Friday, February 08, 2008

Its raining babies!!!

Its baby boom again :) Feb and Dec are months of birthdays..most of my friends kids are born either on a feb or dec. Gynabgam vachukavay mudila avlo birthdates.In office ours is a consolidated team of 8 members. Athula 2 have gone on maternity leave and 2 on paternity leave!!! recently we had an escalation. Escalation managerku mail anupina out of office on maternity leavenu varuthu!!! last week was in hospital giving company to my friend whose wife was delivering their first child. Hospitals make me feel numb. Ennu therila..i feel very uncomfortable even to see one rather than visit. En friend semma coola kaal mela kaal poatukitu magazine padichitu irunthan..naan ingayum angaiyum suthikitu irunthen. Baby clean panna eduthutu porathuku munadi they showed a glimpse to us. Haiyoooo...chancela. It was so pinkish in color paaka apdiye rose mathiri irunthichi. It was a gal baby. 'J'la name start aganumtu Jhanhavinu vachirukanga. enaketta Titanicla vara heroine mathiri Rosenu vachirukalam :D avlo pink paapa :D (hey pink paapa sounds cute. inimay ipdi than kupdaporen :)) Wishing all those new borns a good world to live in :)


G3 said...

:)) Firstu :D

mgnithi said...

en casela most of my friends have their marraige anniversaries on February.. Am so confused with the dates.. So naan ellarukkum advanced/Belated appadinu sunject pottu wish pannitu irukken :-)

G3 said...

Same pinch here too :)) En friend oruthikku jan 31st baby boy. En friend oruthanoda annakku monday baby boy. avan akkakku innikku kaalaila delivery baby boy :))

vutta vaarathula 7 naalaikkum new baby born for so and so personnu msg varum pola :))

rsubras said...

Good..Welcome to the world... have a happy nice and a very long journey to all those pink and not so pink pappas :)

aana gils........ intha post padikka munnadi tired aayitaen... ippadiya vidamaa type adikkarathu......konjam kooda moochu vidaama.....habba :)

it's raining words...appadinu title pottirukalam

priya said...

Such a cute post Gils.

prithz said...

Achooooooooooo!!! Pink paapa is semma cute name.. pinkie nu koopadlaam.. na ennoda 2-month old neice ah apdidan koopadren :D

Anonymous said...

//Am so confused with the dates.. //

athey athey

//vutta vaarathula 7 naalaikkum new baby born for so and so personnu msg varum pola :))//

ithula name vaikara competition onnu pudusa start panirukanga..u knw one of my frnd..they've named their kid as happiness in HEBREW!!! engenthu thaan puduikarangalopa

//konjam kooda moochu vidaama.....habba :)//

subbanna: purila...enna sollavareenga?

Kuttibalu said...

Pinku Pappa Super peru..
appidiaye rosa poo chinna rosa poo nu paatu padi irukalamae ;)

Cute post gils :)

Anonymous said...

'Pink pappa' sema cute aa iruku peru!!

'baby names' site onnu arambikalamey neenga,gills!!!


Sat said...

all babies due in feb and dec-a???...appo maximum marriage scheduled in march and april-a...hehehe :) born baby cute-a irunthucha....okay they look cute in their own way...soft and all...but most of them are way too wrinkly and fragile....more fun when they are say about 4 months....and are old enough to wear huggies diapers :D

Anonymous said...

//appo maximum marriage scheduled in march and april-a...hehehe :)//

inirilirunthu ungaluku sinthanai sirpinu pattam tharapadugirathu.

//more fun when they are say about 4 months....and are old enough to wear huggies diapers :D

ahem..echuseme..reminding ur blog title? :)