Monday, May 04, 2015

Review time la - Rajathanthiram

They did everything possible to promote the movie in the normal manner. There was a mandatory guest episode in "Koffee with DD" with the lead pair and Gautam Menon thrown in, then there was a special programme in Kalignar TV with the cast and a side show in Sun Music. But despite all these promos, wonder how many would've even heard of this movie, which is probably the best con movie of the year, with 8 months to run. Social media has been relatively silent about this movie but whoever posted a status, couldn't quite stop gushing about the story.

When you think of a Con job like, robbing a jewelry store, what should be on your checklist? If you think of secrecy being the first in the list, this movie breaks that and makes a mockery of it. The owner of the store is given the plan by the very person who is going to rob the bank with assurance that he will keep him posted on the progress. His best friend informs the police about the robbery and gives them constant LIVE updates. There is another rowdy gang that is hell bent on taking revenge on our robber trio who also end up at the same venue alongside the police and some more gangsters hired by the store owner to catch the robbers red handed. How they escape post heist and even get ransom for the heist goods marks the climax of the movie. Right from opening scene when they cheat a person into buying a bike only to steal it later, the movie hops skips and jumps from one con to another. In between there is a customary romantic portion which drags the flow a bit. The third robber in the gang is a hoot with his comic timings. Had it had some known faces to carry the story and some decent music, it would've been a blockbuster on the range of Soodhu Kavvum. The hero still suffers from after shocks of having his first movie credited to "Nadunisi Naaigal". Guess to repent that sin, he may take another few more years. Heroine has a relatively small role, compared to even commercial masala fares. Songs irunthuchannay nyabagam illatha alavuku irunthuthu music!!

Gils verdict - For those who relish con capers, its a must watch of a movie.

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