Friday, October 09, 2015

Breaking bad

Saadhu mirandaal kaadu kollaathu.

If anyone wants a theatrical proof for the above proverb, one should look not beyond Breaking Bad, the bindaas bad ass of all crime related drama series. I've long put off watching it, never managing to see beyond the first ten minutes in my many attempts, sheerly out of intriguing peer reviews and the record scores it scored on rating sites. The show holds the Guinness record for all time high ratings and is often addressed as the greatest drama series ever.

The storyline is pretty simple. A chemistry teacher, suffering from lung cancer, resorts to making
drugs to support his family and for securing their future. How he goes about it and what happens in the end is told as a 5 season series.

Just like "Soodhu kavvum" which glorified "evil", this series is almost a candid camera approach of a layman towards drug racketing. Every step that he takes are so casual and realistic that, the concept that a common with chemistry knowledge can become a drug kingpin is easily sold on you. It also adds more ammo to Trump's sycophancy on sealing the Mexican border for almost every drug peddler who comes on screen is either a hispanic or mexican.

To me the scary part about the series is the murders that take place by accident by the lead character, who is at his vulnerable best in those scenes and yet the cold blooded ease with which he applies his chemistry knowledge to dispose off the bodies!! There is a scene in season one, when he kills some one using red potassium and "melts" the body on concentrated Hydrofluoric acid. His apprentice, who happens to be his own school (ex) student, goes against using a plastic tub to "perform" the process as suggested by his guru and dumps the body on his bath tub, drowning it on the acid.
Needless to say, the acid eats away not just the body, but also the entire flooring and crash lands on the ground floor, flooding it with blood, intestine and other bodily fluids, making it the most horrible example ever of HF acid in chemistry 101 . This is probably the yuckiest description you can ever find in all of my 743 posts and takes place in the second or third episode of the series!!! The scarier part being the coolness with which the master and his apprentice cleans away the crap and puts the house on sale!!!!

There are some cool moments of chemistry as well, when he uses crystallized mercury ala vengaya vedi!!!

Oru season paathathukkay intha alaparaina..anjum paathu mudikarapo enna aagumnu god only knows!!! For those who are in for offbeat (??) action series which are factual crossover as fictional, go for it. Considering that it has a 9 on 10 score, i really doubt if it requires any further publicity!!!


Ramesh said...

TV series review after a movie review .... you are in full form Gilsu. But what does the good lady say to all these extra curricular activities of yours ?? :)

gils said...

hehehe...side gapla ithelaam paathukarathu :D