Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review- 36 vayathiniley

How old are you? Recently this very question, put in a different tone, caused such a ruckus on a flights cockpit that it made headline news on mainstream media. Of all the numbers, age is probably one numeric value which has lot of significance and sensitivity attached. The Malayalam movie by the title "How old are you" marked the return of their version of Jothika, Manju Warrier. Curiously, other than their professional careers which are kind of similar with their hits and misses, their personal life couldnt be any more contradictory. While Manju's marital life is something she would want to forget in a hurry and move ahead in her movie career, its the bedrock in which Jo is resurrecting her career. Other than that both their spouses are reigning superstars, the other similarity could be probably they are of same age maybe. Story is pretty simple. A 30 plus underdog (woman in this case) dons limelight for her innovative terrace farm concept and gets to meet the Indian president. Through the course, we are told about her moments of shame, tear, heart break, sacrifice, pride, happiness and success in a near non-melodramatic manner. The theme is so ripe with opportunities to explore several angles which the screenplay fails to explore. The entire premise revolves around Jo as the movie star in comeback mode, than that of middle class, mid age woman, struggling to balance her professional life with personal. There could've been an interesting semi plot involving her aged in-laws who are not even in reckoning when the decision to move abroad is made by their son. There could've been a bit more detail on how a fire brand college student, struggles as a house wife, literally because she has to learn things on job and it’s not something that comes readymade. This I believe would've made it both commercially interesting as well as true to life. worse cum worse they could've at least shown all those shenanigans that are carried out by govt agencies and the false sense of respect and fear that they instill while meeting dignitaries from government. It could've exposed the monarchy mindset that still pervades our system at all levels. But again, this is supposed to be a feel good movie, where everything the protagonist touches clicks. Everyone is fond of her and listens to whatever crap she says as holy verses and "never before crossed their minds" ideas. Gils verdict: Movie is good for a onetime watch for Jo Raasathi. but intha mathiri messiah theme movies ozhiyanum. Heroes vachu spoil pannathu porathunu ipo heroines vachum start panraanga.


Ramesh said...

You are too young to remember 16 vayathinile Gilsu, but for our generation that was s superhit movie. Sold out in theaters for weeks.

Yes, life changes with age and for each generation, every other generation seems to be silly at their ages. If all your suggestion for the movie had actually been filmed, I would have even gone to see this film :)

You should be in the movie business !!

gils said...

aaha..neengalay padam paapennganna apdi oru padam seekrama edukanum :)

Thamizhmaangani said...

//Heroes vachu spoil pannathu porathunu ipo heroines vachum start panraanga.//

well-said!! i didn't like this movie too! The only feel-good factor was to see jo on screen!