Thursday, September 28, 2006

Absolutely wonderful thought :-)

Got this as a forward mail..absolutely delightful thought...chk it out

A conversation....this was narrated by an IAF pilot to IIT students on special seminar for HUMAN RELATION.
My parents left for our native place on Thursday and we went to the airport to see them off. In fact, my father had never traveled by air before, so I just took this opportunity to make him experience the same. In spite of being asked to book tickets by train, I got them tickets on Jet Airways.
The moment I handed over the tickets to him, he was surprised to see that I had booked them by air. The excitement was very apparent on his face, waiting for the time of travel. Just like a school boy, he was preparing himself on that day and we all went to the airport, right from using the trolley for his luggage, the baggage check-in and asking for window seat and waiting restlessly for the security check-in to happen. He was thoroughly enjoying himself and I, too, was overcome with joy watching him experience all these things.
As they were about to go in for the security check-in, he walked up to me with tears in his eyes and thanked me. He became very emotional and it was not as if I had done something great but the fact that this meant a great deal to him.
When he said thanks, I told him there was no need to thank me. But later, thinking about the entire incident, I looked back at my life. As a child how many dreams our parents have made come true. Without understanding the financial situation, we ask for cricket bats, dresses, toys, outings, etc. Irrespective of their affordability, they have catered to all our needs. Did we ever think about the sacrifices they had to make to accommodate many of our wishes? Did we ever say thanks for all that they have done for us?
Same way, today when it comes to our children, we always think that we should put them in a good school. Regardless of the amount of donation, we will ensure that we will have to give the child the best, theme parks, toys, etc. But we tend to forget that our parents have sacrificed a lot for our sake to see us happy, so it is our responsibility to ensure that their dreams are realized and what they failed to see when they were young, it is our responsibility to ensure that they experience all those and their life is complete.
Many times, when my parents had asked me some questions, I have actually answered back without patience. When my daughter asks me something, I have been very polite in answering. Now I realize how they would have felt at those moments. Let us realize that old age is a second childhood and just as we take care of our children, the same attention and same care need to be given to our parents and elders.
Rather than my dad saying thank you to me, I would want to say sorry for making him wait so long for this small dream. I do realize how much he has sacrificed for my sake and I will do my best to give the best possible attention to all their wishes.

Just because they are old does not mean that they will have to give up everything and keep sacrificing for their grandchildren also. They have wishes, too.
Take care of ur parents.


prithz said...

OMG!!! That was such an eye-opener!!! Loved it tons.. thnx a lot for sharing this article gils!! Drastic chng of mood to ur blog!! super senti post.. but it carries such a great lesson.. good that i got to read it early in life.. i will remember these words... thnx again!! :)

பொற்கொடி said...

good one! ana unmai enana, nama parents sacrifice things for us. they get happier when they see us do the same to our children as responsible parents. ninga solra madri mariyadai tarala nalum, hurt panama irundale peria vishayam these days!!

gils said...

relax...en ivlo excite aagreenga.. u r gud in picking things u want...may ur choices always be right
ipontu ilai..epovumay parents apdi thaan irupanga...its not generosity in our part if we remember tt..its duty...:)

gils said...

n prithz...intha thaba puliyodarai ungaluku thaan

Has to be me said...

Yup read the same last week as a fwd. It is indeed a lovely one. Summava sonanga - Matha Pitha Guru Deivam-nu. :)

gils said...

oru vaasagam sonalum thiruvasagam soneenga ponga..ungaluku puliodarai undu :

prithz said... usual romba hyper moodlah irundheena.. adhudhan..konjam excite aiten.. hehe.. apram..thnx for the puliyodharai..apdiye, konjam vadaam (prefarably, vengaaya vadaam)um attachment ah kodunga!! :P (*nenaichaale naaku ooruthu*)

priya said...

Shank: I read this in MGs blog.

I feel ther shud be a limit for them to sacrifice. No wonder they keep sacrificing even after their children r grown up and having grand children. Give them a break and le tthem enjoy their life too.

Once they have fed their children, they kids need to take off and respect what their parent shave done it.

gils said...


vengaya vadama...mummmmmyy....che..yummmmmmyyy....saaptu vanthapramum pasiya kilpi ututeenga...

hmmm..yeah..birds..animals ....all do tt...westerners to some extent do tt...namma oorla..paasam bandham idellam iruki pudichi katti potrurathu...adhunala thaan enamo inamum namala paathu matha naatavar porama padraanga

Syam said...

enna gils ithu ore alukaachi ah varathu...konja paada paduthi irupom namma parents ah...irundhaalum avanga poorva jenmathula panna punniyam (???!!!) avangakulu namma porandhathu... :_)

gils said...

halo mr.nataamai..wats this...alugaachi..??ungala pullaya pera unga parents..!!evlo thavam pannirupaanganu..engaluku thaan theriyum

prithz said...

mani 4am inga...yeanakku pasikarthu..ippo dhan books ah erakatii vechirken.... nalaiki thiripi 8am wake up aagi, cont pannanum, indha madiri instant puliyodharai n vadaam kodutha good ah irrukum.. plz.. seekaram anupunga.. kola pasi pasikardhu!!! university la torture pandranga..pesama,neengalum, syamna vum inga vandu, puliyodharai factory vechu, super ah earn pannalaam :P yeankkum udhavi ya irrukum... wat say syam cheta??? :P

Kanya said...


romba sariyaa post... fwd'a irundalum matter irukkulla...

ippo intha trend irukku gills... i really appreciate youngsters for that... i have seen my friends.. guyz.. who take most care abt their parents... ethuva irundalum first preference avanga parentsukkuthaan...

sacrifice'nu ethaiyume solla mudiyaathu gils... ithu ellam oru emotional bond.. amma appa kuzhandaigalukku panninathu sacrifice'na apparam kuzhandai avangalukku seirathu kadamaiyaagidum.. kadamainnu sollita apparam kaasu koduthu nurse vechu paathukirathu kooda kadamai thaan .. aana kooda irundhu paathukurathu ???

so yaarum kadavul illa yaarum thyaagi illa... anbai pagirthukanum... athu mattum thaan namma kitta alavillaama irukku...

good luck to everyone..

KK said...

Super post/forward!!! Naan yerkaname nalla paiyana irukrathu naala yenakku intha maathiri forward'lam varathu illai ;)

golmaalgopal said...

really heart warming....nice post...very should remember how much our parents've sacrificed 4 us....

gils said...

4am??!!!achucho...ithena neram padipsa...hmm...moolaiku overa vela kudukareenga...satru vayitrukum ee...nite 4 maniku saapta digest aagathunu enga annatha sonathunala intha thaba anupa mudila..hehe...sgp vantha ungala kandipa puliyodarai vadamoda thaan paapenakum

neenga rommmmmmmmmmmba nallavarnu enga ellarukum this post not for u gud gudy person :D
(commission matter apruma pesikalam..inga venaam..g3 irukaanga)


nootril oru ungalukum puli...hmm..venaam...ossi thenga saadam undu :D

kabhi kushi kabhi gham !! :D :D

G3 said...

//commission matter apruma pesikalam..inga venaam..g3 irukaanga//

Chey.. seriousaana postla thalayida vendaamnu paathalum vida maateenga pola irukkae.. Enna katchi idhu.. oruthara pathi innoruthar oru stmt vidaradhukku kooda lanjama? Arasiyal rommmmba muthi poch.. :P

gils said...

tts not lanjam madam....anbalipu..unga nandu fry enganu yaaro ketaanga...adhuku badil solunga :D

KK said...

Hospital'a patient pakurathukku vangurangale lancham,
Avangala nirutha sollunga naanga niruthurom.
Birth certificate and death certificate koduka vangurangale lancham,
Avangala nirutha sollunga naanga niruthurom.
Vandi otamaiye lancham vaangi license kodukurangale,
Avangala nirutha sollunga naanga niruthurom.
Gils, intha dialogue'ku appuram G3 ketpanganu ninaikireenga??? :)

Harish said...

This is one of my small time goals. As you I too want my parents to come here and visit these places and enjoy their lives. Only trouble is...they worry abt the money. I am busy solving that :-)

Priya said...

Very true..
Only when we come out of home and face the real world, we realise the sacrifices they have done for us. Its definitely the duty of every child to fulfil atleast a few of our parents' dreams.

prithz said...

ROTFL @ kk!!!! Chance illa pa.. neenga ellam yeangayooooooooo irukavendiyadhu.. "light-camera-action" nu solla veandiya ungala, oru software comapny la okkara vechu, unga talent taye gappu nu ammikitaanga!!!

KK said...

Prithz, Ippo kooda solluvenga...paarunga... :)
L.I.G.H.T - Light
C.A.M.E.R.A - Camera
A.C.T.I.O.N - Action

super'a sonnen'a??

prithz said...

@ kk.. hehe.. super super!!! :P

@ gils ... hey, iniki dhan unga prev post padikum boodhu paathen.. ur maalai pozhidhin mayakathile paatu... adhula yeangayo yean peru vera irundhudha... aga... yeannavo laam plannin nadakarthu... yaarume yeannkita adha pathi sollala.. :(

Vidya said...

Great post !!!! Not a day goes by now when I dont think about my parents. It took that 10,000 mile distance between them and me for me to realize this.


Janani said...

Ada.....oru sentimental tamil film partha range ku irundhudu.. Comedy kinga poitu irundheenga. Enna suddena break potu direction mathureenga...

But sonna vishayam padu super.

G3 said...

Gils : //unga nandu fry enganu yaaro ketaanga//

Adhu badhrama en vayithukkula irukkunnu avangalukku inform pannidunga.. :)

KK : Naan ungala nirutha sollavae illayae.. edhukku ippadi moocha pudichikittu ivlo periiiiiiiya vasanam?? :P

Evlo periya dialoguea neenga adichalum naan keppen.. :)

KK said...

//neenga adichalum naan keppen//
Cha adikalam maaten...Vanmurai thappunu Gandhi solli irukaar ;)

Usha said...

hey mudhal muraiya life-la urupadiyana post potruka ;-)

Syam said...

//syamna vum inga vandu, puliyodharai factory vechu, super ah earn pannalaam//

nalla idea...P-factory singapore ku maathalaama illa branch mattum aarambikalaamanu ennoda partners gils,KK,karthik b.s, ellor kittayum board meeting la pesi decide pannuvom :-)

KK said...

Gils yenna pooja hols poren sollitu... Pooja kidaicha odane angaye settle aagiteengala?
Seri Asin hols yepponu ketu sollunga... :)

gils said...

*ahem* in singara chennai..wl b bk this friday to blore...rendu naal leave kuda saanirum pola iruku...(thanadakka thangamani enru pattam sootiyatharku munkootiye nanri :D ) so konjam delayeda replayaren

ambi said...

//Just because they are old does not mean that they will have to give up everything //
superrr. nachunu irukku pa! *ahem*
usha correctta thaan sollirukkaa! :D

Has to be me said...

puliodarai nu sollitu aalay kanum?

gils said...

vanthen vanthen..meendum naanay vanthen :) ella commentyaium padichitu replyaren

oliveoyl said...

yenna thalai.. how are you?

post innum padikkala.. will comment later...

gils said...

G3ku nandu fry kudutha athu lanjama iliaynu mudalla solla solunga..michatach aprum pesikalam :D

Dnt worry...when heart follws.. :D


Sacrifice may be a big term...duty mite belittle cases of love and any emotion for tt matter..quantification is something which is simply not possible...enna solreenga

gils said...

unga kural valam pathi perumaiya thaan soli irunthen..

yeah..i can understand...somehow i feel namma makkal are more attached to parents...up North i find people more hmm...epdi solrathu...i wud say they emote less...i'vent explained myself offence meant.

:) adhutha post inum difft try panlaamnu iruken...paapoam..

gils said...

//Cha adikalam maaten...Vanmurai thappunu Gandhi solli irukaar ;) //

Thala..namma katchi kolgaipadi yarachum ethachum intha mathiri keta kuduthuranumakum...G3 aasapatu kekaranga...kuduthurvoam :D

kuttichathan vaayal bramma rishi :D

kandipa...sgpla prithza vitu market pana soliralam

hehe...*oray vekkam ponga*

ipdi usha commenta copy adichilam podapdathu..

oh..ungaluku puliyodarai kidaikaliya...intermediary problem..chk maadi

rowdyrascal said...

Well said.