Dasvidaniya - Best goodbye ever

What makes a movie tick?? If anyone has a sureshot answer to this question every movie getting released would be a Superhit isnt it. To me whether a movie goes on to become a hit or not..if you are able to relate to it..that itself is a victory for that creator. Dasvidaniya is one such movie. It got released quite sometime back and sank without a trace for obvious reasons. Happened to watch it today and here is the review :)

This movie maynot be everybody's cup of tea considering that it moves at a slow pace and doesnt have feet tapping melodies or any peppy songs. Nor does it have slap stick comedy scenes which might draw repeat audience. This is one movie best watched in DVD..at your own leisure..just soaking in its pace and relishing just the same. If its Nasseruddin shah with Vaswani 3 decades back..Vinay Pathak and Ranbir Shourie are no less a pair to match wits with them. Add in the ever dependable Rajat Kapoor you've a formidable cast. Throw in a decent script and lo..you got a watchable movie :)

Story is nothing new though. Hero is diagonised with stomach cancer, already in advanced stage. With few months to live..he prepares a list of things to do before he die and sets out on mission to realise his dreams. He prepares a 10 point program to achieve before he breathes his last and manages to do just fine :) Though the loser part is cliched to the "C", the rest of the characterisation is so adorable. Vinay brings to life the hero character and is so believable in that role. The wishlist also plays a central role in the movie. I couldnt help but wonder what would my list be given such a scenario. Honestly there were many similarities :) New car, foreign trip, one final getogether with friends, making momma happy, patching up with siblings :) ..i think these would feature in everyones list too. The scene where the son and mom enjoy their first ride on the new car..the way they both react..its so natural..i was smiling at that scene without even realising it. Really heart warming. The scene where he mimes his love to Neha Dupia..WOW. One of THE MOST adorable scenes ever i've seen. All the other characters in the movie have hardly a ten minute screen presence except for Vinay's character around whom the entire story is woven. Neha, having the least of screenspace amongst all other characters, is simply lovely. One of her more appealing performance. Her gift to Vinay and Vinay' return gift in the end...touche`.

The ending, though not a surprise, is not melodramatic at all. The way he leaves gifts for everyone..wow..thats the icing on the cake. The second half is bit more of a drag than first half and the scenes with tantrics could've been avoided just to reduce the length of the movie. There are some awesome oneliners in the movie. "If life gives you a lime, make lemon juice out of it".

Watch the movie.. you will understand the punch in it :) Some goodbyes..really do linger.


Ramesh said…
Gilsu senti mood la irrukaru pola irukku ....
sandhya sriram said…
Hi Gils

i also truly loved the movie. not sure if i can even make that 10 point list in my life. very difficult.

very beautiful review.
Swaram said…
We hv a movie telecast @ office on the last friday of every month. Saw this one on such day. What a beautiful movie and the characters .. too gud!
R-ambam said…
itha thalaivar shivaji la enna solraarna.... well u know it..

HBO hallmark rangela indhi padam ngreenga... okie thanks!
chennaigirl said…
Ennoda wishlist ellam 10 kulla mudiyaathe!! :(
Nice review. Enna bayangara amma paattu vara vara, something cooking ;)
Aaarti said…
yep, sema movie athu!! inspired by the bucket list.. which is yet another lovely movie.. :))

meethi ellam pathachcha???
lostworld said…
Haven't seen this one but I'd definitely like to watch it soon. Seems like Bucket List. I'd seen that one & liked it. I agree about Vinay Pathak & Ranvir Shourey packing in the much needed punch these days. When I watched Bheja Fry ..I was soo impressed!!:)
RamMmm said…
That was a good review. Will see if I get the DVD sometime.

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