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At last the endless torrents of English sitcoms is getting over. Managed to reach the last season of all those series that i had downloaded. Aduthu ennada panrathu..paakarathukku series illama poidumo nu romba kavala(!!) pattu kittu irunthapo...roomie was talking about Marma Desam and how he used to follow it with vigour when it was running Live in the early 90's. Seems when he was onsite during his first assignment, there used to be a tamil website where they uploaded an episode a day for this serial and it used to give the same thrill of anticipation of watching it on TV.

When those programs were aired, we didnt had cable connection at our house. Rommmmmmbaaa naal kazhichi thaan dad finally relented. I used to hear all my class mates talk in excited tones about Marma desam and the disappointment on their voices when the finale happened. They couldnt quite grasp the concept of multiple personality and felt the director, not knowing how to end the story, cooked up something. With no way to follow what they were talking about, i used the "chee chee intha pazham pulikkum" approach and used to stay away.

I happened to saw that series online, few days back and was stuck by the ingenuity and the effort that had gone behind. No wonder, it was the second most successful tamil series ever. The story line had all the elements of a thriller imbibed  in it. Muder, Mystery, Superstition, Ghost and little bit of surprise elements stewn around. It was infact a novel that had been pictuised and the director had stuck to the original as much as possible. The best part of the serial to me was the production value. Majority of the portions were outdoors!!! And the sound effects were haunting to say the least. To be honest, i never had very high opinion of tamil serials before and always used to wonder, why can't they make it "look" interesting like the English ones. This series answered that. Oru rendu moonu episodelaye semmaya impressed. Planning to watch the full series :)

Another gem that i stumbled onto was Ramany Vs Ramany-II, by the same director for the same production house and surprisingly for the same channel. Right from the time, where they scroll names of the actors and technicians at the begininning, the series is a fun riot. A middleclass family consisting of a marketing rep hubby, housewife and their school going kid plus their tenant cum family friend living on the outhouse ( do they even have such things now!!) in a really big house in erstwhile Adyar forms the crux of the setup. I am a big fan of Devadarshini :) and after watching few episodes of this series, i've begun to like her even more. Her goofiness, the natural ease with which she brings credibility to the housewife character is amazing. I was surprised to note that, the director, Naga, who is well known for his mystery series, had captained this one too!! Unlike the previous one, the entire series revolves within a single set. The day to day happenings on any normal urban middle class home has been told with tongue-in-cheek humour. Really enjoyed the first few episodes and it is becoming addictive.

When i was talking to my friends about these series, they reminisced about those days when it was getting aired and as usual, i agian got lost. I can watch the series anytime now. But i will never have those memories to enjoy or take part. Its like the feeling of watching a blockbuster movie for the first time after the entire city had seen it like a million times( Yes. Enthiran happened to me like that). The surprise element is done to death even before the name reel goes up and worst part being missing out on those occassions. Kadupething case of cup half full-half empty.


RS said…
Marma desama!!! Bathrama irundhukonga Gils, ungala yethavathu senjida poraanga :D

Some of KB production serials were good. Rail Sneham nu oru serial DD la munna poduvaan gyabaham irukutha? Happened to watch it in 2008, and was smitten by the song: 'Intha veenaiku theriyaathu...'--A very good combo of the lyrics, the music, the raagam, the playback singers--on some days, I play it on loop and listen continuously!

Sari, unga american diaries full-a ooru sutral, kaanama porathu, serial paakrathu, veneeer vekrathunu pohuthey, anga poi vela vela nu onna paakrathey illaya pinna? :O Ha ha ha
RS said…
Came back to say, I listened to the song again, thanks to you for reminding. The lyrics of the male version (sung by KJY) is mindblowing.
gils said…
gils said…
bye the bye..rail sneham title song..intha bloglaye etho postla iruku fav too :)
Ramesh said…
What was the first most successful series ever ??

Waiting for a future post - Orlando vil Gils.
Aarti said…
Used to enjoy Ramani Vs Ramani, esp one episode where he dares her that he will eat all the diff kinds of dosa she can make....also remember Rail sneham.. there was one more with Revathy no? what was that called? :)

Btw, started watching White Collar, its quite nice, looking for Season1.. also need to download pending House S8 episodes n watch em... sigh...
Asha said…
Naanum pathirken...ramani vs ramani the first series with vasuki(not the devadarshini one) was more comical. Check out kasalavu nesam and veetukku veedu looty series too in you free time. you may like it.

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