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WMW - Ground Hog Day

Romba naalachu movie review poatu :) Though have been watching movies by the dozen, not a single one was interesting enough to merit a review. Ellam timepass movies. But this one was pretty interesting.

Many a time i've felt that my life is stuck in a rollercoaster portion of the timeline where despite the high's and low's its always on the same track. Every few years it never fails to repeat itself. Be it the same situations or at times even the same characters with surprisingly same names too!! The first thing that stuck me while watching the movie was how the lead character finds himself in such a situation, his frustruations and how he eventually turns them in his favour.

Its a story of a Weather forecaster, Bill Murray, who takes up a grudging assignment to cover a not so interesting event of a Hog predicting the weather, a local event. To his dismay he finds himself stuck on the sameday, The Ground Hog day of Feb 2nd, forever. At first he gets scared and tries to anger himself to clear his mind. But come what may and whatever he does, by next day morning 6 AM everything changes back to the day of Feb 2nd. He even goes to the extent of killing himself in different ways. But he still wakes up on his bed with the alarm ringing in 6 AM, every single day. Pushed to the point of no return, he decides to accept life and tries to get to know about the people around him. Soon he masters the personal life of everyone around and even tries to help them in their issues, occuring on that day. The heroine, Andie Macdowell, who is also the producer of the show he comperes, and the camera man accompanying him, silently detest his arrogant nature. Bill tries to woo Andie, every single day, of the same day, by getting to know her little by little and how much ever hard he tries, end of the day, he fails to win her love. He diverts his attention to learning new hobbies like ice sculpting, piano and even part time medicine practice. It all culminates on an after night party that happens at the end of the Ground Hog day where the most eligibile bachelors are "auctioned" to collect money for charity. Andie "buys" Bill for all the money on her purse and finally accepts his proposal. Needless to say, the charm/curse gets broken and the next day ticks in Feb 3rd.
Though he hated the very idea of even visiting the village in the beginning, Bill decides to settle in the village in the end along with Andie.

Firstu heroine pathi sollanum :) Obviously. I liked her in "Four weddings and a Funeral'. She has this kind of weird air about her and a goofily charming smile. Kannalaye pesarathu solvangalay..athey athey :) She looks refreshing in this movie and though Bill looks much much elder to her, somehow their chemistry clicks. Next the screenplay. Oray padatha rendu thadava paakrathay peria matter. Aana ovvoru scenum..multiple times repeat aagara mathiri, with different set of dialogues and endings per scene ensuring continutiy with all characters appearing in same costume and not making it boring also in the process...chaancela..semma attempt. Logicay illatha situationslayum oru kutti logic vachu..semma cutea kondu poirukanga padatha. It also has a "moral of the story" message in the process. A single day can teach so many different things to you, if only we care to look for it. Had the hero completed his assignment and had escaped the town from the blizzard that makes them stay, he would've hardly been the person that he becomes in the end. Or had he remained confined to his fate nothing would've changed either. He decides to change for the better and find productive use from the resources around him and it makes him realise how much events of a single day can change his life and create a positive impact on the lives of others around him. It makes one realise, you dont need a special day to feel special. Every single day has so many such moments abound. We just need to look properly.

I've heard my friends complaining that their lives have undergone so much change in past few years post marriage that some even say they envy my life in which being constant is the only change. Wish i can show them all this movie. Ikkaraikku akkarai pachhai :))


Ramesh said…
I refuse to comment on an English movie review - Gilsu; we only want Tamil movie reviews. No English movie heroines, OK..... Priya apparum azhuthuduvaaa :)
gils said…
hahaha... :D Priyakku naan enga poven azharala ilayanu laam no idea :D
Aarti said…
Good movie, seen it long back and thoroughly enjoyed..... US poi rhomba padam pathings neenga... tsk tsk... :P
G3 said…
:D Idhu kooda nalla irukkae :)) Boss.. idhae sambala naala irundha evlo supera irukkum ;)
gils said…
the more i think abt it..the more i like it..semma interesting :)


soooooprapu :) i likeee ur thinking

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