Monday, October 19, 2015

The definition of everything

It started as a joke.

What is the opposite of Sin?

I got so many responses and some where pretty detailed enough to be posted. But despite falling on the feet of "Google" aandavar, we couldn't quite figure out an exact antonym for the word sin. But in the course of the search we did got to know that the same question has been raised on numerous forums which basically were philosophical discussions. It led to some really interesting view points on the English language itself. English being predominantly and primarily the language of the Christian community, didn't had the reason to have an opposite for sin, for the concept of getting rewarded for a good deed (punyam in our terms) in synch with punishment for bad deed (paavam, sin) didn't exist as per their religious belief. Science has an equally weird situation which is kind of converse to theology,  where in you can measure the amount of brightness and can even increase or decrease it by a factor. But will never know the factor of darkness. You can neither increase darkness nor decrease it and it can only be defined as the absence of light. In one way, the concept of Hinduism sounds balanced, where in you are paid in kind for what you do - be it good or bad. The definitions of being good or bad again is left open ended as one man's nectar could be other's poison.

The same concept has been resonated across most of the discussion threads that we stumbled upon during the search. But that quest led to an interesting offshoot.

How does one define paavam or a punyam. For that matter, how does one define anything at all? How do you define someone - as say, tamilian - with recent nadigar sangam controversies, cow slaughter protester/supporter, patriot..and the list is endless.

Does one become tamilian just by birth or by speaking the language or by living in that linguistically proportioned area or by following some designated culture? is it applicable only to that person alone or should one consider his heritage as well? exactly the question posted to one Mr.Trump wherever he goes on his view point about Hispanics and Mexicans in particular.

Should one oppose cow slaughter as religious beliefs are offended and allow export of beef to other countries at the same time? is it OK if someone else eats our cow and not us? by that yardstick why not allow your neighbourhood Muslim to have his fill then? confusing. Even if the Govt. does decide to enforce the ban, what would they do to all those cattle which anyway comes with an expiry date? any ways. different post. different topic.

If one supports all India matches, irrespective of the sport, does one qualify as patriotic? is that alone the unit of measure?  by digging up pitches, blocking concerts, inking people on book launches.. do these activities increase the factor of patriotism?

If i support the efforts taken by the centre to reign in inflation and have an open mind on the innnnumerous foreign trips taken with the hope that at least ticket charge amount of investment will come as FDI, does that make me a right winger? my concern over the war instigating attitude of the mainstream media, which marginalizes attacks on minorities as the purpose of the elected government does that make me a card carrying member of that party?

Having a pair of limbs and appropriately working senses, do these alone qualify in defining somebody as human? is it the identifiable shape or the invisible soul? is it in the name or in the belief one carries? "Do unto others as what others would do unto you" - probably the most selfish statement ever.

Definition of being human is pretty simple actually - Love. Irrespective of where one is born, what language they speak, what they eat, whom they support. For in the end, its love that conquers all. 


Aravamudhan Srivatsan said...

Whoa connecting a series of dots I believe. From where you have started and where you have reached. Never took you for philosophical guy hehe.

The opposite of Sin is to be in Grace. Who's grace ? in "Gods Grace, to be in delight of god" And God is neither a person with biggest sword or the wearing long white robes. God is those things that makes the seed grow and baby to suck milk.

To be in Gods grace and be in delight is to go with the forces and be in Godly qualities. To be kind, loving, honest, humble , you get it right..

And what is right and wrong ? as u say someones nector is someone else's poison. Sounds like point of view. Thats why they say there are 3 views, one is yours, and next one is your opponents and the third one is the truth. The universal truth, whatever is loving, kind, giving and takes delight in God is the right way. Everything else is going against it.

When you live in Gods grace and delight you dont suffer sins,the sins of guilt, anger, jealously and hatred for self and others. And sins can only be healed with acts of Love.
In that way you have ended perfectly. Love is where we should be looking when we are finding the opposite of sin.

gils said...

super points..oray oru doubt..what about athesits? avanga kadavula nambalanaalum kadavul avangala nambararunu kamal fans mathiri dialog vidaama yosithu kooravum :)

Aravamudhan Srivatsan said...

haha this definition is for everyone. Atheist or not everyone believes in Love, Kindness, Empathy, Peace etc.