Friday, February 15, 2008

Minnalai pidithu..!!

I am sure Mr.X won't mind me pulling his leg like this...but this is jus for fun and any heartaches because of this is regretted... Mr.X feel free to pardon me for this mail..Ready joooott..

It's a morning on the valentine's day and Mr.X seems to be in a serious mood.bcos coimbatore madam had asked for a diamond neclace on the valentine's day ..but the fact is he doesn't have money to buy shoe lace ,bcos it's the mid of the month.suddenly his cell phone rings ....

Mr.X:"hello credit card company??? Mr.X is out of station ..."

Voice of a girl" No MR.Mr.X.actually one of ur group's member Neha is my friend and she use to forwards all ur mails to me. i got impressed and interested in you .can you join me near statue of liberty on valentine's day ..i am an NRI living here at US..actually i am looking for a valentine and i wanna choose you for it ..
btw r u married?

Mr.X(checks whether coimbatore madam is around nearby) No No actually i am a bachelor ...unmarried...and a ...person with a one guy wife policy ...and i never tell a lie (on hearing this the gal sitting next to Mr.X laughs aloud)

Voice:ok Mr.X ..pls meet me near statue of liberty around 12.00 midnight ...
i'll be waiting for u there ...

Mr.X:??? how can i identify you ...??

Voice:anyway there won't be much girls at that time there and eventhough if anyone is there i am the most beautiful among them ....

Mr.X:pls lemme know u r name ????

Voice :Minnal....

Mr.X gets excited ...he jumps in joy ..he waits till evrone in his house is fast asleep and around 11.30 pm he wears a new shirt over coat ...and new banian and underwears too..and with his cycle key he leaves his house like a cat....

Yogi who is the man at next door watches him and says ...

"kalakara Mr.X ...puthu shirt ..puthu fant..pramaaatham..."(just
like in Asian paints....;))

Mr.X riding his cycle reaches statue of liberty around 11.58 pm ...

he starts singing the song "minnalai piddithu minnalai pidithu
.."(shahjehan song)

when the clock strikes 12.00 he sees a beautiful girl approaching him
..she is undescribly beautifull ..she is a mixture of kate winslett+
anna kaurnikova+ jhothika+simran +........+kovai sarala ..she is so
beautifull that Mr.X got bowled of her beauty ...

he slowly asks"r u miss Minnal ????"

she replies "yes mr u like me ...???"

Mr.X looks around for the presence of coimbatore madam and when
confirms that she is no where says "oh sure ..i am so happy to get u
as my valentine ..can we have a handshake ???

minnal:sure ???

With great eager Mr.X touches her hand and some thing happens ....
the image of minnal gets blurred and uneven the effect is similar
to that of the below thing .u are looking at u r image on a still pond
water and when u throw stone on it ..the effect on u r image ..

Mr.X is shocked to see this happen ...

slowly coimbatore madam and MR.Bill gates come out laughing from their
hide outs..

Bill gates speaks :"Mr.X u like minnal..."

Mr.X is totally shocked ....but says "ya yes ..what what happened
to her..
why she dissapeared suddenly???"

bill:"sucess ...our beta version of Microsoft's Innovative Natural Affectionate Lover(MINNAL) is a great sucess.yep Mr.X it's not a living thing actually ...
it's a 3d animation software which emulates a lover with artificial's main purpose is to releive guys doesn't have a girl friend ,from will talk with you with u ..give u company to beach,park cinema ...ucan put kadalai with that be short it will give a feeling as if u have a girl friend allways with u ..we wanted to test it out and we choosed u for that just costs 40000$ for a licenced version .

coimbatore madam continues:

yes Mr.X ..secretly bill called for a meeting of house wives at us, ..and told us he wanted to test his minal beta version and since married guys are the more naughty than bachelors ..he asked to suggest husbands who can be more suitable for this drama. i suggested you ....even though Mr. A's wudbe suggested Mr. A ..
later she got convinced with the fact that u r more JP(jollu party) than Mr. we tried minal with you ...and thanks for u r co-operation..

(on hearing this Mr.X fells unconscious)...

Ennoda pazhaya TLa nakkal adichi anupina mail ithu. Sent on the occassion of his engagement. Inboxa thoosi thatina enalaam maatuthu!!


mgnithi said...

Firstu attendance..

mgnithi said...

//Microsoft's Innovative Natural Affectionate Lover(MINNAL)//
intha scenela neenga engayo poiteenga...

mgnithi said...

Paavam antha Mr.X

Mystery said...

hehe...this is soo hilarious...:)


Karthik B.S. said...

eppa idha neengale sondhama ezhudhineengala? Super!

Mr. X paavam...

Panchathanthiram padam nyabagam varudhu.

rsubras said...

gils' back to his usual form :)

athu sari... side effects for Mr.X from Coimbatore maa'm pathi sollave illiyae :p

Anonymous said...

:)Mr.X was my TL...avara galataa pannathaa nalay kedayathu..even after we quit the company v ver in touch with him..nice person he was

vaanga ammani..velgum velgum

//sondhama ezhudhineengala//
enga mandapathula yarachum kuduthu vaangindu vara naan enna dharumi nagesha? nanay nanay intha mokkai poatathu

side effectslam sonna ithu R rated post aadium :D

Arunkumar said...

too gud saga :)
sema creativity !!!

Shwetha Robert said...

married guys are the more naughty than bachelors



funny post giLs:-)

Srivats said...

Innum neraya thoosi thatti paaru uyil edhavadhu erukka pogudhu