Alli Raajyam..The Beginnning

Few years back..some women, were fighting for 33% reservation for them in parliament. Cut to Circa 2011. 4 women CMs - Sheila Dixit, Maayav(y)ati,J and Mamta - all 4 put together rule 30% of entire Indian population itself!!! Add to this one rubber stamp president, who could give "Spectrum" Raja a crash course on corruption and a proxy PM (of Italian origin or is she Indian already? different question for a different post) gives a tip of the iceberg view on Indian political scene of the future. Litmus test for Mamta would be on reform front and how she scores in opening up Bengal. The wounded reds wouldnt give up so easily. Bengal is set for interesting times. So is TN. However corrupt and bad he was, MK lost power because of POWER. How fast J cuts on the deficit, matters. That..if she cares a damn about the LokSabha elections coming up next. But off the lot my pick would be Sheila dixit. Though she lords over the smallest of populace compared to the other 3, Delhi being the power center (male bastion in other words) she has not just hung around but has managed to hold on to her own too. Mayavati..a lady who would give any male politician a run for his corruption money. One who has redefined the word "Megalomania". Hope by next LS election Sonia too would be in fray. Atleast more so in open rather than being just obvious in taking decisions. My personal fav would be to see a lady defence minister (esp how she wud handle Pak and Chn) a lady finance minister (on fiscal defecit) and a lady RBI guv. The amazons are well and truly on the rise. God speed ladies.


Ramesh said…
With the possible exception of Sheila Dixit, I am not at all sure whether the other worthies you have mentioned are necessarily an advertisement for the female race !!
chennaigirl said…
I think you got to wait for 5 more years i suppose.(Minimum reqd to get into the system and be a minister-naan enakku sonnen) :P
gils said…
thala...politics pala kaalama male dominiona they ape the bad guys to get to that position..nallatha follow panni munnuku varathu kashtam
gils said…
@cg: lol :D
Asha said…
unga oorla(mylai) kooda alli rajyam dhan polrikay!

appadi oru vazhiya 5 PNI mudichirukken. miccham irukku.
gils said…
:)))))) u reading PNI !!!! avvvvvvvvvv...touche
RamMmm said…
The Times of India headline after the results.

Jaya Ho Mamata, No Karuna Left

Boy!, those copywriters writing the headlines had quite an amount of pun (sic). :-D :-D

The thumping majority should make the ladies all jittery or just more cocky. J mela avvalavaa nambikkai illai. Didi may be better I think.

At the end, it is the bureaucracy behind who can make things happen.
gils said…
uhumm..didi paadu dindaadam thaan...left will screw her policies for sure

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