Sunday, May 10, 2015

The world of worshippers

To me, atheists are a confused crowd.
As individuals they sound pretty bright with their intellectual thought processes and their immense self confidence cum brave nature. But as a crowd, they always turn out to be a muddled lot. Look no further than any leading political party in TN. Pick any of their cadre and ask few basic questions about their party ideology. Atheism will be predominant amongst them as its always tied to caste based politics. The cadre would be proud to perform all those done by theists to their gods for their leaders, yet hypocritically will refuse the presence of god. Whenever anyone pushes a blame on their leaders, they wouldn't just defend their action but would also pose an alternate question shifting the blame elsewhere. The same is happening with Uthama Villain/Linga movies as well.

Everyone knows both the movies are banal at best. Each belong to totally different genres if at all one can classify them into any and performance wise they are like chalk and cheese. The leading stars in both movies are quite a study in contrast themselves. One a theist other an atheist. Former accepts his limitations and is pretty humble about the way he choses his commercial masala potboilers, while the latter is the antonym of humility and has narcissism as his life blood. Similarities being, both the leading stars have matching fan clout and are yet to retire superstars, who despite well past their sell by date, are living in denial.

Try to say anything bad about any of their movies to the respective fan club members at your own risk. Unlike any other movie stars who, despite their best effort, are torn to pieces in case of a bad movie or two, these two, for the past three decades, have held such a strong clout over their fan club that, their followers simply refuse to believe that their heroes can ever be wrong!! Yet their movies flop is a totally different story. Whenever anyone comments on a Kamal movie, immediately his fans are up in arms listing all his achievements, his passion for cinema and triple blah. Ditto for Rajani fans. What is actually meant by the reviewer is about that particular case in study which would be the movie being shown at present. If one is willing to spend his hard earned money to be entertained, he should very well demand the best of fare. Just because someone has done some great work in the past, it only sets the expectations high for their art and if it fails to live up to the mark, people should rather accept the fact and move on rather than living in the past. Guess that is something of an impossibility in the movie crazy world of TN and that's the bloody reason why we end up looking at tinsel town for our next leaders rather than elsewhere.

Gils verdict : my blog :) in trying to be as civil as possible with my comments, hope i'vent trodden on any beliefs. Even so, its just another view point and as like any ardent movie fan, I would await the next blockbuster - irrespective of whoever the star is.


Ramesh said...

Nodded my head vigorously to everything in this post, until I came to the last sentence. After all this, why on earth you watch Tamil movies is beyond me :):):)

gils said...

movie illaati...stationery aaidum life :D:D