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An awesome song

Its because of things like this people still cling to their belief in Divinity. The way in which their voices blend together, the clarity of the supporting instruments (i always love the clarinet ever after i listened to kadri Gopalnath in DUET movie..this one vindicates my love for it) to top it all the lyrics of the word to describe it all - AMAZING. I was in a really bad place mentally and was literally down in the dumps when i stumbled on this video. First curiosity was more on the singers than on the song. One of the singer resembled a close friend of mine. When i heard it for the first time..especially the kind of mood i was in..this song came as a blessing in disguise. The lyrics especially was simply awesome and the rendition just blew me away. Lost count of the number of times i heard it in past half hour. The lyrics are so uplifting and soothing feels like flying after the bout of misery :) Now desperately looking for a mp3 download version of this song along with the lyrics. Kedaicha pls sollunga. Enjoy the song. I am sure you wouldnt be disappointed.

Lyrics courtsey - G3 and Sundar...thanks folks :)

நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...நீரஜதல நயனி ... மகாலக்ஷ்மி...நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...மானிட வாழ்க்கையிலே இன்ப துன்பம் ...மானிட வாழ்க்கையிலே இன்ப துன்பம் ...மானிட வாழ்க்கையிலே இன்ப துன்பம் ...மாறி மாறி வருவது... உன் செயலன்றோ ...மானிட வாழ்க்கையிலே இன்ப துன்பம் ...மாறி மாறி வருவது உன் செயலன்றோ ...நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...நீரஜதல நயனி ... மகாலக்ஷ்மி...நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...எல்லா பெருமைகளும் இருந்தாலும் அதுஉன் அடி வணங்காமல் நிலை பெறுமோ..எல்லா பெருமைகளும் இருந்தாலும் அதுஉன் அடி வணங்காமல் நிலை பெறுமோ..உன் அருள் பார்வை இல்லாதவர்க்கு ..உன் அருள் பார்வை இல்லாதவர்க்கு ,உலகிலே வாழ வழி ஏது அம்மா !உன் அருள் பார்வை இல்லாதவர்க்கு ,உலகிலே வாழ வழி ஏது அம்மா !நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ ...நீரஜதல நயனி ... மகாலக்ஷ்மி...நீ நினைந்தால் ஆகாதது உண்டோ .


G3 said…

song kettuttu varen :)
G3 said…
Paatula moththamae 10 line kooda illae.. idhukku lyrics ungalukku thedi kudukkanumaakkum.. Enna koduma sir idhu :((((

//I was in a really bad place mentally and was literally down in the dumps when i stumbled on this video. First curiosity was more on the singers than on the song.//

Endha moodla irundhaalum theliva thaan irukkeenga :P

Irundhaalum pozhachu ponga.. nalla paata pottirukaradhaala mannichu romba ottaama poren :P
RS said…
Soothing voice, lyrics and music. Lovely song, Gils!!

Hi G3, long time! how are you?
Ramesh said…
Nice song indeed. Can't believe Gils can ever be down in the dumps. You are cheeriest person around Gislu - you who make everybody else smile cannot be without it. Back to mokkai thilagam form asap please.
G3 said…
Hi RS,

How r u??? Me doing super good.. Enjoying happy life @ Brussels :))))


May be he was down because he dint have some balikada for mokkai pottufying :P
Asha said…
Wordless to express my feelings!. Pop-carnatic is a genre i love listening to.

I need the link too, just in case you get the link. Pl.Post it here. Thanks for sharing.
RS said…
@G3: Very fine. Enjoy, enjoy!! Do post some pictures....
RamMmm said…
Chorus songs are always soothing to hear and especially when they are at a similar volume level and almost in unison. Good one. MP3 kedaichchudhaa? Or else I can send you (~3.5 MB). Mail me on my email address (engannu kaekkapdaadhu. seriyaa paakanum)
gils said…
:) ketu type panrathu vera thedi edukarathu vera :) might get the whole song..athaan thedinen


doctor athivasi :D epdirukeel
gils said…

thanks thala..elaam vidhi padi thaana nadakum :) if its winter now can spring be far behind :)


:) athaan neengalaam sikirukeengalay
gils said…

lyrics postd :)


mikka nanri hai for the mp3 version :)
Vasistan said…
very nice song..

when we listen this song, it does something in our inner souls...

Thanks for such a song

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