Monday, June 21, 2010

Review time :)

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha gils..intha varamum movie paaka theater went. Ticket as usual, ubayam G3 :D Nalla padama irunthalaye ozhiya ticket kaasu thara venaamnu avanga theermaanama solirukaangangaratha inga therivithu kolgiren :D

Manirathnam padam. Athuvum Vikram in negative role. Ennathaan mokkaiya irunthalum oralavuku okva thaan irukumnu nambi ponathu thappadicihi. Intha padathaiyum Ramayanam storiyaiyum compare panna Ramar villalaye naalu saathu saathuvar. Ravanan title ku badila "Rishi - Roja part 2" apdinu vachirukalam. Adhula Rishiya kadathitu povanga terrorist. Ithula Rojava kadathitu poranga. Avlovay difference. Athula vara mathirye hanging bridgela climax. Aana the similarity ends right there. Rojala there was a strong base for each character. Here none of the characters have any depth or base. Vikramoda role too is so very confused. Throughout the movie he comes as the good guy who is wronged rather than a villain. There is no bloody reason as to why the police wanted to kill him in encounter in first place. Just because the movie is named after the protagonist does that mean that Mani has to resort to this 80's way of story telling?!! and by the way STORY??? where the hell is that?!!! Now, Mani might have thought why would anyone need a story when you've a cast like Vikram, Prabhu, Karthik, Aish. Maybe the names would sell the movie. But again, even they made their names in movies with stuff and this one is definitely not there in that league.

First half is as entertaining as "Sarangi Vadhan" played in DD when any national leader mandaiya pottufies. Vikram quacks like a duck at times..oru vela Kandhasamy effecto? First scenela malai melenthu gudhikara maathiri kaatranga. Maybe Vikram symbolicala telling.."Folks..i am taking this plunge jus like u guys..going by the Maniratnam brand. Dont blame me if it comes out bad"!!!! Aishu also jumps..maybe fedup that she cant just catwalk and had to do lot other stuff similar to what cats really do. Karthik, donning Hanuman's role jumps around. But vayasaitathaala...he cant jump like Viks and Aish. Prithviraj also the climax..more fed up than anyone for want of a decent role in the movie and by the time the movie ends..half the balcony seat viewers would've felt trying the same. Cant blame them.

The maximum whistles and catcalls were reserved for the 2 sec scene when Ranjitha comes in the movie, for obvious reasons. Priyamani does a miniature "Paruthiveeran" bearing less melodrama and noise. Prabhu comes around cooking or carrying food all the time. The much hyped thing of the crew repeating every scene twice falls flat in few editing mistakes when Aish is seen mouthing hindi words.

One gud thing is..the movie is just 2 hours. That means an hour less torture. Thank editor for that. The real hero of the movie is the camera man. WOW. The entire area is filled with fog. Still the picture is crystal clear. You dont have to be a pro to admire such a wonderful craftsmanship. Its sheer pleasure to see the visuals. So stunning and so natural. Crystal clear quality. And BGM !!! Rahman does a Raja in this movie. The background music blends so very well with the visuals. This movie is definitely not Maniratnam's best. Maybe if there is a list ever made for his worst..this wud feature right on top. There is just one scene in the whole two hour movie which catches attention..When Aish comes back and cries while talking to Vikram..he tries to console her and she does that quack sound. Touche. Rest of the scenes...forget it. Intha Kadhal konden climaxkagava ivlo bitta potanganu pakrapo kadupa thaan varuthu.

Gils review: Ravanan- Too many heads.. no brain.


Ramesh said...

And yet you persist in going to a movie every week, write a review every week, all to the effect that it is trash. Why gilsu ?? There are better things in life to do for a strapping young man.

R-ambam said...

liked the review...

RamMmm said...

Eppadi irundha Mani, ippadi aayittaare (aakittaangalO?)? :-(

Straight review, gils. Achcha Hai.

@Ramesh-Objection, your honor. padam paarpadhu (trash/not) is also one of the things (better?) to do for a unstrapped (bachelor-:-)) young man. :-)

G3 said...

//Ticket as usual, ubayam G3 :D Nalla padama irunthalaye ozhiya ticket kaasu thara venaamnu avanga theermaanama solirukaangangaratha inga therivithu kolgiren :D//

Yov.. nalla padama irumbu kottai murattu singam moviekkaana tkt kaasae neenga innum kudukkalaingaradha inga therivuthu kolgiren !! :((

G3 said...

:) Try reading this..

Eppadi ellam yosikkaraainga !!!

P.S. I liked the movie :D

chennaigirl said...

Very good review. Roja comparison thaan super. I knew from the hype created that this would sink. Athanalaathaan me gng to watch karate kid and Toy story-3 (Shrek was awesome- better than mainstream films)

Aaarti said...

no fair no fair no fair..
enna vututtu u saw the movie

no fair.. no fair..
athaan nalla illa...!!!

Hmm, naan chennai vandu pakaporein... appuram ennoda review ezhuthaporein...!

no fair.. no fair.. no fair.. no fair.. :P

Aaarti said...

Hi G3..eppadi irukeenga???? rhomba naal achchu..

G3 n Gils- rendu perum officela uzhunga velai seiyareengalo illiyo, padam mattum correckita parunga...

sob .. sob.. enna vituttu.. no fair.. no fair.. no fair.. no fair.. :(


RS said...

nalla illaya baas,padam? Nayagan, Iruvar, Kannathil muthamittal directina Maniratnam padam nalla illayaa?? Sujatha deathku aprom ithaan first movie-yo?? anyway, yaanaikum adi sarukum baaaas, freeya vidunga!!

ambulisamma said...

Single facebook.laye solliteenga,aanalum padam paarthu review ezhudha konjam uruthalaya?

G3 said...


Me the doing gud.. neenga eppadi keereengo? vaanga vaanga.. neenga vandhappuram we will watch hindi version :))


Neengalaavadhu kelunga indha nyaayaththa.. movie tkt enta oc.. Theatre to veedu.. en fiance giving him OC drop !!! Enna kodumai saar idhu :(((

TheUncanny said...

Appo, Sun TV le Pongal-luku padathe pottuduvanga!!!...appo pathukalam!!! free!

PK - The torture girl said...
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PK - The torture girl said...

superb review, gils... Ennoda brother kooda vivek style le oru dialogue adichhca...

"ladies kooda gaple veliye poi dham adikaraangana paththu koye.... avlo mokkeya irukku...."

nyways, thnx for the review....

Anonymous said...

Idhudhan da review :) Akka pinnitanga..

chennaigirl said...

Sun TV thiraivimarsanam paartha effect - jus imagining gils sitting in a chair cross-legged and giving the verdict - ;)

gils said...


:) watching movies is a hobby :) vimarsanam panning movies is passion :) evlo thaan mokkaiya irunthalum..impact panra moviesku mattumay putting reviews...paakra athana padathukum naan review pota..blogspot porathu :D

gils said...


:) nanni


sariaaga kooorineergal


alo...account chk panitu pesanum.

gils said...


:) the only gud aspect abt the movie is its 2 hrs of imsai...and doesnt stretch..mathabadi solikaramathiri onumila


/Athanalaathaan me gng to watch karate kid and Toy story-3 (Shrek was awesome- better than mainstream films)//

go for toystory,..ITS THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR

gils said...


u dint miss much..mokka movie..opicela velaya??!! apdina?? y inshulting ggg in pablic :)


/Sujatha deathku aprom ithaan first movie-yo?? anyway, yaanaikum adi sarukum baaaas, freeya vidunga//

ejjatlee..dialoges by suhasini...dint want to raise that as it would sound too harsh...

gils said...

//Single facebook.laye solliteenga,aanalum padam paarthu review ezhudha konjam uruthalaya?//

heheheh..chacha...not at all :)


alo...over talking udambuku aagathu..soliputen

gils said...


watch out in kalaignar tv...possibilities are more


hey welgum here :) danx for ur kaments :)

gils said...


rendu thaba padicheengalo? :D