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Bulbu bulbu burning bright!!!

Gilsbert and Edison are similar in one aspect. Avar kandupudicha bulba athigapatchama vaangina perumai (!!) Gislbertaiye saarum. Throw in few kids, Gilsbert and are guaranteed a Bulb vaangum ceremony. Ipaadi thaan paarunga........(tortoise coil suthingss)...

Venue: Spice Garden restaurant
Occassion: 2 Birthday party of colleague's kid

Gilsbert seen roaming around the buffet table in semma pasi, waiting for the cake cutitng to begin.
"Yaenga..eppo cake cut pannuvaanga"
"Gilsbert..ithoda naalavathu thadavaiya enkita kekara..en paiyana vida unna meikarathu romba kushtama iruku..poi apdi ukkaru. Cake cut panni mudinjathum first panthila unna kootitu poren"
"avvvvvvvvv......ithey thaan one houra solitrukeenga..pesama naanay cake vetitu happy birthday paadida poren"
"Murugaaa....Mahathi..inga vaa...uncle paaru..paavam bore adikuthu solraar..konja neram uncle kooda velaaditru"
First day schooluku porachay thirumbi thirumbi paathutu pora pasanga mathiri lunch tablea muraichikittay Gilsbert trudged off.
They were a group of 5 kids. Mostly from Hyderabad.
"Uncle..idhu Vikky..Aishu...Aarav..Deep"
"Glad to meet you gentlemen and my beautiful lady"
"eerr...hmmm...hey..nalla tamil pesariye...unaku yaaru tamil solli kudutha"
"Thaatha paati...ivangalukum tamil teriyum"
"oh super.." turning to Aishu "nee entha class padikara"
"3rd grade...neenga enna panreenga"
Nayagan ringtone backgroundla soundaaaa ketuchi.
"Uncle...Deepu supera guitar vaasippaan"
"oh...soooper..wats your full name"
"En peru Deepen Patel"
"oh unakkum tamil teriyuma...unakku yaaru sollikudutha"
"Mahathi thollithuduthaa"
All the while icecream maga samudhrathula cherry theditruntha Vikky suddenly looked up and asked "Uncle..ungaluku Telugu teriyuma"
"Engalta mattum Tamil teriyuma kekareenga"

*BGM dialog*

"Moochukku munooru tharam paalu thevar parambarai paalu thevar paramabari solreengalay..paalu unga peru..thevar neenga padichi vaangina pattamaa"

Pasi poidichi.

Venue: At friends place
Occassion: Pot luck

Apdi enna samaikka teriyum sollitu nee potluck porannulaam kekapdaaathu. Ellarum samayal panna saapda aal venumla. Antha miga mukkiyamaana dutykaaga i the went. Same kids were here also. Inthavaati vambay venaam saami sollitu oru orama settled with a video game. Wanteda vantha vambu venaamna vittuta pogum.
"Neenga thaniavaa vanthirukeenga"
"Aunty varala?"

Saapda vantha motha gumbalum uzhunthu porandu sirichitrunthanga.

"Machi..en ponnu kekara paaru..ithukaagavachum seekram marriage panniko illa..atleast oru girlfriendaachum ushaar panni kootikitu vaa"

Vachukitta vanjana panrom..pala varushama palar same kostina pala vithama kaettachu. Ipo nandu sindulaam nammala kelvi kekramaaathiri aaidichu. That kid was wondering whats so funny and left back to her group.


Suganya said…
Second bulb --> nethi adi :)
gils said…
athaanaa...intha postukelaam taaaan taaannnu badil varumay..grrr
Ramesh said…
Very interesting, Glsu's active social life in the back of beyond !

Is the prodigal son returning back home this Christmas ???
Vincy Joseph said…
Gils, I just asked why no posts (in my reply to your comment) and there you are with a bulb, sorry two bulbs.. oops i meant post. :-)

I am imagining your face when you get those err.....bulbs.. now look at my predicament i have not seen your face, in the first place, then i got to imagine how that imaginary face will look like in bulbing situations. Guess it must have become brighter.. like when you switch on a bulb.. :-)
RS said…
Varuda kanakkaha ayaraathu padupattu, konjamum salipadaiyaamail Bublbu vaangi kondey irupadhal, Indru mudhal neer aiyiram bulbu vaangiya arputha gilsaanandha endru azhaikka paduveeraaaha!!

PS: Mudiyala unga aakapor!! nandu sindu ellam??!!
Asha said…
adhudaan.... page bayangara brighta irukku...

supera 2 party attend pannittu.... engalukku mattum bulbu partyaa...

Seekram gils uncleoda aunty varuva engalukkum hotella party venum.
Aarti said…
hahahaha.. sema bulbus only i see...

cake kidaichuda kadaisila???? :P
gils said…
i want to..hmmmm..lets see..kadavul vitta padi :)

@vengala kadai:

:)) nanri..grrrrr


ennnnna oru villathanam..oru appavi siruvan...athaanga naan thaan..ipdi bulb vaangarathula ungaluku oru aanantham...hmmm
gils said…

rotfl:D:D:D aairam bulb vaangia gilsa...ahahahhahaaa chaancela..semmma ...


ada neenga veranga...manmohan kooda sathamaa soniava ethirthu pesa chaance iruku conisdering this :)
gils said…

:((( illa :(((

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