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WMW - Naan Ee

Intha vaaram Weekend Movie Watchla its "Naan Ee" time :) Oray samayathula tamil, telugu and one more languagela release aagi kalakitrukara movie. The director, Rajamouli, is the hit machine of Andhra. Consecutivea 8 blockbusters he has directed and this one had lot more expectations riding on it. The fact that, Thalai's "Billa-2" got postponed because this one occupied all the theaters speaks for the publicity and hype.

Storywise perusa onumilla. Usual revenge-reincarnation matter thaan. For a change hero takes "E" avatharam in his second innings and villaina samhaaram panra kathai. Nyayapadi intha padathuku hero villain thaan. Right from frame one, Sudeep dominates the movie like anything. Herova vara Naani ku romba kammi screen time. Kedacha gapla Samantha va maanju maanju love pannitu mandaiya poturaar. Samantha....avvvvvvvvvvvvv...veyil kaalathuku etha ice cream sundae. Romba alatikkaama...lighta smile..lighta fear nu...kozhantha ennaamaa act pannuthu. Antha kannalaye kavithai ennamolaam solvangalay..athey athey. Right from her debut movie "Moscowin Kaveri" she has grown looking beautiful with each movie :)

Aprum..padathoda original hero "Ee". Computer graphicsla semmaya velaadirukaanga. Usuala namma oorla CG based moviesla maina sothaparathu depth perception and scalingla. Originalityla focus panren pervazhinu imagela kaatra importancea appearancela vitruvaanga. For example the gorilla in Duet movies logo will look much authentic but it will look bigger than the tree it would be climbing on to. Antha mathiri ilaama..intha padathula..romba menakettu try panni irukaanga. And the screenplay of how the Ee takes revenge with the help of heroine is told semma interestingly. Logiclaam paakama enjoy panna vendia padam.

Another highlight for the movie is the music. WOW. Songs are awesome. Especially the first song sung by Karthik. Usuallavay his voice makes even normal songs sound special. Intha songoda innoru strength Madan Karky oda lyrics. Appakku pillai thappaamal piranthirukaaru. Loved his word play and have always amazed at the ease with which he brings in technical words into tamil and inserts them expertly at the right places. Be it "Kuviyam" in "Ennam Yetho" song from "Ko" or the word love in umpteen different lanugages for "Nanban" or the chinese song sounding like Twinkle twinkle little star in "7aam Arivu" this man has always been upto something. When i heard this song for the first time, what stuck me was the originality of the lyrics and how amazingly it suited the heroines character. She comes as a miniature artist in the movie. Atha base panni "Nun silai seithidum Pon silaiye " nu oru vari varum..and adutha line was even cuter "Pencilai seevidum Pen silaiye". Totally smitten with the song and has been playing non stop on my playlist. Here is the lyrics. Oru kutti poatti. Of the two kavithais given below..which one is more beautiful? one looking out the window or the one below the pic :) heheheee..

Gils verdict : Ee oattathu..intha Ee odum.

veesum velichathile thugalaai naan varuven
pesum vennilave unake oli tharuven
ada adadadada...oh
ada adadadada...oh
nun silai seithidum pon silaiye
pencilai seevidum pen silaiye
en nilai konjam ne paarpaaya?
ada adadadada...oh
ada adadadada...oh
oru murai paarpaaya 
irudhaya pechai ketpaaya
marumurai paarpaaya
vizhigalil kaadhal solvaaya
ada adadadada...oh
ada adadadada...oh

un bootha kannadi..thevai illai
en kadhal nee paarka kan pothume
muthangal thaluvalgal thevai illai
ne paarkum nimidangal athu pothume
kovam yekkam kaamam vekkam
etho onru paaradi

oru murai paarpaaya 
irudhaya pechai ketpaaya
marumurai paarpaaya
vizhigalil kaadhal solvaaya
ada adadadada...oh
ada adadadada...oh


Ramesh said…
Please gils - movie review is fine, but don't quote lyrics of songs. Of all the arts related to Tamil, the one that has plumbed the lowest of lows is lyrics.

I was expecting learned treatise on Samantha vs Andie Macdowell, but .... disappointment .....
Aarti said…
Oru padam vittu vekka maateengala... tsk tsk...

I am kinda skeptical about this movie, but since u the saying it is good, might just watch it one of these days.. :-)

But me no understand how the hero becomes the Ee.. computer graphics too mucha? it might seem too fake and i might start picking on that...

hmmm.. yenyways, i went n saw Street dance 2 , and yenjoyed it..
Asha said…
Hello! unga vela nalla irukkay. Engulukum kudupangala unga madiri job. jollya oor suthardu, adventure sports try panrudu, padampakkardu, idula samantha vera kavidayaiaa..

naduthunga... enjoy...
gils said…

:) not all songs are good.and not all are bad either..this one in particular has very decent lyrics and madan karky has been a breath of fresh air in tamil lyrics writing :)
gils said…
and as for samantha vs andie..who??!! :)) totally smitten with samantha :D
gils said…

online iruka bayamen :) u may not like it..unless the cg impresses


hehehee...ithelaam weekend tasksaakum..weekdaysla only serials thaan :D

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