Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Review timela - Uthama villain

Movie watching world would be split across the lines of those who don't like Uthama Villain, the latest movie by Kamal and those who appreciate the efforts of Kamal to keep experimenting and keeping alive the age old traditions and forgotten cultures and icons. But the verdict on the movie would be near unanimous that its a Mokkai.

Mokkai is a relatively new word to tamizhagarathi, in the sense that it doesn't just mean "blunt" as per its original meaning. It could refer to anything boring, dull, unsophisticated, tease, insult, confusing or down right stupid. Its impossible to find an equivalent single word in any language which could convey such a myriad of meanings and emotions. Uthama villain movie, earns that tagline mokkai for it matches every single meaning that could be contrived out of that otherwise harmless word.
(Shabbbaa..ithuku thaan kamal padam paakapdaathungarathu...oru vaarathai pathi sollavay oru para aaguthu!!!)

The storyline is a pretty novel one and considering that it has very strong resemblance to his own real life and him helming the story and screenplay, it requires guts and a really colorful life to make justice to it. With all news of his affairs out in public domain, ever since he started donning makeup, it must feel like a nothing new kind of a story for those who've been following Kamal's career and personal, which is often one and the same. The movie opens with a box office star, who is son in law of the producer who gave him his big break, having illicit affair with his personal doctor. He is informed of his illegitimate child by the husband of his ex lover in a success party of his latest movie, where in his son begins his own budding affair with his girlfriend. Sounds like a day's episode of a mega serial? Hold on.

Suddenly our hero develops brain tumor and is informed that he is on his last leg. He suddenly has a change of heart and decides to do a movie that will make him immortal on his fan's minds and approaches his mentor to direct the masterpiece of a film - a supposed to be comedy that will leave people crying with laughter. And as expected, by the end of the movie, our hero breathes his last and unites his family, pacifies with his wife, daughter from ex-lover, makes up with his son and even has a passing gujal time with his doctor as well. One couldn't help but feel infuriated at the level of Kamal worship throughout the movie. KB is reduced to nothing but a Kamal fan who has to shout "Pinnita" "Kalakitta" once in 2 dialogues. His voice was uncannily similar to Nagesh!!! K.Viswanath who gave Salangai Oli movie to Kamal is made to do namaskaram to Kamal. Ithellam vida kodumaiyaana hero worship scenelam micha actor moviesla pathirukalam. But this being written by Kamal, it was quite a shocker to see such scenes. He is a confirmed atheist. But the way he kills Narasimma avatharam and resuces the arakkan with "Hari Sori" chant in the background and the lyrics playing "kodungolan maandaan" was not even in the same pin code of being funny. It might have been appreciated as a clever twist with literary license by any other person but for Kamal, whose intentions behind the scene are anybody's guess. Andrea lip lock...hmmmm...onnum solrathukillai.

Plus points of the movie would be the scene where he plays catch with his son while revealing his illness. The scene is simply poetic with fans disturbing that melancholy mood adding to the sensitivity. The other scene where he cleans his makeup while his daughter reads a letter written by him and his shadow falling on the word "Villan" when his manager reads a letter, has the typical KB stamp. The one scene where Visawanath swishes his stick at Bhaskar and asks him to make way, MAJESTIC. Music as I had mentioned in my previous post was one of the very reasons why I wanted to watch this movie. But sadly in many scenes there were no BGM at all. Ilayarajava irunthiruntha violin azhuthirukkum. Antha mathiri score panna koodia scenesla kooda semma silence. Ghibran thoongitaaro. Paavam padam avlo slowna avar enna pannuvaru. Uchakatta kodumai was a twenty minute power shutdown break, which was surprisingly the fun part of the entire 3 hours with comments flying thick and fast between the audience.

Gils verdict - Its not an entertaining movie, nor a tear jerker, nor a comic one and not a thriller either. You cant watch in tv also. Ad break thaandi padam paaka vaikara alavu interesting plot kedayathu. Doesn't have a good ending also. Better give it a skip.


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One movie review after another. Are you and the good lady seeing one movie a day. Popular demand for guest post and movie review from "madam" :)

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:) aprum padam pakkara option will be switched off :D