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Vetri ettu thikkum ena kottu murasay

Exhilarating..Joy..Pride..Passion..Victory..ATLAST..Tears..Grit..Sadness..TENSION..Talent..Luck..Decisive..Gamble..Hiccough..Scare..Fairytale..Ultimate..GOD..Craziness..Wild..Celebration..and last but not the least..POONAM PANDEY :))

Anga anga maaney thene ponmaanay potukiteenganna..Indian Worldcup victorya celebrate panra post ready :) In the age of instant recipes and instant noodles..instant postum irukanumla :)

When Dhoni won the test series against Australia in what was Ganguly's last match as a test player, he asked Dada's to set the field for a short while. Ajay Jadeja who was in the commentary team proclaimed Dhoni as the Obama of Indian cricket, for his cleverness and maybe shades of wiliness with which he earned some brownie points. Even Ganguly was taken aback as he had claimed in previous series that Dhoni was against his inclusion in one dayers. Now the same man..whose leadership skills has been nothing short of a MBA syllabus.. has won India its second world cup trophy in a span of 4 years. Destiny. The day he held aloft the T20 WC..that day itself it has been preordained that this guy is set to go places. The fire in his eyes when he came to play at the fall of Kohli..that would've surely sent shivers down the best of bowlers. The superstitious me..never saw the dozens of singles and twos and came out to see only the boundaries and sixers :) My pet peeve is that if i see the match live..India will loose or wickets will fall and if my mom watches any match..irrespective of whatever the score is India will win :D Needless to say, i made her watch almost the whole match yesterday :D And she enjoyed it too :)

This match made me realise one more thing..the role of social networking sites. You wouldnt believe the amount of tweets and status messages in Facebook during and even after the match was over for close to two hours there were so many interesting and witty tweets that it showed the way in which future matches are going to be celebrated. People in places where there we no live feed totally thrived on the social sites. It was an heartening sight to see one mans dream come true and even though the contribution from his blade was minimal his impact on the team and the youngsters who helped in realising his dream..well..what else can be said about it. You struggling hard to win your dream is ..noteworthy at the best. But. When others strive as hard and pray for your dream to be realised..that is something which has to be cherished and celebrated. I wish my dad was there to witness this victory :( He was so passionate about the sport that more than the cricket commentary we would be watching his comments and reactions for even the minutest of glitches on the field.

And then there are the conspiracy theorists..who believe that an Indian victory was imperative, especially as the matches were being played in India and more important for the corporates who have pumped in their billions into the IPL. Imagine the fate of IPL post Indian defeat in the final. Even worse. It would've been a calamity had India lost out to Pakistan in the semis. makes interesting angle and who knows..could even be true. But who cares. India has won. And thats it :)

P.S: My fav Tweet - "Behind every successful man there is a woman. Behind Indian teams victory.. Poonam Pandey" :D


Asha said…
well written post among all those posts about cricket i've read recently!

well analysed about post victory and defeat.

Even I got some interesting messages one of these was
'Anhoni ko honi kar de honi ko anhoni ek jagah jab jama ho tino rajni,ghajni aur dhoni!..!!

social networks are bringing out the creative skills of our makkal.
Ramesh said…
Great Gils angle to a much written about victory. Am I to assume that while your mother was forced to watch , you hid behind the curtains ???

Poonam Pandey yaaru thalaivare ?
RS said…
Sooperb post Gils.

Hi-fi, Gils!! Naan match paartha kooda India will lose :(. SL batting paarthaen (online streaming). Then, as Sehwag went back in the 2nd ball, disconnected and only checked scores....Hm!!ennalaam seiya vendi irukuthu :P
swapnil said…
Well written Post bottom line is we won the world cup
here are some snaps of the victory
rohitha said…
Dhoni is truly the man with the golden touch. I believe he's just lifting coveted trophies since 2007!!! :))
Aarti said…
Dhoni is zimply zoooper..!! 1st time i sw my grandparents hooked to the tv, gramma was tensed, praying and kept saying look at that, 30runs from 30balls and so on...!! :D

No matter who says what, we did it, and i dont think the match was fixed!!

Cricket is a religion in our country, not a sport!!
RamMmm said…
tch tch tch sariyilla gils. :-) closing notela Poonam Pandeyai izhuththu uttutteenga, even if a retweet. :-) vaaya moodunga, avunga thaan ohdi olinjuttaangale.

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