Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trickling Thoughts - Gaana Galattathara Gils

There is a Facebook page dedicated to moments where one end up with the classic-foot-in-mouth situations. Namakku thaan intha mathiri situations regularaachay. Apdi thaan paarunga....Tortoise coilings...

One fine day..i had this sudden fetish to hear Ilayaraja song. Took out my phone, which is my poakkuvarathu pulliyangoattai for listening to music and started playing songs. Unlike India, where i never used ear phones, inga thappi thavari ring tone sound keatta kooda bomb squad rangeku ella sidelenthu makkal will come. So i was double jaakrathai before playing the song and checked to see if any sound is coming out. I the usuala max volumela vachu thaan paatu kekara vazhakkam you see :)

"Sangeetha Jaathi mullai..kaana villai..."

Pakkathu cubicle colleague was smiling at me. Oru vela "Kaathal Kondein" Dhanush rangeku mandai aatratha paathutaangalo sollitu i sat still for some time. This time it was the one to the right. I removed my ear phones to hear him singing

"Gilsoda daily thollai..thaangavillai"



"Enna thollai?"

"Enna enna thollai?"

"Shabbba..kanna kattuthay"

"Enna kanna kattuthay?"

( That guy was like that proverbial prince from the Grimms fairy tale, where he can talk only one word per day. Avlo talkative personality, he was!! Ippo ennadaanna..hmmm...sagavaasa dosham sari illai )

Coming back to the tortoise coil....

"aha oooo butterfly...butterrrflyyy..."

The lady who crossed by our cubicle was giving a weird look at me and left the place hurriedly. Seeing that lady, my colleague started laughing.

"Dei..ennada nadakuthu??"

"machi....innilenthu unaku Sangeetha kalaaa poosani nu thaan award kudukanum"

"Poosani nee ok...intha Sangeetha Kala?? yaarda ivangallam? and bye the bye..why the pattam?"

"Pinna..ennamaa paadra...un gaana gantharava kural kaettu..antha isai vellathula thobukateernu guthikka vantha aunty odina oattatha paathalla"

Apruma thaan realised. Paatu satham velila kekka koodathu sollitu avlo carefulla ear phonelaam vachikittu..i had been humming all along!!!

Enna koduma saar ithu  :(((


Ramesh said...

We hereby demand a recording of Gilsu singing to be posted on this blog.

Sangeetha Kala "poosani" Vaazhga Vaazhga :)

Asha said...

LOL.....Odi vandu ellam pattu kekranglay, very good. nalla makkal.

Like ramesh, innoru neyaroda viruppam seekrama uploadnga unga pattu. May be it could overtake kolaveri.

G3 said...

Thankies for thookifying word verification :)))

I second Ramesh's comment :D Especially the second line :P

Venkat said...

Mr. Poosani, neenga nalla paattu patipeeeengggalaaaa? (you know the meaning for patippu yeah)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have done the same thing, but in a very embarrassing way .. hummed "enna seya pogirai" over and over again and wondered why everyone had a crazy look.

- Shruthi