Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trickling Thoughts - You've got mail

It all started with an innocent one liner mail.
"Hi, My application is not working. Can someone please look into it."
And then..all hell broke loose.
"Hey..i am no longer supporting this. Please dont mark me in loop"
Another reply came with somewhat similar content followed by a dozen "Me too"s.
The "Me too" flow got broken inbetween by an awakened sage, full of rage.
"Hey..stop spamming others mailboxes. Dont reply all. Just mark it back to the sender alone"
Just like the monkeys that repeat anything newly taught to them, this mail was followed by sporadic explanatory mails on the usage of "Reply all" option and how one shouldnt abuse it, ofcourse the mail was addressed to all. He even went to the extent of taking screenshots and preparing a word doc on where is the "Reply all" button located and marked it in bright red color with all ambu kuri pointing to it and 'warned" people from using it.
One genius, found out that marking in BCC will help and ingeniously tried that with "stop this nonsense. Dont mark me in this mail" response.
That was greeted with a stream of "Me too" mails but again ignoring the BCC part and marking everyone in loop.
Suddenly someone begun to see the funny side in this melee.
"Looking at the number of me too's, people might think we have lot of chinese amidst us".
That turned the contest totally in a different direction.
"How come chinese?"
"Me too sounds chinese?"
"Its a chinese conspiracy then"
"Or a chinese virus?"
The word virus immediately caught up and the thread continued discussing about viruses and how one shouldnt open such mails. Some one even had a lengthy explanation on how viruses via mail destroy our data, all the while marking the reply to all.
Finally, the server admin guy woke up to hear his manager blasting him over phone for not addressing mailbox space crunch problem only see 4500 mails on his inbox. He sent out a single mail to everyone in loop.
"Any one found responding further on this topic will have his internet account deactivated"

And peace was finally restored.

P.S: Usualla namma oorla thaan intha maathiri aalunga irukaanga paatha..paarapatcham ilaama ulagam poora paravi kedaikaanga pola. The moment someone marks a bigger distribution list by mistake, something snaps on peoples mind i guess. Once someone marked a mail to a worldwide distribution list by mistake and also with read receipt request!!! For close to two months she suffered the mail storm and she further worsened her case when she requested recall for unread mails!!!! She had to create a spam folder specifically for collecting the response mails and people who had been on vacation and are checking their mails late are still responding with " remove me" mails even now it seems. Sila nalla vishayangal endrumay maaruvathillai :))


Avada Kedavra said...

hahaha.. have seen such things happening in my company too.. "me too" mails keep flooding sometimes..
the last para was too much..ROTFL.. she had to create a folder for

Ramesh said...

Can I get a job in your company. Looks like everybody has a lot of "free time"

Btw, is there a way to send this comment to all the rasikars of this blog and for them to reply all back :):)

RS said...

Me too...Enakkum oru vela please.......

Aarti said...

hehehe. imagine if this comment of mine went to everyone in ur office and some more??? ;o) hooot hooot...

Asha said...

Naanum que la irukken.

jobkku daan.... enakkum venum..

gils said...


:)) i've seen this happening in almost all the orgs i've ever been in. Somehow reply all brings out the crazy loonies in people.


hahaha...intha mathiri neria aapeece iruku thala

gils said...

@thala again:
ada..mothama 5 peru..ennaiyum serthu..ithuku oru reply all spam veraya!! best venue wud be indigoite..worldwide release :D


madam....y ths murderveri...

gils said...


avvvvvvvvv...enga..ennnn...nallathaana poitruku

gils said...



Vincy Joseph said...

been a visitor to your blog for some time, but never bothered to leave a comment. I am a juvenile at blogging, but I kind of like the way you mix Tamil with Engalish to get that right blend of Tanglish. I am a hard core Chennaiite and love this place from the bottom of my toe.

Thanks for all the entertaining posts.

gils said...

welgum welgum...and thanks for the kind words :)

RamMmm said...

appracenteenga ella oorlayum thaan irukkaanga.

"Reply-to:", "Reply-to:"nnu oru mail field irukkunnu sollaliyaa yaarum. :-)

Humorous indeed! (indha mass mailerai anupchcha appracenti nee illayae? illai cloak pannittiyaa?)

gils said...

i hate these kind of mail chains..matter irunthu kalaichi mail chain form aana paravalla..summa intha mathiri mokka poatta semma kadupaidum.. :)