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Trickling thoughts - In a NewYork Minute

Yyyyaayyy...NYC paathuten :)

hehehee...The feeling still is sinking in slowly. I want to cover every single city i dreamt of visiting in this country. But i always pinch myself and check the photos for me in them, to really believe that i had actually been to the 'N' the 'Y' the 'C' :))

It was always a dream to visit NewYork. All those novels and movies and sitcoms have created such a fond visual memory of the city that visiting it was a life time ambition. But working in foreign land was never on the same list. Somehow i failed to work out the logic that they are not mutually exclusive. Anyways. Before the dream is over and i wake up to real world, i want to visit as many places as i can here :)

Coming to the trip. I had already posted about the amazing time i had at my friends place, that was my base camp for the trip. The best part i loved about NYC was that, every single place that i had visualised in my memories, i could see them in reality and i was not disappointed at all :) Whenever my friends visited the city, i always used to ask them about Times Square, Liberty statue and other tourist places. Their descriptions filled my mind with thoughts about the place and when i finally visited them in person, well...i guess, its still a dream. Soon i would wake up searching for this post. I had written a post few years back about the three loves of my life, which were basically the 3 cities where i had been in India. NYC could well be the 4th love :) Always believed that there is no place in earth, apart from Chennai, where i would be comfortable. Banglore proved a tough challenge to that thought and had i been there for a while more, Mumbai would've come closer. But in just 3 days, NYC took the second spot. I roamed around, block after block, avenue after avenue on foot and i was never tired. Everyday i walked around for like 6 7 hours and had food like.. only 2 times in those 3 days!! I never felt hungry or tired. Maybe when the heart is filled with happiness, hunger takes care of itself i guess!! I want to visit that place again few more times before i wind up from here.  Wish it happens soon :)

The  momentous part of the trip was the Limousine drive :) We were waiting for the circle line cruise and while few of them went to enquire about ticket and timings i was standing near the entrance, watching the array of cars. My eyes got glued to a black limousine and started dreaming about when i would ever sit inside that car. I went near it and even took a snap of that vehicle when it moved away from there. Soon the guys came back and said the tickets were full for the day and they had booked for the next day. We had to travel back to where we came, like 4 miles away, that which we had walked all the way, to visit the wax museum, the nearest attraction on the list. Suddenly it started raining. We tried to hail cab and no one was stopping. Not knowing what to do, suddenly the Limousine guy came back and told us that he could drop us at the wax museum for 5$ per head!!! It was all that we wanted to hear and we jumped inside that car with glee. Each of us where like kids inside candy house and were chattering and blabbering all the way to the museum unable to control our joy or disbelief that we were actually travelling on a Limousine!! I was meddling with all the controls on the car and i am 100% sure the driver would've been cursing himself for letting us in :) In the end we were scared to ask him to take a pic of us with the car having irritated him so much:) But..athunaala enna :) Not everyday we get to travel in Limousine :) To me and i am sure to many of them who came along, that would be a very surprising yet memorable moment of their life :)

The best part about the trip was, i felt so comfortable and at home and ease with the place. It was as if i knew the place by heart and could go anywhere without getting lost :) Maybe since there was no dependency or need for a car, it could've been the reason. But even then, the city, somehow had this, inviting vibe about it. It was love at first site and the only thought that i should not cheat on my first love, that is chennai, kept me awake :) The place was costly to say the least with every single brick there having a famous story behind it. But the best part was, it never felt alien or being in a foreign land, surprisingly for a city with such a cosmopolitan cum global populace. Maybe moonu naal mattum paatha mugam romba shaanthamaa terinjirukalam. And had i got my job there or have to spend more time there, i might have a total different opinion. Therila. But as of now, with what i've seen, i love it, enjoyed it and want to go for it again :) This time, a more leisurely trip, to savor the places that were missed in first attempt and to soak in the feeling of familiarity again.


Ramesh said…
New Yorkil Valiban ; forthcoming Diwali release, starring Asin as Priya and Gilsu as Gils

Hit song (why this kodumai, kodumai, kodumai di)in limousine (guest appearance, Rajnikanth as Limo driver)

Me watching first show ....
Asha said…
Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Naanay NYC partha madiri oru feeling unga posta padicchitu.
Can understand your joy. verum description potta eppidi. Kodavay oru clipping of broadwayvo alladu times squareo podungo.
G3 said…
//It was love at first site and the only thought that i should not cheat on my first love, that is chennai, kept me awake :)//

Unga nermai enakku romba pudichirukku :D
Avada Kedavra said…
NY is very different from all the other cities in US. It is nice to roam around the various streets. Visit it during Christmas.. it's simply awesome with all the lights..

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