Tuesday, March 29, 2011


hehehe...romba parakkavatti thanama iruko :D Danx ambulimaama madam for the awardu. Naan podra mokkaikum award kuduthamaiku mikka nanri hai. Athuvum semma Esteemed,Balenoed,SX4ed company of saga award winners.

RULES about the award:

1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post
2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass the award

Random facts:

1) Just like "hmmm".."aahhh"..."ok"...used as fillers while talking..I use the word "Like" a lot :D Even while describing about things i dont like, i use the word like so many times in my speech that people actually get confused whether i like it or dislike :D (assuming they do listen to what i say in first place :D )

2) I can never do one thing alone at a time. It makes me nervous :D It has to be more than one task at a time. I think i can concentrate more with multiple things than with one thing alone. Sounds illogical? yeah..you got it right :D

3) I dunno abcd of cooking. But i can tell you a good rasam from a great rasam jus by looking at it :) Especially if correct amount of salt has been added to it, even without tasting. Naaku naapathu muzham u c :D

4) I hate formal wear and love casuals. It almost always happen that my favourite dress would be the most ridiculed one and the one which is my least favoured piece, the contrary.

5) Though i love to read..i tend to believe more in the person who teaches rather than the content of the book. I dont much trust the visuals i imagine while reading.

6) I ask questions. Tonnneeesss of them. As a kid i never asked questions. Maybe overcompensating for the lost time :)

7) I love history. Anything ancient and antique attracts me and the story behind them even more so. I love historical novels..fables..religious symbolism related books..everything which gives hints about origins. Tracing the origin of words is a favourite pastime.

Ambutttu thaan saami...Now the award goes too....

1) RT - Inga oru blog katti meikkavay nora thalluthu. She effortlessly manages 4 5 of them!!!

2) Rat - Ipdilaam bribe kuduthalachum ivanga namma blog pakkamlaam varangalanu paaka thaan :D

3) Avada Kedavra - My Harry Potter buddy :D Expelliarmus AK :)

4) Asha - Her posts have a sweetness about them

5) Swaram - Kattabommi of blogworld :D

Chamatha avanga avanga posta potruveengalaam :)


Aarti said...

yayy, 1st 1st
Ta ta ta da ta da....
yayy.. me 1st!! :D

Danks for the award.. sema excited..

btw, u got me confused on Point no.1 and 2.. solpa explain maadings pls..!! :D

gils said...

u know..its like..i use the wor like as a filler...like if i've to explain something :)

jegand paaintu...hmm at a time oru report excel..etachum script review..gmail and text twist game naalu window opena irukum in desktop :)

Ramesh said...

Gils wearing a suit and tie, working alone in the kitchen making a complex dinner, no books in night, nobody to ask a question to or say hmmmm, aaah to - that will be a sight to see :)

Why no movie related fact in the list ?? That you are actually MGR's long lost nephew. Or Asin's secret heartthrob ???

gils said...

rotfl :D thalai...athu rendum random fact listla varthaay athaan mention pannala :D

RS said...

6yearsu, 450 postsu, awardu-kalakrey Gilse!!

2-i can completely relate with this. Only work that i do alone is sleeping, (if dreaming and blabbering are not included :D)

zocy said...

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Asha said...

nakku mattuma kannu kuda polirikkay?

I can relate to point 2 and 7.

Aiyoda- en postskku diabetes vara poradu.

Hey, thanks for the tag. enakku ippo idhu dhan velai. Inniku pura yosikkaporen ennai patthi.

Aarti said...

Kalakals Gils-- the jecond point is the called Multi tasking... i thot only the girls could do it, like meee :D

Anutations said...

Soooper :D

Got to know a li'l more about you(as if whatever exists wasn't already enough :P)


P.S. As I type this, the word verification text happens to be "epidi" :D

Ratzzz said...

enga en award enga en award???

cha award award nu solreenga, award ah kanome gils :(

Surendar S said...

Seventh point in your post i.e., the one about history.... I felt like reading my own words when i read it....

RamMmm said...

Titleai paaththa udanae, enakku Kovai Sarala thaan nyabagam vandhudhu. :-D :-D :-D

Nice tidbits. Kelappureenga.