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Vaazhkkai is a vattam

"Raasaaaaaa...epdi pa irukkaa..thurumbaaaaaa elaichitiyeee"

After a gap of 3 months, if a mother sees her kid, ipdi ethachum dialog varumthaana expect panuveenga.

Athaan illa.

Had a skype chat with mom. Indhiya tholaikaatchigalil mudan muraiyaaga was the first ever time my mom was in video chat. Solli vacha mathiri, video was not appearing in their end due to some connection problem. After a few minutes of voice chat, suddenly the video issue got resolved. First question from mom.

"Ennadaa thalaya ipdi vachitruka!! anga poitu hair cuttay panniakalaya?"


Rapunzel ku aduthabadia intha hairstyle issuesnaala ivlo kushtapattathu gilsa thaan irukum. For me, intha yogi sithar mathiri jadaa mudi hairstyle romba pudikkkkum. My reminder to get hair cut would be that if and only if, it falls like wiper blade on my specs.

There was this Pomeranian naaikutty called Julie next to our house. As usual, enna thavira enga veetla ellarukum antha dog was pet. En sister enna sonaalum kekkum. Enna kanda mattum kadikka varum :(  "Julieya vida neria mudi valarthutta..naai bayapda poguthu..ipdi hairstyle vitta enakkay kadikanum polaruku..athu en kadikka varaathu..po..first summer cut pannikitu va" nu adikadi arulvaaku varum. Athenna therila..puppylenthu pug varaikkum..alsatian lenthu dalmation varaikkum..therunaai verinaai sorinaai..whatever canine variety you could think of, elaamay gils kanda karam kattikitu kadika varum!! Pona jenmathula kallaala adichirupeno?

Video chatla intha topic vanthathuku innoru main reasonum undu. Inga vanthaprum cousins moonu peruku major hair loss. Kitta thatta mottai mandai matiri aidichi. Athunala she was majorly worried. Aanalum, i never expected that would've been the very first thing on her mind :)

Seri..anga iruntha thaan thittu vaangitu hair cut ponom paatha..inga video chatla vaangi kattikitu went. Namma ooray thevalamnu aaidichi. Inga porathuku minthiye friends warned. "Machi..namma oor mathirilaam illa inga. Mudi vetravangaluku englishlaam teriathu. So nee solrathu enna purinjuthu, evlo purinjuthungaratha vachu avangala ethaachum paathu panna thaan undu". Namakku thaan nalla naalulaye haircut porathu peria poraatamaachay. Atha pathi sila pala postugal intha bloglaye iruku. Erkanavay namakkum avangalukum vaaikka thagaraaru..itula kaiya pudichi izhuthiya kathai veraya!!! Velanginaapola thaannu varuthathoda went.

Saloon kulla ponaa oru aunty came.
"You've been here before?"
"Intha thalaiya paathuma intha kelvi" nu yosicihkittay "No" i replied.
She typed something and asked me to wait for a while. I was about to doze off when someone called out ABCD in the wrong order. Ennada ithu thappu thappa letter solraangalaay paatha...athu en name!!! fulla pronunce panna mudiyaama they were calling it out letter by letter. First name last name rendum serthu avanga solli mudikarathuku munnadi i got up from my sleep and went in.

"So whats your number?"
I told her my phone number.
She gave a funny look and said " it should be anything from 1 to 5..1 being the tallest and 5 being shortest"

Aduthu 5 la multiply panni 2 la divide panna solluvaganlonu yosicihtrukarapo thaan remembered..Intha oorla number solli thaan mudi vetuvaangannu. My friend had told that saria number sollalaina suthama motta adichi vitruvaangannu.
I told her why dont you try a suitable hairstyle of your choice. Antha aunty semma vevaram pola.
"I dont should tell me. Which one you want"
"Sidela shortu..frontla long nu" i gave her the usual steps that i give in India. Appovum ammani masiayala.
"what?" Noticing the kolaveri on her eyes, ithuku mela vambu panna venaamnu, i said 4. Athu jaasthiya kammiya..correcta thappa nu oru patti mandram yosichi mudikarathukulla she was dusting off the floor.

Oru vazhia came out and when i spoke to my mom again her reaction was

"Evlo vaati sonnalum ozhungavay vettika maatiyaa..ithennathu thirumbavum mullampandri mathiri mandaiya vachikitu vanthirukka"



Roshni AaMom said…
hi! Sorry that I don't know the language to be able to comment on your post! :)
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I was hoping to reach out to more people like my husband and I'm happy that you read it. Hopefully, that kind of instills the feeling that you're not alone, while at the same time, being justified in being proud of your own achievements!! The fact that you taught yourself how to read fast is definitely an achievement!!
RS said…
Eppo haircut ponaalum same prachanai Gils. Remember the last post on haircut( Angeyum ponathukum vandhadhukum difference illa? Pala hair cutters ku challenge a irukra unga hair- Wondering what it must look like!! Irunga, paintla ennoda imagination-a varanju anupi vekraen :D
Ramesh said…
"Raasaaaaaa...epdi pa irukkaa..thurumbaaaaaa elaichitiyeee

Now that the formalities have been dispensed with , will you please post photo of "Mullampandri" hair cut ?????
Vincy said…
This must be what my son is going through whenever me and J bug him to cut his hair. He is so reluctant to cut his hair and everytime he comes back with a grumpy face after one. Takes a couple of days to get back his smile. Now I know the reason why. Thanks for the enlightenment.
I will now reserve my comments after his haircut.
Asha said…
mullam panri per nalla irukku ...enga amma enna eruma kada nnu thittuva....LOL

En pilla indha vishayathala romba chamathu...0.5mm valarndhalay saloonkku porennu poiduvan... he hates to comb his hair. ippo danayda haircutkku pona nnu thittuven.

avannuku padikka sonna daan allergy.

edhukku echo nna..rendavuthu vaati follow up comments to my mail id kodutthen but still i don't get your follow up comments. enna moderate panni vechhinga?
gils said…

wow :) nice to see you drop by and thank for the kind words


hehe..ennanga panrathu..entha oor ponaalum sigai alangaara nibunargaloda oray sikkala iruku :(
gils said…
MS paintlaya!!! avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
gils said…

no way :D velila thala kaata mudilanu itha thaan solvaangalo?


aio paavam...unga paiyaniyum ipdi thaan paduthuveengala!! ella ammavum ipdi thaan pola :D:D
gils said…

//mullam panri per nalla irukku ...enga amma enna eruma kada nnu thittuva....LOL

hehehe..naangalaam athulenthu graduate aagi pala kaalam aaguthu :D oray mathiri thitina bore adichirumla..
moderationa!! intha blogku athelaam remmmbaa too muchaakum..word verification kooda lethu :D

R-ambam said…
my kutti's hair grows really fast his appa want to do a 3 always
but kutty likes his bangs much, didnt wanna compromise on that one...
as usual his dad gave instructions and made kutty sit for the haircut.
he surprised his dad by secretly showing a written note that read Number 2 to the hair cutter ..
kids these days !!

R-ambam said…
theres my share of this polambals too
evlo thaan comb panni irunthaalum my paati always asks this 'yema konjam thalaiya vaari irukka koodaathaa?'
~aiSh~ said…
"So whats your number?"
I told her my phone number.
She gave a funny look and said " it should be anything from 1 to 5..1 being the tallest and 5 being shortest"

This was too good :D stumbled upon ur blog space and happened to love it odaney :D
gils said…
aahaa..intha note pass panra idea nallarukkay...use pannikaren :D:D


heyy..welgum here..unga posts semma wittya iruku...hope u've healed well from ur theerasaagasam on tharamani road:D
mkris said…
"Rapunzel ku aduthabadia intha hairstyle issuesnaala ivlo kushtapattathu gilsa thaan irukum. "

LOL :) :) ROTFL :)
mkris said…
Rapunzel ku aduthabadia intha hairstyle issuesnaala ivlo kushtapattathu gilsa thaan irukum.
ROTFL :) :) LOL :) :)

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