Tuesday, May 24, 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - IV

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Venue: Central Perk Coffee Shop.

"...and then the doctor slapped my little bottom and handed me to her. Thats how.. I met my.. Mother. Story over children. Now scoot" says Chandler. He notices Phoebe talking animatedly with a tall guy outside the door.
"Whozz that weirdo?" asks Chandler as Phoebe enters the coffeehouse.
"That weirdo is your best friend's new boy friend" says Pheobe with a dreamy look on her face.
"I knew it. Always had my doubt about Ross"
"What happened to Ross" asks Ross as he enters.
"Well..Phoebe just let out on your secret..that you are gay"
"WHAAAAT????" exclaims Ross and Phoebe in unison.
"Well...you just said that weirdo is my best friend's boy friend"
"You idiot..i meant he was my boy friend"
"I dont understand you and you dont understand me. What else we have in common" wonders Chandler.
"You called me your best friend" asks Ross to Chandler with a beaming face.
"Also suspects you as gay" adds Phoebe and noticing the stare on Chandler's face decides to change the subject.
"His name is Hugh"
"Huge mistake"comments Chandler
"Why? do you think dating him is a mistake?"
"No i meant his name which is a spelling mistake for the word huge. Ofcourse i meant the relationship"
"Mock all you want..You think you are a TOWERing personality arent you? just to remind you that Hugh owns a plane and is a big fan of Bin laden. If i were you i wouldnt venture out in Septemeber" says Phoebe
"Hey..that was a sensitive topic to make fun of" objects Monica.
"OKAY MOM.."says Phoebe and says a silent prayer for the killed souls.
"Wow..all these days when she was talking about Hugh i thought of it as a verb and never as a noun" says Joey.
"Oh..that explains why you were hugging me so many times" smiles Phoebe.
"Damn Homonyms" curses Chandler
Joey begins to laugh. "Oh god..for the last time Joey..Homonym is English Grammar" says Chandler trying to correct him.
"Maybe..but thats not the definition on my book" says Joey (still laughing)
"And while we are at the teaching Joey part..Wyoming is not a place in mainland China. Its in America only and i can prove it from the map" says Ross.
"Aaahh...you almsot had me. I can even buy that Homo bit..not this one"says Joey.
"What does one need to do to be taken seriously here?" exclaims Ross.
"Thats a very poor IQ Joey" complains Ross.
"Ross..its P Q..thought you were a scientist to make mistakes on alphabets.." says Joey with a smirk.
"Cmon..its an improvement..he atleast learnt his ABCD right" says Chandler.
"Hey i am a doctor" protests Ross.
"Oh yeah..doctor 'of' dinosaurs..or is it 'on'?? digging for non existing animals doesnt make you a doc Ross" warns Monica.
"Yeah..if someone takes 'medicine' from you it would be more of 'sin' and less of the 'medication' part" quips Chandler.
"Dont worry about him Ross. Guess as a kid he took a mental bet and lost his mind" consoles Phobe.
Rachel rushes into the apartment "Mayday Mayday...wheres the phone..wheres the phone"
"We are in mid september.. this lady calls it May and you people call ME dumb..wow. Whatever happened to maleism" says Joey.
Rachel stares at him in astonishment, shakes her head and dials the phone and finds that phone is out of order.
"Mon..why is the phone out of order"
"The phone guy called her and said she had an outstanding balance. Apparently she took it as a compliment and failed to pay the bill" says Ross.
"I was going to give you a nasty look. But i see that you already have one" retorts Monica. Ross looks hurt.


Venkat said...
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RS said...

//"The phone guy called her and said she had an outstanding balance. Apparently she took it as a compliment and failed to pay the bill" says Ross.//

I literally laughed louuud.....

And, lovvved this bit: "digging for non existing animals doesnt make you a doc Ross"

You rock, Gils!! ORu pakkam Crazy Mohan inspiration, innoru pakkam FRIENDS serial.....Keep them coming!! Repeating this the nth time: You are THE blessed soul among us, for keeping us laughing all the time :D Gilsananda :D

Srivats said...

Chila edathula saria ellai but on the whole romba nalla erundhudu loved the chandlers pun, u write best of chandler i say

Aarti said...

kalakiteenga ponga....

Absolutely LOVED the post

LOVE lOVE love F.R.I.E.N.D.S :D

[tho some puns were missed]

RamMmm said...

Read all your previous ones and then this one. Ha Ha Ha.

Nice one. screen-writer aayidunga. :D

Keep em coming. 'Pun'ter gils. :-D

Alia Dalwai said...


I really liked your blog! Very well done, I must say!
Keep up the good work!

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Avada Kedavra said...

Lol.. too good the collection is.. I love Friends :D

RS said...


gils said...


danku :) FRIENDS is an altime favorite. So once in a while indulge myself with a mini script(!!) :) As much as i enjoy watching them, writing about them gives much more pleasure.

gils said...


unga comment post move panrapo kaanama pooduchu :)

gils said...

:) danku.


:))) dankies


velgum here..and danx for the kind words

gils said...


:) glad u liked it


postiten :)

Gayathri Lakshminarayanan said...

And I am just discovering this blog :( On the other hand - yay new blog to be obsessed about, Wait this post is from 2011? - well, ermm.. Will look out for the other posts :)

gils said...

:) been a while since I posted on FRIENDS. Will revive them soon :)