Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Haiooo haiooooo

Lifela bulb vaangalaam..aana bulb vaangarathay lifea iruntha...ithelaam sagajam thaaana. Chronologically from the latest:

Bulb 1

Few days back my sis had came home for dinner and since mom was busy cooking she asked me to serve food. Ok..ok...samaikka thaanga theriyathu..sapdrathukum serve panrathukum oralavuku terium. Atleast thats what my sis also wud've thought while agreeing to allow me to serve i guess. She is very fond of paruppu podi and always complains that we dont make it enough spicy for her taste..for, urs truly, being a sweet guy :), has bit of an aversion to anything over the acceptable spiciness limit. This time mom had promised that the powder wud be to her taste. She told me its in an yellow dabba on the table. (Note this line twice. You have to revisit it in few seconds) I followed it to the letter T. Sis was happy that it was as spicy and infact bit more for her own taste and praised mom that it tasted better than the one she had bought at Ambika Appalam. When mom asked her to take it home with her, she produly claimed that she would go home and prepare it on her own. When me and mom sat for dinner, she saw the dabba on the table and asked where had i kept the paruppu podi dabba after serving sis. I told her its right in front of her. She was shocked. It was Kara podi she had prepared for mixing in Sambar and stuff :D I was laughing so much that i didnt even realise when my sis poured the remaining powder on my plate. In my defense..both the dabbas where in yellow colour. Solratha ozhunga sonna naan en sothappa poren.

Bulb 2

This one a few years back. My mom used to keep Horlicks bottle away from me as true to the ad i would eat them direct and not just that, would always leave the bottle open. Seekrama katti thatti poiduthu sollitu she would always pour the content in some other bottle and hide it from me. One day i was itching to have something sweet and silently went to the kitchen to suttufy something. I was surprised to see the horlicks bottle out in open. Secretly relishing the thought of feasting i flicked the bottle, went and locked inside the study room. In my eagerness (read greedy) to gulp it fast i took a big karandi full of it and stuffed as much as possible. Well. Oru chinna mistake aaidichi. The damned yellow powder was at it again. It was paruppu podi dabba and not horlicks :( She had prepared it afresh and the nedi was sooper strong. It took me one hour to clean the room and make it spot free from the mishap. And till date mom doesnt know the mystery of the missing podi.

Bulb 3

Ithu innum cinna vayasula. Mom used to prepare karuveppillai thogayal at home. The thicker the paste more delicious it would be. Once my cousin had came home and he was always very fond of my mom's cooking. Again..mom was bc that day on something and i was the one who served the food. Slighta spelling mistake aidichi. Instead of serving him the thogayal i served maruthaani( mehandi) which was also lying on the dinner table in a similar looking bowl. Best part was he dint realise it till two three mouthfull and luckily mom saw the bowl from which i served this time and he escaped. Ithula enna kutham solli ennanga use. Same color. Same texture. Same paathram vera. Oru appavi siruvana kurai solrathay intha ulagathoda pozhappa poachu.

Nalla serve panrathu thaan good hospitalitynu solranga. Aana athu hospitalla kondu poi udra mathiri maarita appo enna panrathu?? Haioooo...haioo....


RS said...

//always complains that we dont make it enough spicy for her taste...//

Ithellam over-a therla? inga serve panrathukey intha paaadaaam, ithula 'we dont make'-aaam. onnum solrathuku illa....Ithukellam bend nimithrathuku someone is getting all geared up. Wait, watch and see....anniki irukuthu Gils, ungalukku......eagerly awaiting 'that' day!

Ramesh said...

RS has taken over my usual dig at Gils.

Thathastu !

gils said...


:D :D incase of some asambavitham like that mudha velaya bloga olichi vaikanum


"thathasto" happen :D appo paathukalam :D

Priya said...

Just cudn't stop laughing. It reminds me how I mistook salt thinking sugar and added in coffee to give to my hubby.

gils said...

lol :D antha coffeye kudichaprum thaan unga mela extra bayam vanthirukum pola :d

RS said...

Nice deciphering of 'thathastu' :)....Only you can bring something like this, Gils :D

Asha said...

ippdiyellam ezhuthina unga veetukku naanga yaarum vara mattomnnu nenaikka vendam.

We will still come to your house.(enga dhairyathukku oru bravery awarday kodkalam )

gils said...



ada..kandipaaga u all r most welgum..mylapore pakkam vara poreenganna munnadiye pingidunga :)

Preethe said...

idhu ennavo confession post madhirilla irukku!!
btw neenga vaangina bulb ellam yen fod relateda irukku????

gils said...

:) me a dodal foodee athan :D

RamMmm said...

:-D :-D jooperu, nejammaavae bulbitteenga ;-). unga veetukkku vandhaa konjam jaakiradhaya irukkanum pola, neenga irukkum pohdhu, eruvaamuttaya kuduththaalum kuduththuruveenga, masal vadainnu. ;-) LOL at the maruthaani thogayal. unga sis enna kaaramillaa desaththilayaa irukkaanga? ungalukku anyway oru chance, avanga kaala izhukka, kaara podikkum paruppu podikkum vidhyaasam theriyaadhunnu. (aana enna, nallennaiyai ooththi saapta ellaa podiyum onnu thaan :-)) Visualizing you gulping paruppu podi thinking it was Horlicks. Hilarious!!! Mookulaendhu raththam vandhudho. :-D

UmaS said...

U saved me from a big bulb, if I happen to visit ur home. And I'll make sure that its ur mom who does the serving.....esp its not you.

BTW, I love karuveppilai thogaiyal, paruppu podi....its yumm... :)

gils said...


ava kita vambu vachuka mudiathu..samayatula poatu saathiruvaa :)



Aarti said...

hahah.. sutham, samaikka thaan theriyathunna, ithu veraiya... !! :P