Sunday, August 05, 2012

Trickling thoughts - Review time

"Dark Knight Rises" review kooda was planning to include "Vazhakku Enn 18/9" review also. Aana antha review padatha vida perusa poitathaala..splitting the post.

Intha padam paathavanga ellam gave very nice comments and review about the movie. Padikkaama pona kooda easya pass panidalam ngara nambikkaiyoda ezhutha pora exam maathri epdiyum padam nallathaan irukumnu oru nambikkaiyoda saw the movie. First half was like candid camera on street life in Chennai. Atleast second halflayaachum ethachum cinematica irukum paatha..right till the ending it was following the same tone. Last scenla vara revenge kooda sounded more thrusted to overcome the normal story line. Maybe..romba yatharthama kaatina kooda padam bore aadium pola. But the topic was different from the rest and semma important one at that too. Pasangalaam epdi cellphonea miss use panraanganu rombavay detaileda sollirukaanga. Same kutrachaatu came on my thalaimurai pasanga when internet and browsing centers ruled the roost. Probably ithuvum kadanthu pogum??!! Poganum. Heroineku en hero mela love varuthungrathuku perusa scene ethuvum ila. Antha cinema shooting scene where the kid, who initially rushes to the spot, filled with excitement on watching the shot, gets irritated at the number of takes his hero needs to complete a simple shot, is the only funny scene in the otherwise sober movie.

Gils verdict: Depressing at best. But could be eyeopener for some.

Enakku carnatic music romba pudikkum. Mainly if the lyrics are in tamil and more so when they come out with techno fusion mix on popular keerthanais. Last one that i fell in love with was "Nee ninainthal aagathathu undo" by Sankar Tucker and the Vidya sisters. It was not just the name that lead me to it (sic) but the song and the rendition was awesome to say the least. Have posted about the same that very day i heard it. After a while, i stumbled upon another gem in the album "Music i like" by singer karthik. After SPB he is probably the one person, whose voice lends beauty to even otherwise normal song. His voice has a soothing calmness and kutti kutti cute variety that it feels like icecream for ears. In this album, he has come out with a variety of Keerthanais, mostly known by heart to people like "MahaGanapathim","Nagumohana","Brochera" and a mangalam song on Lord Rama (my favourite of the lot) along with a medley of Bharathiyar songs. Each song has been delightfully remixed with tecno sounds and are easy on the ears and quite hummable tunes too. Without spoiling the essence of the originals he has added his own syrupy special into the mix.

Gils verdict: Ennatha solrathu.karumbu thinna kooliya :)) Go for it :)


Ramesh said...

Not sure if the movie review is of "Dark Knight rises" or "Vazhakku Enn 18/9" :)

Asha said...

Coincidence. Kartik is the compere for the show of Filfmfare awards along with chinmayee.( I'm watching now)

I have heard Kartik's album. I love pop karnatic too.

Check out:

Rock to Raagas by Naveen
pep karnatic by Soumya and ravi kiran.