmm said...

oye, umma unmaiyaana paera vechchu ezhudhanum, from V to R, and incl. last name as well. kuttiyaa ezhudhittu peruma padura.
oru damil paatu kooda idhula illayae. :( 'ek gaon mein'nnu munnaala oru thadavai sollittu orey indhi paataa kaekkureenga. PYT is indhi? :-)
Fair overlap with you on movies and books. Gaia, I loved.