A treasure for all ages


Today will be a very special day, having been reunited with my childhood companion (As per Gilstionary childhood is a period stretching over two and half decades), with whom i lost contact for a while in between. Something that been part and parcel of my life for a major portion of my school days, stretching well into my college life as well. To me, like for millions of other fans, Ambulimama (Chandamama in other languages) , played the role of a caring friend, loving relative who wouldnt mind spending time telling stories to you, a treasurehouse of knowledge about our rich and diverse culture and above all, the master entertainer. Maybe my dislike for serial stories began with this magazine i guess, unable to bear the suspense of waiting for a week or two to get to the next episode. I remember the days, when i used to pester my mom for 50 paise to get the ragged old editions from near by kaayalan kadai, who will dutifully refund 50% of the amount (the lumpsum amount of 25 paise) if you return the book in 2 days. The pictures that came in those early editions were so top class that, for a long while i thought, the swords carried by kings would always be white in color with a curved end and they all wore skirts !! Vikram vetaal series, Sinhaasan batheesi (Padhumai kathaigal), and numerous other raja rani stories with some or other side stories from Ramayan or Mahabarath or Dasavathar or some folk legends of Lord Shiva and his family..its so overwhelming that i simply couldnt recollect all of them. I used to be a big time fan of the raja rani stories, with the evil wizard or warlord and the wicked magic and curses and boons and mysterious helpers and magical gifts and unexpected twists and turns..it was a joy ride from start to finish. I used to read and re read each issue so many times that, most of the stories i knew by heart line for line. I always felt, given no pressure of scoring or some kind of evaluation, any one can top any exam in the world, provided they like what they read. I would recommend, Ambulimama, Balamitra and all to be included in school syllabus. I am 100% sure, this would be one subject which would have undivided attention of the entire class and wouldnt be surprised if the kids turn out to teach their masters a thing or two in stories.

Here is the key to those priceless treasures of the past. Knock yourselves off :)

Kudos to the effort of those involved in presenting it in such a wonderful manner.


Asha said…
Oh, with the first few lines on my reading list i thought you reunited with your childhood friend. etho film pola chinna vayusala flash back la kattuvangala oru kutti ponnum paiyanum andha madiri..periyavanga aana apprumm.....kalyanathala mudiyum :)

Seriously, did'nt know chandamama was ambulimama in tamil... nice feeling illaya when you revisit your memories... naanum inikkum en pasangaloda gokulam, tinkle ellam padippen... but not a great fan of chandamama and champak...

Vincy said…
Hey Gils happy for you. I also thought the same way as Asha thought initially only to realise Gils is as usual unpredicatbale. Go forth and enjoy.
Ramesh said…
What a treasure trove. Amazing you unearthed this Gilsu - I'm meeting my childhood friend as well.

Aarti said…
I love reading amar chitra katha even today.... mikka nanri for that link :))

Suganya said…
Thanks for the link Gils. Excellent find !
RS said…
Thanks for the link Gils! Treasure indeed!!

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