Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where have all these brands gone!!!

The list below includes some famous products and some not so famous ones..but like sparrows they are suddenly extinct, without anyone noticing..

Tinopal & Robin blue:

Not sure of the latter..but my mom used to make my sparkling white school uniform into aquamarine blue. The latter one was more potent. Few extra drops and you will get a permanent blue stained dress..i used to like the cute dabba in which it came

Leo toys:

This is really something to think about..a while back, these folks were market leaders with virtual monopoly over toyland. I still remember pestering my dad, asking for a toy machine gun, which incidentally was way too much priced at that time to afford. And suddenly this company is nowhere.


Not that i am a great fan of this paste. But this is onething which i dont see on the racks anymore

ponvandu :)

this is one soap we used in our chem. lab in school to figure out how hazardous a soap can be. It was so very concentrated your hands will whiten fully, forget about the clothes. havent seen that irritatingly noisy ad for a while now.

nutramul &maltova

i used to hate this one as a kid. never liked the taste when its mixed with milk. But had a yummy taste to eat directly. i purposedly used to keep the packet open so that it becomes hard like a candy. not seeing this one also. There used to be an ad for the latter where a kid will do somersault after drinking maltova. i used to wonder whether it was so yucky that its causing all these reacitons to that poor fellow.

ECE bulb

i miss the ad..with asrani and some other guy..every sunday when they showed spiderman cartoon this ad will come. is it just the ad or the company also is missing? no idea

big fun

forget about the taste..i think the makers revolutionized ad marketing with the runs n wickets concept. never were the wrappers of a product more in demand than the actual product..it used to be a rage during my school time and there always was a race to collect 1000 runs and 100 wickets for that bat and some trivia book signed by srikanth. its nowhere to be seen now


boy..am i missing those ads..i think their Street cat cycle was the first one to come up with a rap song for an ad..i think it goes like..BOOM BOOM SHAKALAKA BOOM BOOM something.and the investigator series ads.. wow...not sure if this one is still there..but i dont see any ads for them at all..


sanchapanzo said...

awesome post da..
guess this has to be your best ever..

nice one..

G3 said...

Not sure of the others.. But I remember seeing BSA ladybird ad sometime recently :))

Anonymous said...


is it?? nice to know its still there

mgnithi said...

Think most of them are still around.. we look for some thing else in our life than these. :-)

Anonymous said...

athennamo sari thaan..matter ennana namma realise panroma? athaan...kannu munadiye evlo change..realise panroma..globalisation and other stuff reasona irukalam...but still old is gold ilaya...

dubukudisciple said...

yarkiternthu evalavu vangine pettila?? sollidu.. illati enna kavalai unaku indha brand pathi ellam

srivats said...

Makes me think what all i did miss like this

Anonymous said...

ekkoi..enna ithu...ithelaam publica disclose panra matera...apruma mail panren :)

vaada raasa..net connection vanthirucha unaku

dubukudisciple said...

ekkoi..enna ithu...ithelaam publica disclose panra matera...apruma mail panren :)//
agamotham petti vangi iruke.. adu thaan venum iduku..idu adu nanaiyuthenu onai azhuthucham antha kadaiya iruku

Deekshanya said...

Real nice post. Made me think of all those ads, whichever I could recollect.
//every sunday when they showed spiderman cartoon this ad will come// Yes, they did.. I remember the spider man song now! :-)

Thanks for rekindling all those memories!!


Divya said...

endrum maratha Ads na 'gopal palpodi 'yum, 'vicco vajrathandhi'yum than!

really nice post Gills!!

Binaca nu oru paste irunthathu....antha box kula oru kutty toy kooda irukum , antha paste inum market la irukka???

rsubras said...

binaca...kittathatta 20 years ku munadiye CIBACA nu peru maatram aagiduchi...and i think CIBACA is still there in markets

robin blue is still in market..not sure about Tinopal :)

Leo Toys...yea... I remember..used to be a craze...and too much costly to afford :)

ponvandu ad enaku therinju appapa vanthuttu than iruku..

ponvandu soap..romba romba romba nalla soap nu oru kutti ponnu vanthu sollitu irukkumae

Nutramul still there in markets and advertised too

Good post gils..... Yea made nostalgic :) antha kaalathu advertisements lam oralavu decent ah irukkum, even though not so eye catching... intha kaalathula vara maathiri abathama / girls ah kevala paduthara maathiri irukkathu....

btw you missed some more...GoldSpot (The zing thing...), Amul choclates - for some one you love, Rasna - I love you Rasna.., etc., ipadi niraya sollitae polam :)

Arunkumar said...

neengalum big fun runs collect panna party thaana? :)

Vidya said...

childhood nyabakam vanthadhu :)

gils said...

yes yes :) infact spiderman part 2 padathula kuda antha song varum towards the climax..oru kutti ponnu paadra mathiri varum..nice one..engayachum iruntha dload pannanum

//Binaca nu oru paste irunthathu//
ciba guygee(its pronounced like this..spelling maranthu poiee) bought binaca i think..and avanga ipo marketla irukangalanu therila


//GoldSpot (The zing thing...), Amul choclates - for some one you love, Rasna - I love you Rasna.., etc., ipadi niraya //

goldspot takeover was well publicised..coke combenikarnga vangitanga nenakren..rasana is still there..seasonal...amul kandipa iruku...

gils said...

//neengalum big fun runs collect panna party thaana? :)//
enna ipdi ketuputeenga..i stll have those things :) en treasure


//childhood nyabakam vanthadhu :)//


prithz said...

Nice post gils :)

BSA ladybird cycle vechu suthina suthi irukeee.. jolly times those. :D

Aprama.. ippo dhan notice pannine... ungaloda 'about me'.. ore range dhan.. ore dan brown eh ullukulla olichu vechu ipdi film kaatringaleeee...