Stranger in the mirror

It was my first day as PM in the new office. Though i managed to avoid the Blr traffic by starting early i got stuck in the queue for the elevator. One guy rushed in front of everyone and went inside the lift just in time before it closed, amidst protests from those who were standing. I somehow dint like him from that very moment.
Atlast i managed to get inside and after stoppin on all d floors, the lift screeched into my floor. I put up my best possible smile and ventured out only to find the grinning face of Ramesh (lift guy) with his hand extended.
"Welcome aboard sire.. the name is Kumar...Ramesh kumar". Somehow i dint like that guy.

Soon everyone fanned out and things began to settle in place. I began to gel well with the team. Soon people became very friendly. Secretly i came to know that there was always some talk or other goin on about me. It was an extended honeymoon period.

Monday morning. As usual afer my customary "Hi..hello's" i went to my cabin."Hi look beaaaaautiful in tt pink salwar...apdiye ponds dabba mathiri iruka"

"Too much sir..(i like being addressed as sir..somehow it thrills)...Ramesh mathiriye solreenga...u 2 are so much alike".
She cud've slapped me instead. I felt its a bad beginning for the day. I never realised how bad it was going to be.
I somehow cudnt bring myself to talk to Ramesh. And the fact that he was gud in everything he did, dint help at all. I had a secret rivalry in my heart with him and always tried to compete. And he always used to irritate me by being so nice when i am around.
I felt very hungry and wanted to go for an early lunch. And to my surprise i cud harldy find anyone on the floor to give me company. I saw Hema sitting, hurriedly typing something. "Hey..u coming with me for lunch...we will go to pizza hut.."
"Sorry work.."
"Dont put scene..I ASSIGN work to u..i know.." (somehow the tone came out harsher than i expected...may be hunger)
" got a meeting to attend", she said solemnly.
"What meeting? i dint call for any?.."...Suddenly it struck me..."Who organised it?"
"Ramesh..of course"
Thats it. I blew my head off. She was literally in tears when i stomped off. I sat alone. Couldnt eat anything. That wasnt like me. I shouldn'tve shouted at her. I promised to make it up to her and made a note as to escalate Ramesh to top management. Rest of the day passed in silent stares from the folks. News does travel fast.
Next day morning. Bright n sunny. Cool climate. Chirpy birds. I was in a happy mood. Many of my friends had called yesterday night and after a long time had lengthy chats with them and exchanged gossips about our common friends. Lift came on time. It was empty..wohoo. Hema gave me her best smile. I was sweetly surprised and made a mental note as to buy a gift for her. The events of the previous day were forgotten. Ramesh was also not to be seen. That made me even happier. I booted my system and checked my activities for tht day. Suddenly my eyes fell over the name Kumar, Ramesh. Wondering wat cud b d reason i opened it. It was a request for one-one. I felt jubiliated. Like a warrior preparing for battling his arch enemy i sharpened all my points of criticism n made sure tt there were few minor customary plus points thrown here n there on his feedback(just to make sure tht it sounded normal) and sauntered to the meeting room. It was at the farthest most corner of our floor. I cursed him for making me walk so long and started early so that i can be in before him and can have one more point to book against him. I opened the door to find a three layered vanilla cream cake (my fav) and a big banner
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U, DEAR SAN" with Ramesh and the rest of the team grinning from ear to ear and giggling.."Oh..he is here"..Slowly it reached a crescendo and everyone sang n cheered. It was Ramesh who spoke first.. "We dint expect you so early, sire".I saw my reflection on his glasses. Somehow i dint like the guy i saw.


Syam said…
enna oru kadhai enna oru narration...kalakiteenga gils... :-)

as ususal naan thaan firstu :-)
KK said…
present saar!!!
(romba perusa irukku appuram vanthu padikuren ippothikku attendence)
pria said…
Your emotions and reactions are reflected when they are dead and gone.Not many ppl' accept that way and blame themselves.
When someone works under you, they need not go by it whenever you tap.
G3 said…
Aaha.. Appo ungala kavukkanumna oru vanilla cream cake podhuma? point noted..

Jokes apart.. Kadha super.. Unmailiyae nadandhuda illa udansa?
gils said…
nanri..nanri...ugalukaaga...MTR puliodari mix onnu en repyoda attachementa varuthu
attendance kuduthutu class varama iruka ithenna collega..konjam overa therila...
//Your emotions and reactions are reflected when they are dead and gone//
reason is v c them with a specs called ego which is not so gud for viewing. once the specs go off visibility increases..reflection might look original...
(aiyo...ennapa aachu....ennmolaam solra....ennamo poda madhava)
dis is story...but guess its quite so normal tt similar stuff wud b there in each ones life..enna solreenga
gils said…
:)syamanna n kk kuda irukara BAYATHILA...g3 evlo saadu ponnatam post udraanga...(haiyaa...ini pozhuthuku..narayana) :)
gils said…
vanilla cake pudikumava....yummmmmmmmmyyyy ninachala naakooruthu
KK said…
Gils story...pakkathukku pakkam paravasam...

Nice story Gils. Reminded me of one guy in college, partha odane avana pudikama pochu...ippovum pudikathu :) Only guy who happened to fall in that category. But yenakku mattum illai...yen class'la niraya perukku avana pudikathu :)
golmaal said…
wow...idhu kadhai maadhiri theriyala.....good usual kalakiteenga.... :)
gils said…
gumgumam mathiriye koovarel...joooper pongo...oh neengaluma...i had a friend who was also like this...but unlike u..she had many ppl in the list
nanri...neengalum post pannungalen
Anonymous said…

Superaaaa erukku..

Since mostly u write about ur self and the happening at ur side.. i thought it has happened to you..

hey is it really ur story ?

but romba nalla vandhirukku.. u are writing skills are getting sharper kanna.. naraya ezhudhuda..
Anonymous said…
That was my comment
gils said…
Nope dear...tts frm n PM...naaaaaaaaa
gils said…
???ennachu...throat infection?
oliveoyl said…
reason is Ramesh,Kumar is my manager! wait let me fwd your blog link to him!
gils said…
u r sucha nice gal...nee evlo chamathu...apdilaam panna matta
oliveoyl said…
wow! i got a nice hold on gils to blackmail him.. inemey blackmail, bluemail, redmail yellam pannalam... hahahahaha
ambi said…
//She cud've slapped me instead.//
hahaa ROTFL :) i thought it's your story. btw, excellant writeup and way of moving the screenplay is superb.
sorry gils, hectic work for past 2 weeks, and next week too, so unable to catch U regularly.
(i used to feel guilty whenever i see your comments, cha! naama ivaru(n) site pakkam pogalaiye, but ivaru evlooo nallavanaaa irukkaar(n)!)

sari, unmaiya sollu, PM nee illa athu theriyum, antha lift boy ramesh nee thaane? LOL :)
gils said…
poruthathu pothum pongi ezhunthutaaan gils...vetrivel veeravel...
enna nalllllllaaaaavaaaaaannnnnnnu solitaaryaa....over feelings of indiava irukay...seri enga punjabi manni kuda bcya irukelnu syam anna moolama no distabance inimay..u continue ur kadalai podum thondu :D
naan PMlaam kidayathupa...ipothaiku antha vealiku retire aara idea illa.. but a bit of ramesh :)
Syam said…
//reason is Ramesh,Kumar is my manager//

oliveoyl appo neenga thaan andha Hema va :-)
Syam said…
//g3 evlo saadu ponnatam post udraanga//

apdithaan irupaanga nambidaatheenga :-)
G3 said…
Gils : //g3 evlo saadu ponnatam post udraanga//
Paarunga naan nalla pullaya irundhaalum neengalaa arvama enna vambukizhuthu vaangi kattikitta naana poruppu?

Syam : //apdithaan irupaanga nambidaatheenga //
Oruthar thappi thavari enna pathi nalla vidhama sonna ungalukku porukkaadhey.. :@
KK said…
Puli pathungurathu payurathukke... so Gils ushaar!!!
prithz said…
Hey gils!!!!Somwhere poitinga!!! Super narration!!! loved it... the lesson u tried to convey was amazing.. but, indha madiri vaazhkai la sila paeru inrundha dhan, v will perform better... yeannakum, skol la indhamadiri sila girls irundhaanga.. whom i used to despise... ullukulla oru fire burning ah irrukum.. Stomach burn na kaelvi pattirkingala??? adhe dhan!!! :P
oliveoyl said…
@syam: hope not!!!
gils said…
annatha...oru kadhaiya vachi evlo twist kudukareenga...visu thothutaar ponga
ur reputation preceeds u.. so onnum solikarathukilla :) enga katchi perumbaanmai strengthla iruku enbathai intha samayathil therivithu kolgiren :D

danku danku...neengalum ushar...adutha target neenga thaanu namba thaguntha vattarams solluthu :D

danku danku...guess everyone can identify with one or other character in this...
kanya said…

konjam busy so comment pooda mudiyala.. munnadiye padichuten... ulla irukura mirugam veliya vara try pannuthu.. continue continue.. appadiye eduthu veliya vittuteenganna free' aagidalam.. :P

good post.. keep it coming!!
gils said…
devar magan padam recenta patheengalo? :D
uthraa said…
gils. pocketla yedavadhu poonai valakkariyo?
gils said…
uthraa???un pooonai per...saary punai paer enna achu?
Janani said…
Vanilla cake irundha ungalai kavuthudalama... Romba chapa matter aache...
gils said…
halo....athu storynga...aana ennoda story ila :)

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