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Up and running

2012 has started in a spectacular way. Hardly 5 days old and has already set the course of my life on the path  to changedom country. It all started with the Yelagiri team outing. I was initially dead against making that trip, as always for any trip, for i felt, just like the literal meaning of the word, holiday trips, trip me out of my comfort zone aka laziness. It was my friend who spoke me into getting on board and at the end of the 2 day outing i did had more fun moments to cherish than the uncomfortable ones.

One word about my friend - Leader. That one word sums him up just about perfect. There are those who become leader by nature and those who nurture it. Some are mass favorites while some stick to classy people. This man has this fine knack to balance between the both. He is the darling of his team and also of his seniors. His friends adore him. Every kid in every family who interact with him, see their role model in him. He has an energy of a 5 year old and brain of a statesmen. Never says the wrong word, almost always and always says the right word to the right person at the right time. He puts as much hours at office and compensates with equal fervor at home too. He is ferociously protective of his life work balance and is almost manic with his home party schedules.

This person has impressed the hell out of me in the last few weeks, despite having been associated with him for almost an year now. The more i got to know him personally, the more i realised, how many incidents of our lives we had in common and how diametrically opposite our reaction were towards them. We have almost similar tastes in movies and music and have similar hobbies and the more i get to know about his early days the more amazing were the coinciding situations on both our lives. But the one staring aspect was our approach. While mine was laid back with my lazy and let-it-take-its-own-course attitude this man had taken everything head on and had ensured he won each and every single one of them. Guess loosing was never part of his vocabulary. Be it sports or any official work, he would do his damnest to make it work in his favour. These alone do not make him the star he is, for his sterling quality being, how he makes everyone around him comfortable. He has this uncanny knack of gauging peoples thought and is always mentally alert. How much ever bad news it is, when he says it people are often convinced that it was not his fault and he did his best to prevent it for them. It may or might not be the real case, but somehow he always comes out smelling roses even from the dirtiest of situations. Some call him lucky, some call brand him big time political player. My gut feeling is, he is bit of both. A gambler who not just knows his cards well but is good at guessing his opponents too. His risks almost always pays off and those which bomb are never known to others. His personal life is almost an open book and everyone in the team knows his life in minutest of detail and yet no one can judge what he would do next. He always carries this iceberg like persona, the bulk of which is hidden from view.

The reason for such a big puraanam about him is that, its not always you get to see the sceneries on  road not traveled in your life. I happen to have that lucky view in getting to understand his life. Today happens to be his birthday. Here is tonnes of wishes for lot more success and happiness in his life. May his zest for life never be quenched.


G3 said…
:) Boss.. En saarbaavum unga bosskku oru vaazhthu sollitu avar saarba enakku oru treat sponsor please :P
Ramesh said…
Aaha. Nice birthday tribute. He must be truly touched.

Nevethless I must say that each approach has its own merits. You may categorise your approach as "lazy" and "let it take its own course", but you've done very well in your way. Bravo Gilsu.
Asha said…
Life's beautiful with such people around for they infect us too with their enthu and positivity.

Two thumbs up to friends like "leader" and gils!!!

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