Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review time again :D

What is more difficult? Finding Love? Falling in Love or staying Lovable? "My Blueberry nights" movie deals with this theme.

A bakery shop owner meets a lady customer who seems troubled. She is so agitated to learn from him, that her boyfriend is having an affair with some other lady, that she decides to leave him. She leaves the room key with the bakery guy and asks him to give it to her boyfriend. That time she realises he already has a collection of such keys, left behind by many such customers. She asks her why he hasn't thrown those keys for which he replies that if he throws them away some doors, which might have opened, would be closed forever and he is not the person to take that decision. In that shop, he explains that, chocolate pie gets over very fast and so does other pies. But Blueberry pie, which he prepares just one serving alone, remains untouched. He explains that, the Blueberry pie is the best he has prepared but if no one likes it that's not the pie's fault. She feels refreshed and decides to move on with her life. She keeps in touch with him through letters wherever she goes and meets some interesting characters in the process - A cop, whose unfulfilled love for his wife, leads to his suicide, who realises his love for her after his death - A gambling daughter, whose distrust for her dad is so much that, she refuses to believe the news of her dad's death..even while standing at the hospital entrance. But realises the love of her dad after his death. Life comes a whole circle for the heroine who returns back to the bakery. In between there is an intermittent thread of the baker's story too.

All throughout, we lead life as a reflector - reflecting the good and bad done to us by others..little realising that it applies to others too!!! I wouldnt say this would be a must watch movie. But you wouldnt be disappointed if you decide to :)

Aprummm....hmmm...read another of James Rollins' book.."Sandstorm". Marana mokkai book. Antarticaku adila Neanderthalskum Homosapiesnkumaana in between species of makkal irukaangalam and they speak ENGLISH!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr.....blaadddy bugger. But his "Doomsday Key" has an interesting beginning. There is a list of Popes prepared by someone in ancient times..which talks of 112 Popes. The list is as accurate till Pope Benedict, the 111th one and there are no more after the 112th one. Does that mean the end of world?? Therila..kathai ipo thaan soodu pudichings. Padichitu solren :)

P.S: "Dasvidanaia" and "Blueberry Nights" renduthukum DVD courtsey rt :D


R-ambam said...

good review nu solrathukku ... i dont deserve...
but thanks for the review.. :)
ur tag posted ..

RamMmm said...

Yaarukkaaga padam paaththeenga? Norah Jones? :D :D Looks like an artsy film.

Hmmm. No book reading these days for me. :( So skipping review. :)

Ramesh said...

Refuse to accept your review unless you have seen the movie in Devikala - Enna thalaivare - DVD la poi padam pakkalama ?? First rowla kundikittu whistle adichathan movie review ezhuthalaam :) ??

RS said...

//All throughout, we lead life as a reflector - reflecting the good and bad done to us by others..little realising that it applies to others too!!! //

Whattey thathuvam saarey?? Baas, ungalukulla oru genius olinjitu irukraru baas,

Vidya said...

Nice!!! I will see if I can get a DVD or watch it online, perhaps?

Aaarti said...

kalakitta po!!! Sema movie athu, enjoyed it.. there is another one, very slow- In the mood for love, athu kuduthena?? illaina friend kiterundu vangi tharein... :D