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Who am i

It was just another End-of-the-project party. It did begin as one and would've ended on the same vein too. "If any event happens incident free then something is seriously wrong" apdingara Eddie Murphy law voda prime example being Gils..such things are bound to happen.

Being a total teayer (teetotaler in other words) my favourite haunt in any party would be either near the 'dessert'ed corner or the ice cream zone. This one was no exception. I was debating whether to have the gulab jamuns with icecream or without when i heard a voice sweeter than the Jamuns and chiller than the icecream.

"Excuseme..can i have a scoop of vanilla please"


"oh..hmmm..enaku oru scoop ice cream please"

Manasukkul "adipaavi..english teriathunu nenachirupaalo"

"oh sure..which flavour you currant"

"huh..inga vanilla flavour mattum thaana iruku?"

"oh...heehee..yeah..hmmm...athaan solla vanthen...antha flavourlaam ketratheenga..inga illainu..."

From the way she rolled her eyes it was evident that she obviously was not a fan for mokkais.

"Are you from this project..never have seen you before" she asked.

Gils mind voiceil - "Athaana..nammalalaam oru thadava paatha marakka mudiyuma. Marakkara mathiria mokka poduvom...oohhh..oru vela inga hotella vela paakravannu nenachirupaaalo..ithuku thaan mani kanakka oray edathula ninnutrukka koodathunu solrathu"

"helloo...enna dream worldla poiteengala..entha projectnu keaten"

"Intha account thaanga...neenga entha project..ungalayum ithuku minna naan paathathay illaye"

"I was at onsite for past 3 years. Got home sick. So intha project closurea saaka vachitu odi vanten. Was missing my parents and friends so much. ooopps...sorry..naan paatuka pesitruken. Didnt even ask ur name"

Was about to say "paravalla...continue" before better(grrrr) sense prevailed and said.."I the gils..recently joined this project"

" me about yourself"

And that was the question which made the world stand still.

Tell about yourselfna ennanu solrathu? I am X years old. 18th std varaikum padichiruken. Athula 12th varaikum pass panniruken. Ipdi resumela vara mathiri oppikaratha? Illa..naan ivlo kilo weight..ivlo cm heightnu Policeku aal edukara mathiri solaratha. Illaati..naan intha technologyla pisthu..ithula gosthunu katha udratha. Poi sonnalum poruntha sollanumnu solvaangalay. Seri..Unamaya sollalaamnu..Blogla mokka podrathu..Facebook arattai..twitter tweets..itha pathilaam solli naamalay maatikaratha. Illati philosophicala ramana maharishi mathiri.. Naan yaarunu teriama thaana vidai thedi ithana naala alaiyarennu try panni paakalama? Erkanavay icecream vikkaravannu yosichitruka..aprum confirmay paniduvaa. Naan yaarna ennanu solrathu? North Indian dishu Panneer butter masalavoda nallarukum solratha..ipdi toughaana kostin ketta ennanu solrathu. Naalu choice kekalam. Apdiye 50-50 option vaangikalam. Audience poll and phone a friend lifeline keta nammala totala damage paniduvaanga. Atha mattum kekkapdaathu"

Ipdilaam decide panni oru mudivukku vanthu was about to reply to her. Paatha aala kaanum. Next day my team mate came and gave me the usual "ithelaam-engenthu-pudichitu-varanga"look.

"dei..nethu antha onsite ponnu kitta ena sonna?"

"Aiayaio..naan onnumay sollalaiye"

"Athukkay antha ponnu ivlo terror aaidcha. Intha pakkamay vara maatennu thirumba onsite poiduchaamay..apdi ennada mokka poatta"

Pesinalum prachanai aagauthu...pesalainalum prachanai aaguthu....Avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.....


G3 said…

Neenga pesaadhadhukkae andha pulla oora vittu odiruchae.. neenga pesi irundha.. ulagaththa vittae odi irukkumo :P
Ramesh said…
Ha Ha Ha. Classic Gilsu post. Still ROFLing.

Thalaivare - koncham NRI pakkam pogatheenga. All the local starry eyed beauties will be totally shattered.
Asha said…

Give me her number I will tell her who you are?

Mega mokkai maharaja, who can keep all his readers LOLing!!
Aarti said…
hahaha... enna kodumai saar...! :D
RS said…
onsite porathu kodumai kodumainu inga vandhu antha ponnoda nelama ipdi airuchey????????????Ithukellam oru thani therama venum saaaar.....

PS:Neenga yaarunu namma thala avaroda recent postla oru intro kuduthirukraar paarunga. Might be of help.....
RamMmm said…
ROTFL, In splits. :-) Enna maadhiri dress pohtturundheenga? ungala oru cool-guynnu illaama, ice-boynnu nenachchuttaangalae? :-( eppdi irundha gilsai, ippdi aakkiputtaangalae!
gils said…

nenachen..intha postukelaam karecta aajaar aaiduveengalay :)


neeenga vera...inga fotovukkay vazhia kaanum :D
gils said…

aahaa..number iruntha naanay sollirukaa maatena :D


gils said…

:) naanum evlovo yosichi paakren..enna intro pannika uniquea onnumay thona maatenguthu...ethuvumay unique ilaatha oru personalitynaalum athuvum uniqua illa :D
gils said…

ithu oru nalla kelvi..enna dress...hmm...usual sonpapdikaaran dress i realise the reason for kanfusion :D

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