Thursday, August 02, 2012

Nostalgia 555

Possibly the shortest title ever in this blog :D What started as a walk in the park 7 years back has been an unbelievable journey. Start pannapo..Zee tv slogan mathiri Movies, Music and Masti was the theme. Well.ethukku ivlo happens to be post number 555 published on this blog.

Unknowingly and knowingly many incidents in the past 7 years of my life had been chronicled to some extent, scattered amidst these posts. Doordarshanla Prannoy Roy program onnu varum..World this Week nu. This compilation post feels like that.

My pick out of the 555.  Here you go. - first ever story published in this blog and my all time fav story. Intha kathai padichitu intha mathiri namma lifela vantha epdi irukumnu nenachu paatha naatkal pala :) Ithukagavay office bus vachu pick panra mathiri oru officela velaiku seranumnu my friend used to tell. He was the one who forwarded this to me and asked me to post it. Neria thadava enakkay theriamaa intha storyoda impressionla egapatta versions potruken. Almost in all the posts romance scene na heroine will either pinch or punch :D athuku pullyaar suzhi started with this post i guess. Also the fact there there were some real life people who resembled the characters, added to it. A super mush love story. - first ever story written by me :) A story very close to my heart. - my fav of the stories i wrote. Athenna therila..2006 poora oray luvs mayam in blog!!! :) Apdi antha year enna specialnu ipo evlo yosichaalum nyabgam vara maatenguthu. - This movie released at a time when Indian womens hockey were actually winning and the experience of watching it in theater was awesome. This pick was also for a very special reason. Didnt realise it then. Will possibly never.

This was most difficult of choices. I was at a loss to pick the best one and ended up selecting four. A small sample to the amazing times we had at this very place. Boisterous bunch of people, always ganging up to pull each others leg and more than the posts, which were mere pretext, the comment section was the place were the action was and were the real battle field. Nyayapadi i should mark link to each of those bloggers. But they can be accessed from the link on the comments. Attagasamaana people. Amazingly fun and adicha koothelaam ipo padichi :) feels blessed to have enjoyed such wonderful company.

When i read them now, i realise, some of my wishes that i had expressed in this blog, had actually come true :) Like this one. And oru sila postslaam padikarachay the memories really hit hard. Ithana naala maranthu poiruntha neria mattersa intha oru post kelari vitruchi. Some happy and some otherwise. But interesting thing is, either way, they are in the past and have already been crossed.

Thank u guys for all your kind words and support all along and for a whole lot of wonderful memories.Innum ethanai naal vandi odum therila..till such time...will keep haunting this place :))


Asha said...


That's an amazzzzzzzzzzing feat.
Take a bow, sir!

Reflects your creativity and writing flair and consistent efforts to maintain a blog.Many of us start and drop mid way through.

I thoroughly enjoy reading your genuine posts some laced with humour, some insightful, some with incisive analysis, some creative and some that reflect your dreams. Totally a potpourri of all emotions and topics highlighted with honesty.

Will read the marked posts in leisure. Meanwhile hoping to see your scripts on silver screen someday and hopefully i will write a review for that.

God bless you!!!

(p.s: I recall landing on your blog when i was searching for the song of Angadi theru. " aval appadi..onrum"). I commented on your blog first.)

Asha said...

Calls for a celebration... when is the party? a bagful of Hershey's and
Ghirardelli chocolates mattum podhum.

Evlo cheapa mudichitten parthingla.

RS said...

Congratulations on 555, Gils! Wishing many more triplets and quadraples along the way.

Read some of the linked posts. Liked the stories -esp the first one...

gils said...


:) nanri nanri...ooh antha song searchla vanthu maatikiteengala :D:D

hershey's theriyum...athenna giraffee chocolate?? puthusa irukkay..try panni paakren :)


nanni nanni :)) intha postuku karanamay neenga thaan...u had quoted one post of mine in a comment..appo thaan thonithu intha topic :))

Aarti said...

555- isnt that a ciggie brand?? ;)
kalakiteenga Gils... kalakiteengga...

:-) one day, shall take a holiday [hopefully u'll sponsor it] and shall read all the kathais u the written :D

me in bengalooru... to see my new baby nephew... he is cho adorable..

Ramesh said...

Wonderful Gilsu. Each one of the 555 is special. You are a class blogger indeed.

- Members of the Blogger Thilagam rasikar manram.

Venkat said...

members of rasikar mantrathil naanum iruken... thukaga pallabisigam ellam panna mudiyarhu.. keep giving smiles on our faces & heart.. you are wonderfull..

gils said...


ooh..foto foto


nanri thala


:D :D

RamMmm said...

Title padichchuttu naan kooda vera ennamonnu nenaichchaen. (same as Aarti's note)

gilsu Willsu Marlboronnu erangittaronnu! ;-)

Super 555.

aanaa shortlisted postsa padikkaraththukulla usuru poyiruchchu. tanglish script thaan (tamil written in english), vera enna. :-)

Kalakkunga boss. pinnaala zeno maadhiri book podalaam (though not in tanglish script. both sides of the brain oththuzhaikka maattaengudhu, 1st gearla car ohttina maadhiri padikka vaendi irukku)

gils said...

rotfl :))) enakku athaan easya iruku..sernthaapola tamil or englishna kadi :) hehehe