Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dead people society

First went the food makers.
Damning drought was blamed. Loan sharks were blamed. Alcohol addiction was blamed. MNC's with hidden agenda of making our fertile lands impotent were blamed. Government inaction was blamed.
Yet the suicides continued. Media made metrics out of the rate of deaths per place per day and came out with colorful statistics which were not surprisingly blood red in color. The only poll promise were to highlight lesser number of suicides as compared to previous regime and the numbers again were boasted on rallies and meeting and assemblies and parliaments.
Our society died a silent death when lives were counted as mere numbers.

Now is the season for students to take the extreme step.
Girls commit suicide to awaken the blind government against the atrocious mismanagement in the name of education, making unworthy and filthy places colleges of repute.
There used to be times when the weeks after exam results were always awash with suicides of students who couldnt clear the exam. Their inability to score as much as their or their parents expectation was never made a topic of serious discussion. Nowadays the trend is to check for the caste of the student and if found "interesting" would be taken up for dharna and politicized without a pinch of shame by all and sundry.

We've already lost thousands and thousands of people who prepare food for us. Lost millions of acres of farmland that grows food for us and now are loosing scores and scores of people who would be the carrying the name of this country into the next generation. And yet the only action taken is to dutifuly report them as numbers.

Life in current times is nothing but a mere statistic. People take extreme measures to end their life because of this very reason that while alive, they couldnt matter and wish they could realize some credibility at death at least. When that also fails.......

One can live forever in fear dying a thousand death everyday. But to finish this god given precious life, it takes immense courage. With this continuing trend, we are fast failing as a society that holds nothing worth while to exist.

P.S: this post has long been in making. while typing it out, i asked myself what am i doing or going to do, rather than pouring my angst in posts. It made me realize that i need to reach out more rather than singling out my petty issues as the core around which my thoughts and life revolve. Will keep pulling this thread of thought from now on for progress made.


Ramesh said...

Bravo Gils. A superb post. One that will provoke some thinking in every reader. All power to your efforts to reach out more.

Anonymous said...

Gils again I am saying vaa naama money pooli pannituu land vaanguvom and set up an organic farm and homestay for people wishing to escape the madness of the city.

gils said...

Nanri thala..ungal udhaviyum vendum...koodia viraivil contactugiren

@mages: its a lingering thought..aana athukana effort edukara alavuku naan readyangrathu therila..innum ooranum

Asha said...

Add to the farmers, students even entertainers gils. I blame it on fast life, instant gratification, every body wants more and more in terms of comforts and materials. Wish people slow down a bit and adopt minimalism.

gils said...

yup..its really scary!!!