Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trickling thoughts - Right at that moment

When you can make a baby smile in all its cuteness, with its bokka vaai full of laughter, enjoying your antics.
When you get to hear the very song you are humming  on your mind on a passing car or on an unknown radio station
When you raise your head to the sky only to feel the first rain drop (at times its not necessarily a rain drop..but posting only about ecstatic moments here :) )
When the evening breeze combs through the hair, making a mess of it and yet prepares a cool hairdo.
When the cute girl on the lift smiles at you ( this could also be categorised under those moments that lead up to nervous breakdown in some cases. Usually makes one wonder what's wrong with him!!)
When you feel hungry and some one gets you a parcel of your favourite dish.
When you miss your morning alarm and still wake up to find enough time to waste.
When you arrive late to the bus stand and still manage a seat on a near capacity bus.
When you think you are broke only to find a solitary note sticking in some corner inside the wallet just enough to save the day.
When you randomly check for some novel that spans into a series chaser (James Rollins happened like that..thanks to his MAP OF BONES!!)
When a harmless torrents download actually turns into a torrent of downloads (thank u duggie..without u and ur torrents..scary to even think!!)

And finally when a random blog hop results in a relationship to cherish (to think that's how i met you folks confirms..this is the luckiest of the list. Thank you makkalay for all your patience and kind words. Makes life worthwhile many a times :) )

These are moments which are right not just at that instant, but all throughout i guess.


Ramesh said...

Wow - senti post from Gilsu. May you have all of those moments and much more every day

Asha said...

oh ho! somebody is rocking in the US ... illa.... illa.... rocking the US of A itself. Previous american diaries padichen, pora pokka partha adutha US Prez neeng daan pola.

Njoy!!! :)

Aarti said...

Awww.. such a sweeetu post from you GIls... read it 1st thing sat morning and am sure now the day is gonna be good!! ;)

Here's to many many many more such sweet moments....

R-ambam said...

Achhachoo ! gils orey the pheelings.. theres much more to come dont be overwhelmed no, seriously !

Sweet post !