Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Puli - review

Gils verdict - First linelaye verdict sollidren. Marana mokkai.

More than Vijay, its the director Chimbudevan who has disappointed the audience enmasse. The man who gave us rib ticklers like 23rd pulikesi, Irumbu koattai murattu singam and interesting screenplays for Arai en 315il kadavul, oru kanniyum moondru kalavanigalum, lets his fans down big time. The story line appears interesting on paper, with the hero set on a quest to recover his lady love from vampire like creatures and how animals and magicians help him to achieve the same. Its right up the alley for the director and makes an interesting leap of faith for the ambulimama chandamama brigade. But its the execution which lets it down big time.

Dialogues and screenplay are so juvenile that really makes one wonder if it was written by such an ace like chimbu. With ample budget and a bankable star at his disposal, its safe to say that he has lost a big time opportunity to pole vault into the big league. Songs by DSP were bad to hear and all was hoping on the dancing prowess of Vijay who is again let down by the choreographer. Some of the so called signature steps were so funnily conceived that they were the unintended gaffes that brought a few laughs. Vijay digs his own a bit with a mockery of voice modulation. Surprised that even after so many years in the industry one can suffer such a brain freeze.

Sruthi hasan continues to bring bad name for her illustrious dad with her absent acting skills and sandpaper scratching voice modulation. Hansika gets her share of song and few minutes of screen share with vijay. Sridevi as villi tries hard to impress. Villain Sudeep is made to look like a buffoon. Its been a criminal waste of resources by chimbu considering that he had such an army of actors. Nandhitha for all her interviews worth gets to utter just one dialog - "aaaah" in her 2 second appearance and that off getting killed. Vijaykumar goes one up on her and has no dialogue at all for his 2 scene appearance. Thambi Ramaiah manages one or two laughs. Robo shankar is utterly wasted.
Special effects, though are in no league on Bahubali, are the only noteworthy aspect of the movie.
Social media has become that monster that can make or break a movie. Puli, the recent mega release for Vijay, is getting hunted and pretty soon can be expected to be shunted out. With Ajith and Vijay fans always at each others throat, meme makers are running riot. The movie doesnt help itself with such a lousy content and is becoming a breeding ground for memes. For the kind of criticism it has garnered, wouldnt be surprised if the negative reaction turns into sympathy vote and make the movie a hit!!!

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