Saturday, April 09, 2011

Meet the parents - 1

"Hey Gils..can u take care of this task for me. Got a personal work..So i am taking off for the day"
"what happened boss..why are u looking so tensed?"
"Got a call from my son's school. His principal wants to meet me"
" why are YOU tensed. Should be your kid who should be doing ur role"
"You dunno their school..they are very strict. And my kid..i am sure he wud've flunked every exam. I doubt whether he wud've written anything in the exam"
"It comes with the genes sire. Like Father Like Son ilaya"
"vilayadatha gils..i am really worried"

After lot of Pep talk and mokkai puttings..the anxious dad went to school. I asked another colleague which school that kid was studying. The reply was "ABC Primary School". First i thought i heard it wrong and then asked which class was the kid to confirm it. He replied LKG. I was like !!!@#@#@$#$%#%$. All this fuss for an LKG kid. Was about to call the guy when my phone rang. All i could hear was "Wooohoooo" followed by wild cacophony of noises. Even when India won the World cup i hadnt heard such a whoop of joy. All i could hear amidst those noise was "Mera beta pass ho gaya"

Parents these days!!!!!


Ramesh said...

Just wait for a little while more and then lets see what gils says !!!!

Aarti said...

hahaha.. yes, these days parents of kids who are in LKg n UKG are most stressed out and schools paduthara paadu irukke, aiya saamy, aala vidunga!! :)

Asha said...


RamMmm said...

idhellaam oru kaalaththula futurela umakkum varum. appo michcha bloggers ellaam sirippaa sirippaanga. :-) :-)

gils said...

:) scopey ila..if its my kid..fone vantha udanaye officeku leave poatutu oora vitu odiruven..god knows what he/she wud've told!! nenachalay bageerngutuh :)



unga ootla epdinga :)

gils said...


enga ungalukintha murder veri :)