Sunday, October 11, 2015

Being Human

I know of few of my colleagues, who quit their top paying jobs ,where they had gelled in like hand in glove and yet didnt feel satisfied. They found satisfaction in serving others. From the lines of service as an industry they considered service as an individual practice for fellow humans. When queried them for the reason behind their decision, they want to give back to the society that has given them so much.

I came to know about an astonishing personality,  recently, who has a very inspiring yet unbelievable story. He quit his well paying IT job and was in fact well on his way towards establishing his own company when he took up cycling to spread humaneness. He started an unbelievable cycling trip from London to Delhi with just a backup in his carrier containing a tent, a small bag of sprouts and his travel document and some pamphlets. He had strong belief in humanity that when the people get to know the purpose of his travel, he would get all the support needed and to survive healthily one doesnt need a square meal. The concept of his trip was Healthy,Human and Harmonious way of living. He was well rewarded for his faith, for he not just made the trip to Delhi but also continued the journey to the four corners of India. He was well supported by people all over the world and barring one minor incident of robbery which was also resolved, he managed an incident free trip. Post that incident he even received police protection where that country's police wanted to make sure his trip was safe, secure and successful, once they got to know the purpose of his voyage.

I read about 2 disciples of Acharya Vinoba bhave, who decided to walk to America and spread his message. They never carried any material possession and this happened much before computers and google maps were found. While crossing Afghanisthan, it seems they encountered an American couple, who warned them about the impending desert, stretching over the next 100 kms and offered them lift till the next city. When it was politely declined as their vow was to walk all the way, the couple gave them their US address and asked them to meet when they arrive, with barely any hope of meeting them. Needless to say, after 2 years when the two travellers reached the shores of America, they gave those couples a call. They were given a royal welcome and were asked to share their travel experiences. But for the trip from UK to US, which has to be done via sea travel, their entire journey of 4 years was on foot. When asked what gave them courage to undertake such an impossible mission, they replied more than anything it was their faith in humanity that helped them complete the mission and the fact that they managed to, stands proof for the same.

A very recent incident, further re affirmed my faith in humanity.  A friend of mine had met with an accident. His bike collided with another and was thrown off his vehicle. He lost his consciousness and when he woke up he found himself in a hospital with his brother sitting behind him. Some good Samaritans had called for ambulance and had gotten him admitted. Somehow they managed to locate his home number from his phone and intimated his brother. He was carrying a costly phone and very less cash with him at that time. All his things were safe and secure and by gods grace with a minor surgery he is getting back to normal.

When you read newspapers and watch news channels there are so much negativity that they spew around that, it feels as if we are in war with ourselves. But the reality after all is not so bleak. As long as we've people who care for others over and above their own self, I feel there is still chance for human redemption.

Staying positive.


Ramesh said...

Yes Yes Yes. There is so much positivity in the world despite the negative slant to daily news.

Nice stories you have narrated. Is there a blog or a book about the person who cycled from London to India ?

Asha said...

Nice post Saar! Oh yeah stay positive!! Logical indian and better india (fb la) give only positive news of aam janta and we know how humane people are. Newspaper including 'The hindu' has started sensationalising. BTW, neenga inimay baby news podunga saar:):) congratulations!!