Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tag again :)

If I were a month... May. I've heard many peepals..kamplaining about May as its one of the unbearably hot months...But me the likes it :)

If I were a day of the week.. kandippa thursday :) to me everything begins on thursday :)

If I were a time of day... cool evening..wen u've so less time and so much to do..and somehow i've a notion that evenings are romantic..why? dont ask me..i've no clue :D

If I were a season...Spring..bright colorful..cheery.

If I were a planet.. I wouldnt want to be a planet..still..Jupiter..the big bully :)

If I were a sea animal..hmmm....scary stuff. Still...hmmm...let me rephrase it as sea character...Poseidon would be the answer :) scary..calm..powerful..depressing..rejenuvating..a mix of everything :)

If I were a direction...huh...i am directionless..i am dot.

If I were a piece of furniture.. uhumm..stationary and me...tally aagatha matter :)

If I were a liquid.. I would be hmm...juice :)

If I were a tree.. I would prefer to be banyan :)

If I were a tool.. I would be a hammer :D

If I were an element.. I would be hmmm...chemistryla weakunga..mendeleev periodic tablela illaatha etho onnu..Unobtanium??(Avatar epect :D)

If I were a gemstone.. I would be Emerald/Ruby...both were my team names in school :D i was in Ruby but got the tee shirt of emerald :D

If I were a musical instrument... I would be a guitarrrrrrrrrrrr :)

If I were a colour... Green..illa..blue..hmm...brown??..cha..cha..kandipa white..oru vela black?? ila grey...avvvvvvvvvv....

If I were a emotion.. I would be a silence :D (if that qualifies as an emotion)

If I were a fruit.. mango thaan :D (intha anjer etho sontha selavula sooniyam type mathiri iruku!!)

If I were a sound.. music :)

If I were a car.. FERRRRAAARRRIIIIII...zip zap zoooooooooooommmmmm :)

If I were a food..something sweet...

If I were a taste.. same as above

If I were a scent.. I would be..hmm...something natural and not hard on the nose :D

If I were a pair of shoes.. Nike :D

If I were a bird.. I would be Eagle :) flying above the skies. Read somewhere that..wen it rains...other birds take shelter while eagles fly over the clouds!!! chaancela la :)


Aaarti said...

Nice.. i the likey this tag!! :D

May- y am i not surprised!!;)

btw, intha tagga erkaname panittu posta eduthuteengala?? ennoda rolla vandudu, aana click panapo illainu soliduchu...!

unga bessi beach pathi poduveenga ninachein!! ;)

Deepa said...

hey why Unobtainium! U should say Availablum! :D

ambulisamma said...

Good choices,but color.la aen ivalo confusion.peasama red n green dress as recommended by ramesh.

Ramesh said...

If I were a blogger - I'll be gils :):)

RS said...

//If I were a blogger - I'll be gils :):)//

Ditto, and if I were Gils, I'd write.......

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...


gils said...

bessi beach part..hmm..nthg significant there..so podala :)


Availablum it is :)


avvvvvvvvvvvvvvv...kambinayshuna yosichalay kannu valikuthu!!

gils said...



gils said...


unga paasathuku oru alavay illya!!!! :)

gils said...


:) welgum