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Trickling thoughts - Wattan idea Sarjeee :)

Door opens and roomie enters the house, carrying that aura of sadness and gloom and with a look of a person fed up with the world.

(okay..before you proceed any had nothing to do with my imsais)

"what happened"
"mumble..mumble..mumble...vaazkhaiye sogam" came the reply.
"congrats..great news"
"Dei...naan enna sonnentu..nee congrats solra?"
"enna sonnanu purila..seri..positive newsa thaan irukumnu oru nambikkaila sonnen"
"Enda..enna paatha positive news solravan mathirya iruku?? kaduppula irukken..nee vera verupethatha"
"Enna machi...y veruppu kaduppu nu TR mathiri pesitrukka? aapeecela problem? pakkathu seat aunty propose panidicha??"
"athu onnu thaan kuraichal...enda intha velaikku sernthomnu irukku"
"unna recruit pannavanum itheye thaan solitrukannu kelvi patten"
"seriousa times..yen itha panrennu enakkay purila..enaku suthama Java pudikala...naan adikara code ennalaye rendu thadava padika mudiala..avlo kevalama iruku...ithula aduthavan code review athula defect fix..bug nu...innum kadiyaana velai. Ithelaam oru pozhappa nu samayathula en mela enakkay kadupaaguthu"
"oh....hold tension...less tension more work...ithu Indian work neriya tension...ithu H1B philosophy...overa yosicha udambukku aagathappanay"
"Athu terinju thaana ipdi polambitruken..en experienceukum qualificationukum..India pona chillaraikku singi thaan adikanum..inga etho thappi thavari vela kuduthutaanga.."
"un nermai enakku romba pudichirukku"
Roomie goes and dumps himself on sofa.
"Elo..ennamo ulagathulaye nee oruthan thaan pudikama velai panitruka mathiri polambara...majority of folks ipidi thaan maganay..working just for the sake of salary...satisfactionoda sathiyama illa"
At that time the third roomie joins in the conference.
"Ennapa topic etho balama oduthu pola"
"Ivan eppo paaru...I dont like..but i've to do it " nu polambittay irukaan...kindergarten pasanga rhymes solra mathiri sathaa itheye sollitrukaan...Nee sollu machi..un velai unakku pudichi panria? illa kaasukagava"
"ithula kostin enna iruku..kandippa thuddu thaan..i want to study screenplay writing and move into directing movies..aana enna panrathu...kaila naal palla kadichitu inga potti thattinomna..athukulla oru nalla dabbu partya paathu ushaar panni kalyanam pannikitu house husbanda poitenna...ava paatuka earn panratha paathupa..naan learn pannratha paathukuven"
The sad roomie falls at his feet "deivamay..nee thaan inimay en vaazhkaiyoda vazhikaati..."
"machis..oru idea"
Neither of them show any interest.
"Machi..kelen...nee kelen...."
Still no response.
"Ipo mattum kekala..i will start cooking"
"aiyo venaam saami...kathirikkaa panren sollitu katrina puyal adichaa mathiri kitchena maathiruva...solli thola"
"ithey oru songa poatta enna?"
"i dont really like..but i've to do it...intha rock musiclaam vara mathiri...ethachum naalu guitar backgroundla play panna vitutu..ishatathuku enna venumnaalum lyrics poatukalam...naalu thadava kaetta mokka song kooda mega songa aaidum..."
"velangidichi...actualla enaku oru idea thonithu...after hearing you say it...intha sentencela ethu poatalum fit aaguthu paaren..en casela "i dont really like it..but i've to do it...JAVA"...ivan casela..Java can be replaced with driving...having needed to drive 2 hours one way to office in peak traffic...un casela cooking poatukalam...elaarukum suit aaguthu paaru"
"superda..itheye patent panni tee shirta potuta sidela intha phrase...innoru sidela "pick your choice" nu potrulam...each one can have customised tee shirts based on their dislike"
"aaha...dislike panra vishyama like panra mathiri oru attempta...ithu kuda nallarukkay"

While they went on to explore the possibility of expanding that thought...than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha gils...went back to his movie watching spree.


Asha said…
edhukku pa sogam?

gumbala OB adichittu dollar sambalam vangareengannu nalla theriyardu.

Podha kuraikku business ideas ellam pramada irukku.... naduthunga....naduthunga...

BTw house husband idea yarudu...ungaloddudanay? poi...tell the truth...

indha kalathu pasangellam...uhuuum .. idhukku mela onnum solrathukkilai.

( edho film script padicha madiri feeling....excellent dialogues and screenplay sirji :))
Venkat said…
"Ipo mattum kekala..i will start cooking"

Thirumpavum rasamaa? enjoy the cooking club. apuram house husbanda irukurathuku ellam nalla samika theriyanum.. angeyum idikuthe..
gils said…
//gumbala OB adichittu dollar sambalam vangareengannu nalla theriyardu.


ahemm..pablic pablic..thozhil ragasiyamelaam ipdi opena sollapdaathu
gils said…
//BTw house husband idea yarudu...ungaloddudanay? poi...tell the truth...

ithu every aan maganoda dream i guess :D :D pocket money with no responsibility for life :D
gils said…

hehehe...ka.ka.ka po :D:D:D
RS said…
Mudiyyyala. But, I wish everyone had a roomie like you. Knowing the movie addict in you, ungaloda movie watching spree ku naduvila, you completely changed the mood in the environment. Not many have this quality although they might want to help out someone. You are an unique piece Gils....(Mokka pottalum.....)
gils said…

Vincy Joseph said…
ha ha ha.. reminded me of my before marriage loooong conversations with my room mates, some years back. Today I realise, some of my best moments in my life were those. As you go along in life, you will come across the 'Real' problems and feel nostalgia take over you. And not to worry these not so real problems, and discussions will prepare you for the real ones. :-)
But let me tell you one thing, you better learn to cook. Secret to successful marriages these days is the ability of the Man to prove his culnary abilities. :-)
gils said…
//But let me tell you one thing, you better learn to cook. Secret to successful marriages these days is the ability of the Man to prove his culnary abilities. :-)

:(( romba kushtam

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