Happy Feb 14 :)

It was luv @ 1st sight. Every alternate week i used to crave for THE day..the most eagerly awaited day of the week, when i would see her in her usual place on the stands. I would wait near the stand, awaiting her arrival..greedy to be the first person to enjoy the visual feast. Every time, its a new experience. The fresh smell emnating from her..is something beyond words. Throughout my childhood she has been my companion for majority of the time. Though i hardly get as much time now, i still try to push in some time once a week or so to catch a glimpse. And tommorow the entire world celebrates...the happiness..we enjoy when we meet..by dedicating a special day.

Happy Book Lovers day folks ;)

Merkuripidapattathu oru book. Lion comics. It introduced me to the wonderful world of irumbukkai mayavi..Archie the robot..and innumerable other characters. Pity its not in publication anymore..or is it still? I checked google once and found that most of the stories published in Lion comics were mere translations from the english version. Not sure of the name of the publisher in english...but ellamay same to same. But still..it was such a fascinating experience..WOW..Diwali and other festivals will have a digest edition release..10 rupees irukum nenakren antha edition...veetla thittuvaangi sanda poatu azhuthu aarpaatam panni...booka vaangi..even before i could reach home from the shop..half the book would be over on the road itself..Same with Amar chitra katha...we had a quiz gang who had mugged up hindu mythology and indian history courtsey ACK. I wonder if its still in print. I am not sure how they can revive themselves. It would be great if they can reprint all those wonderful wonderful stories again. I feel they would've a better market now considering that reading has become glamourous and is not a nerdy thing anymore. I think they can give Harry potter a run for his pound. Ithey topicla..neria
writeyaachu..irunthalum..:) one more to the list.


G3 said…
pharshtu :)))
G3 said…
//Happy Book Lovers day folks ;)//

Post enna sizenu paaka readerla scroll pannum bodhae indha line kanla patruchu.. so first para padikkum bodhu emaaraama pozhachitten :P
mgnithi said…
Valentines day annaikku ACK, LION comics pathi ellam ezhuthi comedy pannirukkenga...

G3 sonna maathiri naanum firste naduvula iruntha mattera paarthathala suspense illa...
dubukudisciple said…
enna kodumai gils idu.. edo ezhuta vanthu vera mathiri ezhuthite appadinu enaku matum thaan therium
Kittu said…
:) book lovers dayvaa.?

already engalukku kaadhu kuthiyachu.
srivats said…
"they can give Harry potter a run for his pound"

- There are more stories with mystics than harry potter stories. nama dhaan madhirakkaradhu ellai.

If we can turn around this it will be great!

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