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Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) - 6

Story so far
"Have you ever fell in Love? Yaar kittayachum express pannirukkia?" asked Priya
Ram stood silent for a second.
"Ennada Ivlo Opena irukaalaynu paakaria? illa..nalla vela ivala naama kalyanam pannikalanu santhoshapadria?" asked Priya with a smile.
"If i say "for both" will you feel bad?" replied Ram with a smirk.
"Adi pinniduven. I know i am bit of a hmm..different and forthright. Athukaga atha mathavana kurai solla vida maaten. Seri..matteruku vaa..kaetta kelvikku badil sollu"
"All depends on why you want to know?"
"So that it will ease my conscious. You asked me why our marriage proposal got dropped right? My parents were adament on finalising it. Porakuraiku unga veetlenthum okay vera sollirunthaangala..and unkitta apdi enna note panni tholaichaanga therila..they were very impressed with you too. But..Naan thaan..Naan thaan venaam sonnen"
Ram stood in silence.
"Ennada..venaamnu sonnava ippo ivlo friendlya vanthu avalay pesaraalaynu paakaria. I thought you deserved to know the reason and dont know why...for some reason..felt i would feel better if i told you this."
" yaaraiyachum love pannennu would feel your decision was justified? enna loosuthanama iruku ithu"
"Sorry Ram. I know i sound..and i AM.. selfish. But vera vazhi therila enakku. I was in love with someone. Atleast i thought so at that time..stupid story..want to kick myself..uhhhh "
"oh..." There was an awkward silence.
"Just oh..!! enna aaluppa nee. Either blow off in anger or show some curiosity. Ipdi rendumillaama enna oru reaction ithu. Romba decent person mathiri scene podra"
"Adipaavi..scene podrena!! Honestly i've no idea what to tell. Its not everyday a girl comes and discloses her personal life..more so her love life..even more rare when that girl happens to be the one who ditched you"
"hahahaa..somehow expected you to react like this. So en profiling of you is bit more accurate then"
"Hey..un kathaikku vaa..enna sight adikaratha vidu"
"haiioodaaa..nenappu thaan"
"Ahem...hope i am not disturbing you two" said Anil..butting into the conversation at exactly the wrong moment. Priya stood for a moment, smiled at Anil and excused herself.
"Nandhi....Karadi.... and Nee. Enna relationnu kandupudichukka"
"Sorry machaan..naanum evlovo try panni paathen. Angenthu saria ottu kekka maatenguthu. Ithuku mela closea vantha epdiyum terinjidum sollitu thaan nerlaye vanten. Party mudinji plate clean panni kooda vachitanga. Neenga rendum perum kadalai poatu mudicha paada therilaye. Apdi enna thaanda pesitruntheenga?"
Ram smilingly threw a punch at Anil's tummy and walked away.
"Adapaavi..sirikaraanay!!! Appo confirmedu..dai..machaan..wait panraa. Enna nadakkuthu inga"

Ram does his cardio with his usual systematic routine. Anil, bored with showing off his latest pair of NIKE to any gal who passed by, was posing in front of mirror.
"Machaan..6 packsla..lighta oray oru pack mattum form aagirukula"
"Dei athuku peru thaanda thoppai..ladieslaam arasa maratha suthitu adi vayitha thottu paathukara mathiri..anju nimisham tread milla ninnutu absa thottu paathukariye..itheelaam unakay overa therila"
"Dei..Arnold schwarzenegger aagareno ilayo..atleast oru Anil Sivajinagara aachum aagi kaatren. Ithu intha family pack mela promise" nu thoppai mela kai vachu sathiyam seithaan Anil.
"Unna mathiri naalu peru iruntha oorla irukara gymelaam oothi mooda vendi thaan"
"Kanna..en kathai irukatum. Un matteruku vaa. Whats going on"
"Enna whats going on?"
"Dei..Whats going on between you and Priya"
"Enna you and Priya"
"Machi..dumbellala adichay konnuruven..intha mokkai romba pazhasu"
" tension. I've told you before right..antha ponnu enaku erkanavay theriyumnu..ponnu paaka poirunthen..aana allaince cancellednulaam sonnenla..atha pathi thaan pesitrunthom"
"ooooh...adipaavi..first venaam sollitu ipo okvaama"
"Ila machi..she was in love with someone then it seems.."
"huh..appo yeraatha busukkaadaa athana nerama ticket vaangitruntha? aana two look a perfect coupleda..the way you were enjoying each others company was talk of the party. Literalla naanga iruntha nenappay illaama apdi pesitruntheenga rendu perum. Honesta sollu..unakku avala pudikala?"
"Doesnt matterda"
"Ipdiye IDHAYAM Murali mathiriye thiringada elaarum. Ungalukellaam aapu thaan" endru pesikitay parking lot vanthargal iruvarum.
"Yaaruku Aappu? Enna matter?" It was Priya who was standing near her car.
"Huh..athuava..Hindila Aap na 'ungal'uku nu arthamnu sollitrunthen..bye Priya..bye Ram" ena escape aanaan Anil.
"Hey..neeyum gym variya.."
"En ponnungallaam gym varakoodaatha?"
"shabbaa...weekend enna plan?"
"Vetti thaan..nee?"
"Konjam office work iruku..atha veetlenthu panalaamnu iruken"
"Officelaye vetti thaan..atha veetlayum carry pannrathuku ivlo bitta"
"Hahahaa...catch you later..bye Priya"
She stood smiling watching him leave.

~Thodarum :)


Anonymous said…
After a long time!!
keep writing pls.

Ramesh said…
Plizzzzz to continue JOKK. How many "episodes" are there ??
RS said…
Ipdilaam dialogues ezhuthanumnu yaaru solli tharranga Gils ungaluku? So casually written. Will be waiting for next part....

PS: Appa intha priya thaan antha umava?
Asha said…
Beautiful free flow story...sans any fuss...

indha kadhai kollywood rom-com movie aga porada.... illati....'kolaveri' rangekku first tanglish storya publish agaporada?

I am waiting to watch/ read...after this excellent teaser post...

jaldi jaldi....i'm impatient.

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