Everyone needs a Barney Stinson

There is an episode in "How I met your mother" series where Ted Mosby (the narrator/ hero) is pestered into breaking his routine of spending the evening at his favorite club haunt by Barney Stinson, who always claims to be his best friend. He promises Ted of a "Legendary" night out and takes him to an airport - one of his numerous hangouts to pick up gals. What follows is a goofapade which results in both of them travelling to Philly on a plane, following two good looking gals, only to find out that the gals are on their way to meet their boyfriends who were going to propose to them and due to the shenanigans of Barney, both end up getting arrested. When Barney, not learning from the events of that night, further confronts him with a challenge to lick the Liberty Bell , Ted gets obviously angry over Barney for messing up his routine life. But he succumbs and guess what, they do lick the bell which turns out to be one of those famous weird personal experiences story that wins galfriends for Ted. The episode ends with Ted realising that, how much ever crazy it may sound, Barney's ways did result in him winning a girlfriend.

Ok. Its just an episode from a comedy sitcom. So no judgements on the shallowness of the characters and their thoughts and actions. But matter is, it made me think about my own lifestyle. I like Ted Mosby in that series (my undying  LOVE for Robin Scherbatsky is tale to be told later..her smile is something to kill for..avvvvvvvvv..control gils..control) and often i could relate to the way he thinks. He is mostly a mokka person vachukangalen. And more than the mokkais oru sila similarities felt more than coincidental and guess thats the reason why people get hooked to stories illaya..that you being able to relate to the character in play. Ted's life is pretty predictable. He goes to office. Spends time with his friends, from college who share his apartment, at a club beneath their apartment. Avlovay. The only exception in his life being Barney Stinson. Maverick would be a calmer way of describing his character - a total antithesis of Ted. He urges Ted to live life to the fullest and voluntarily/forcibly makes him his wingman to "teach" him how to enjoy life. Though most of them are way over board to fall within acceptible norms, he often ends up on the right side of being right and almost makes one wonder whether his means really justifies the ends. But overall, he breaks the shackles of monotonous life and tries to deal with the situations he creates for himself. The way he goes gung-ho about every single aspect of life takes his character to a totally different level.

Many a time, knowingly or unknowingly we fall into this rut called routine. And taking a break becomes a mirage which no one has time to chase. This is when people like Barney's are seen as saviours of "real" life. As much one criticise their ways and approach, in the end, no one can deny that they ARE different. It may not apply for everyone. It may not be applicable every time. But sometimes, doing crack pot things, just for the sake of fun, sure beats the hell out of the comforts of a routine safe-play life. Whether it comes up tops or bombs out, afterall, in the end, we are left with an interesting story to tell, isnt it? A story where we can laugh at ourselves.

A life without crazy friends is something ..missing. So..here is a toast to all those carefree souls who make life interesting :))


Aarti said…
*Clap Clap Clap Clap* lovely post and such a warm feeling on reading it....

:) lowely having u as a friend Gils
gils said…
i knew u wud comment for this one :D:D u barney-fan
Ramesh said…
Comment No 1 : Who is Barney Stinson ?

Comment No 2: Priya is distraught and crying her heart out. Who is Robin Scherbatsky ? Gilsu - please fall for somebody whose name at least we can pronounce :):):)
gils said…
lol :D

thala for both the comments u need to watch the show..well actually the picture uploaded in the end has them all clockwise from left - Barney, Robin, Ted, Marshall and Lilly :)
RS said…
You are the Barney Stinson to so many of us. Thanks for being that!!

//Priya is distraught and crying her heart out. Who is Robin Scherbatsky ? Gilsu - please fall for somebody whose name at least we can pronounce :):):)//

We are looking forward to seeing 'your' Priya's photo on this space sooner...
Vidya said…
I love this post! I too like Ted Mosby! He just seems like a decent guy.

Neatly done, Ted, ehhh Vidhya! :-)
Asha said…
H-fi kudunga...... I superlike the last paragraph. yes, indeed everyone needs a barney (i only know him through your post) illati enakku therinja oray Barney andha cartoon Barney croc( we are a happy family guy) daan.

Life is easy for people who enjoy it. Difficult for people who analyze it. In my case, Barney is the husband and a few good friends.
gils said…

:)) naan Barney aa!! :D LOL :D ada neengaveranga...intha Priya hunting bore adichi poachu...Priyava thedi vanthaa thaan undu :D


Oh yeah..i am much more Ted can u ever imagine :))
gils said…

ooh ur aathu is like Barney :D niceeee :D
Vincy Joseph said…
Nice post Gils. After reading the post, my only wish was "May you find your Barney Stinson in your better half whenever that is". :-) :-)

You are right we all need a Barney to pep up our lives.
gils said…

:D:D sutham :D

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